This time the guest exposes the high impact of LED screens between visitors to shopping centers. An effect that is reflected in sales and a rapid return on investment.

By: Adrian Morel *

When you think of LED displays many of the concepts associated with "outdoor and spectacular "because they are ideal for displays abroad. However, the LED industry is already stomping average distance applications with very positive results.

Advantages of LED screens

Undoubtedly, LED screens have a dominant position in outdoor events. In the area of ​​income for outdoor displays, LEDs are the ideal solution for entertainment because they are resistant to sun, water and weather conditions in general. Defining the opposite, we can say that neither LCDs, plasmas or projectors can demonstrate video quality when exposed directly to sunlight.

While the terms "LED screens, outdoor and spectacular "(or monumental giant screens) are associated words, it is also true that there is a new market segment that is awakening and positioning strongly: the shopping malls.

LED screens applications

A recent study in a mall in the United States dropped the 75% of the people on this place could perceive the installation of a LED screen, the 30% of people could recall the brands premium that sponsored the display and 10% of them took decision to buy based on advertising observed in the display.

This indicates that it is an element of branding (brand reinforcement) and very important because we have sales between 30 and 10% of passers, look and buy based on advertising displayed. Having a return or results of a 10% fully justifies the investment of a screen.

These LED screens are POP (Point of Purchase) Pointing to the emotional purchase of people and end up changing the habit of the buyer. If we say that a Shopping 200 and 500 has among thousand items to be purchased, the prospect or customer ends up deciding between the 10 items that are promoted by the screen.

This is like a race where the sponsoring companies of the screen take you several kilometers away to not promote. According to this study, the LED screens represent sales opportunities than those offered by beautiful ladies, sales promoters or hostesses in department stores.

Technology required for confined spaces

The technology required to outlets that are close to the consumer is not as demanding as the LED screens shows or spectacular events where lighting power 5.000 nit is required. There are medium-sized screens for malls, Airports, theaters, cinemas, tourist or pedestrian streets, museum entrance fees, etc. The specifications of these can easily be around 3.000 nits.

If we aim to image definition, it is important to note that 16.4 8 million colors bits only reproduces text and image, but if we want a screen 100% functional for video projection then we have to think of a screen trillion colors.

The size of the screens midrange, where the prospect, customer or consumer is a few meters away, can easily have the surface of a poster poster or similar to those we see on billboards of cinema theaters. We can also install these screens in medium-range bus stops, especially those with shelter or roof weather protection.

These screens are usually installed with one foot and bulwarks to the ground with steel bolts. You come prepared with a box or cabinet anti vandal proof of abuse and theft. For those who are tempted to get home with a stolen screen and watch the football game comfortably in the room, tell them that these teams have an average weight of 500 kilos, ie, besides the mask and striped shirt must arrive at the mall prepared to make a great effort.


LED technology has already proven enough to take the big step. The massive installation of this digital signage is a matter of time because when you start to increase production, prices will start to turn down. Today and over the years, these screens are becoming more affordable.

* Adrian Morel is the CEO of Lighthouse and can be contacted in Los Angeles, California (

Author: Latin Press


carlos adolfo
# carlos adolfo 11-11-2011 10:54
hello intresa screens led me and buy me a grandepara interesari an outer part of a almacen¿ where you can get and who and what would be recommended? Thank you
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 11-11-2011 11:30
Hi Carlos,

You tell us in which country you are in order to give better advice.


Duván Chaverra
web editor
AVI Latin America
ruben ramos ramos
# ruben ramos ramos 21-12-2011 09:20
Good afternoon of Mexico.
Regards, The truth is that while this is not mui to surf the internet but I'm interested recicir information I advice to consegir a screen for commercial advertising specifically in the city of Torreon Coahuila mexico, greetings and wishes for a good and prosperous holiday season .. ..... ..
Carlos Antonio
# Carlos Antonio 09-02-2012 07:40
I need to purchase an external LED display advertising at least 2.5 2.0 x meters. Where I can get some advice?
Richard St.
# Richard St. 09-02-2012 07:49
Hi carlos
Please tell us what country you are to recommend some well-known companies. We also invite you to visit where you can find a comprehensive directory of businesses in the region.
# LUIS ENRIQUE GARCIA SOLIS 20-02-2012 13:00
I am to order with our services. I can advise our leading brand led-g .. greetings
Carlos currents Arg.
# Carlos currents Arg. 22-02-2012 15:58
Hello everyone page is very interesting and has informed me. Ando figuring out screens, features , Shipping, costs. And I would like to know a Chinese provider SHENZHEN TOP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. If anyone knows the screens that market and quality. From already thank you very much
Richard St.
# Richard St. 23-02-2012 02:24
Hi carlos
We will replicate concern among our followers on social networks. When we have an answer we will notify you.
# Cecilia 06-03-2012 01:37
The only factory in Argentina is led screens Multiled with 15 years of experience carries more than 100 screens installed.
# monina 24-07-2014 14:22
LED screens of 25 cm wide hello there and 60 cm long

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