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In this article, columnist extends the theme that had begun in the last edition of the digital signage. This time he will delve into the importance of the software in the presentation of content.

By: Adrian Morel *

En digital signage, displays digital or digital signage, many believe that much of the strategy is the hardwareBut we must not forget that ultimately, the audience sees only the content for that reason, content development becomes an important part in the planning of this market share.

round. software

In the displays digital are known all hardware existing, it is the visible, solid and voluminous part that gives physical to digital signage. From them we can write pages and whole pages, through the plasmas, LCDs, LED screens and many others. But in truth, the hardware is a product extremely easy controlled because to make divisions, we can say that no product can compete with the LED screens on the outside, and plasmas and LCDs inside, which are preferred for their low cost. The important thing is to take the hardware as a given component in the equation where the need is the face of heresy, being limited its functionality based alternatives.

When I talk about software, I do not sense in the computer itself, but in the interpretation business. In business, the part "Soft" of a project it is one that is not seen, but which is of fundamental importance. For example, the management you can not touch, but it is a fundamental part of a company. The will of the workers, the esprit de corps, the need for improvement can not play, but are realities within the company; without them the company would have no soul, no mission and would not have, in short, people who carry out driving.

En digital signage the part "Soft" is the content, not the same, the digital signage would be meaningless. Hence the importance of this piece.

light pollution vs. controlled lighting

In indoor environments where light is controlled not content any modification is needed. For example, if we put a program broadcast TV on a plasma, LCD, projector or any type of monitor in a closed environment, the image will remain as good quality as always. However, if we put a TV either on a LED display that is exposed to sunlight, the image, the colors and even the message is changed. To be more specific and to say extreme, we can take a soap opera as an example. A soap opera on a LED display would make no sense, because it was designed so that the audience is sitting comfortably in the living room of a home, or that it is comfortably reclined in his bedroom. Very different from the passerby who is walking down the street and see an LED display on top of a building, amid the noise of cars, the discomfort of being careful where tread to avoid falling or slipping and walking among people; that is, the whole context is different.

Times and colors

Times or seconds TV commercials are different from the latter in the outdoor advertising. The colors used in controlled environments are also different from the colors used in LED screens outside. If we take a TV commercial and had the same way on an LED screen, we can see that looks different, it is perceived differently and the message is different. On television you can clearly perceive the tone of warm colors like red, orange and yellow, in contrast, LED screens, the predominant hue is blue. To see the difference, as experience, you can put a film The Incredibles (where the predominant color is red) on a LED display and contrast can put a video of Monsters Inc. or Finding Nemo and see the difference.


The content designed for a indoor display and a outdoor display is different. Advertising companies have to educate customers about the difference. Is not the hardware what makes the difference, but the message of the colors and times. He hardwareSomeday become a comodityBut what will make the difference is the quality of art graphic designers.

* Adrian Morel is CEO of Lighthouse Technologies and vice-president of OptiLED and can be contacted in Los Angeles, California (amorel@lighthouse-tech.com).

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