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Aids for people with disabilities

Control solutions can help people with disabilities to manage lights, curtains, air conditioning, sensors, appliances, temperature control and programmable keypads.

By Carlos Arias *

For people without disabilities, home automation may seem the future, but for those faced with mobility problems or disability, have automatic systems for everyday tasks like opening and closing the curtains or turn off and on the light of a bathroom, it can mean your only chance to live in their own home.

Among the technologies available for the development of a smart home are systems and solutions for the control of natural and artificial lighting. They contribute significantly to the independence and well-being of people with disabilities and can be integrated into a control network and home automation that includes other technologies, such as monitoring systems, thermostats and alarms.

All these systems aim to increase flexibility, security and quality of life of people and can be controlled centrally from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Identify immediate and future user needs, their habits, the environment where they live and their investment capacity, it is essential to determine the right solution for each person. To define the best solution in lighting control, should be taken into account three key elements: ergonomics, automation and compatibility with other systems, so that they can speak or be integrated with products from different brands.

One of the easiest and most economical solutions in lighting control that can contribute to the comfort, independence and security of people suffering from different types of disabilities is the installation of occupancy sensors and vacancy instead of traditional switches on and off.

Occupancy sensors detect when someone uses a specific space of home and photoelectric sensors detect the intensity of natural light in that space. The sensors can be programmed to turn lights on when a person enters a space or dimmed when there is no one in that space. In addition, they can detect the presence of natural light avoiding the lights automatically turn without.

Another option is the installation of sensors Radio Powr Savr passive infrared presence, battery-powered, that automatically control lights via radio communication frequency (RF) Lutron Clear Connect. These sensors, installed on the roof, detect the heat from people moving in a home space to determine their presence and then perform the wireless transmission of suitable devices that turn on and off lights automatically commands. Being wireless, these are ideal for places where there is no electrical connection.

Privacy, temperature and light levels in the home are crucial to the welfare of people. The integration of motorized blinds effectively control allows natural light and reduce heat absorption from the sun, helping to maintain the ideal temperature and lighting in the room. Battery roller shutters, for example, to control natural light without having to stop to open or close manually. Also, if the home already have blinds or curtains installed a contact interface can make them automatic.

All these solutions can be installed individually or integrated into a system of total control of lighting. This level of control includes lights, curtains, air conditioning, sensors, appliances, temperature control and programmable keypads. It is important to note that the system offers an open communication protocol, allowing it to integrate with other systems that are already installed, regardless of brand.

A person with a wheelchair to operate screens, such as a tablet or smartphone, and can control different elements like a thermostat through movements such as blinking, you can also control the internal and external lighting of your home in the same way .

A system of integrated lighting control allows for programming the intensity of the lights of certain spaces during certain hours of the day or night, to the configuration of complete scenarios, such as that from the car can give a command to the lights outside the garage and the entrance hall are lit, the alarm is deactivated, the blinds open and automatically adjust the temperature.

The possibilities are endless and also to help create an ideal environment for people with disabilities and their family environment, helping them to easily and efficiently control lighting in any space, also result in significant savings in energy consumption.

* Carlos Arias is Lutron Electronics engineer.

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