The future of digital signage

boutique-plasma-200x300Columnist makes an analysis on the trends that are marking this way to transmit commercial, educational and informational content. The world evolves vertiginously and how to report as well.

By: Adrian Morel *

During the exhibition Infocomm 2009 held in Orlando, Florida, talked with colleagues about the new frontiers of display digital, or more commonly known as digital signage, And I wanted to share with you part of these discussions. Today much effort on isolated projects done, but the future of digital displays does not escape conversion or technological integration.

Globalized world

The trend of globalization of markets accentuates not only more but is doing leaps and bounds. Users are increasingly awake and active when seeking information for decision-making. Today, with the Internet tools and wireless within reach of almost everyone, the consumer is no longer captive as it was before, but it has many options and offers are of the most varied characteristics.

Think about putting a display digital on public roads or inside a shopping center, means that these devices Digital also will be competing with other technologies, such as cellular telephony. For this reason, it is good idea to think about the integration of existing technologies, using the displays as a digital hardware more within all this information and training system decisions opinion.

interconnection displays digital

A couple of years ago, evaluation and strategy with different fiber optic interconnect displays digital located in different geographical areas was very valid. Today, LAN, cabling, fiber optics or hang to the underground network of physical telephony is no longer so attractive. Wireless communication technologies are increasingly developed and are gaining ground, displacing the traditional network. As an example we can take the progress of satellite signals detriment of normal cable. When it comes to data transmission and signal, companies like Dish Network and Direct TV have increased their market share year after year and have shifted companies services of cable television as Charter Communications, which went bankrupt in March of this year.

Content wireless as a key strategy

If we have a guy walking down the street is very likely that a screen in front of their noses is little or nothing, because we are also competing with other factors. I remember a couple of years ago, I was driving my car from France to Italy and as soon crossed the border my cell phone received a text message inviting me to an event that was made in San Remo. By this I mean that the message or communication messages should be planned and mostly integrated, because today there are technologies that locate consumers, identifies, knows that age range is, gender owner of the cell apparatus, knows where we are heading and to what language we speak. The software barcode readers and use of this principle can also read the prospectus determined approach to there (eg, through the door of a restaurant or a cinema) and these software They can even say our name to get attention. (This system is already being used in shows where to enter the same advanced system we read the credential bars and greets us at the entrance by name).


Analysis of a future installation of the displays Digital must be an integral planned act, jointly, pointing at all angles that make the essence of the business. Buy LED screen is only part of the thing, we must also think about the software of management or content management, data transmission, integration with other hardware, etc.

* Adrian Morel's general manager for Latin America and Lighthouse Technologies can be reached at his office in California (amorel@lighthouse-tech.com)


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The digital signage in Europe is being measured by OVAB Europe (www.ovab.eu), Where you will find the latest data on the situation of the sector.
In Spain you can find more information about projects www.digitalsignagecreativo.com
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