Meeting rooms or boardrooms, including small auditoriums, are too important for any company, because they can be an indirect factor in decision-making.
By Juan Tamayo *
Meeting rooms or boardrooms, including small auditoriums, are too important for any company, because they can be an indirect factor in decision-making. Comfortability that generates the space for business creation or closing of agreements, will affect production or income of the company. So, as audiovisual systems designer, I share the invitation to make the best design decisions and, as always, based on customer needs, not the product sales.
To design boardrooms there is much documentation, because they may have too many subsystems, in which audio, video, lighting, temperature, communications, etc. are included. This article may give them some recommendations based on the experience of implementing such projects and studies conducted mainly with InfoComm.
As a designer, you must first define the space of the room. A conventional has three different spaces: Area presenter or presentation (placement of curtains or monitors); public area (location of the table); and, most important, technical area, where will be located the elements.
It is important to define spaces and respect the ergonomics based on audiovisual mathematics. This concept informs the designer what the necessary and required for each individual who is sitting at the table, can feel comfortable and pleasant during entire presentation measures are. In this mathematical concepts as curtain size, screen location, workspace between occupants of the table, right temperature are found, among others.
Audio systems
It is a vast topic to explain, because the sound represents a large percentage in the proper functioning of a room, try to make a summary of concepts.
Speaker Location: The speakers represent auditory reception message in a meeting room. The location of these must be a distribution system, evenly covering the whole area of ​​public or table, monophonic, a single circuit, unless the room conditions require multiple circuits like rooms with split or multiple auditoriums. The speaker type generally has no effect on the audience, but if you take into account as they will be located in space. For example, a room with a length in the very large width should not use overlapping wall speakers.
Microphone Systems use: microphones represent the transmission of the message I want to deliver, poor selection of microphones can negatively affect the information to be supplied. The ideal is to have a high density of microphones on the public area if the room is used for video conferences, but if you have no video conferencing, these microphones could be omitted.
Microphones to use and distribution for these will be based on the needs of the end user, once you have the need, check the data sheets of the manufacturer and make sure the microphone to be used if it meets the expectations expected, otherwise you will have many operational problems.
Control system: control the audio system is the means by which the message is transmitted. There are many design philosophies and every computer used largely depends on the required application. For this are used from simple analog consoles to digital systems, whichever is valid.
Remember that the person who usually works the room does not have training in audio systems so easy to use design elements. Something I do not recommend is to use home theater receivers, as these were designed to comfortably enjoy a movie, not for actual production for a meeting.

Video System
In video systems they have been retained two technologies, an analog (VGA RGBHV or 15 pin) and the other Digital (HDMI). Both technologies for a boardroom, please differentiate fun content such as home or cinema, can have the same image resolution work. It is normal to use a pixel resolution 1024x768 for unspecialized corporate presentations. What a designer should consider for the execution of any room it is:
to. What kind of content to be played?
b. What kind of equipment will be the players, for example, many stations do not have robust job VGA connector, HDMI connector others do not have?
c. Where video content, will play curtain or monitor? Or both?
d. What kind of content to be played?
and. How far is the cable directly affects the quality of the signal? The longer less quality. Analog signals may be less prone to failure. If the distance is too long expansions signal used for both types of technology.
F. Maintenance wiring, if the cable is damaged repeatedly, what is more economical to replace the tips or change the whole cable?
g. ¿Multiple transmission of the content is required on different screens or monitors? It requires communication system.
Comunication system
The communication systems can be defined as systems that transmit video and audio signals via an AV, Ethernet or other network. These systems can include digital audio and video matrices, transmitters Omneo, Dante or Cobranet, video conferencing or computers connected with free software conferences, teleconferences among others.
Although new technologies in the audio control systems have some of the features you mention in communications, decided to separate because they can operate independently.
What communication system is better? Is the question that most designers do. I really do not know good or bad systems of communication, I have that I have observed it is that there is a poor selection of the communication system. A remote session can be done if there is no video. But if there is no audio, you can not convey ideas.
Automation system
The automation system or audiovisual control help better operation of any boardroom, since its purpose is to summarize as many operations in a few steps. The secret of automation is to identify the functions actually work in the boardroom and program the system to do these with a single click are.
To accomplish this, the programmer or designer must know very well the elements to be controlled, use the appropriate communication protocol for each team and plan of operation of the solution.
If the system has a graphical interface recommend reading the article graphical interfaces, design for users, published in the number 5 2013 of this magazine, which is also published in in which they can expand automation concepts for boardrooms.
As could be observed are some recommendations I have delivered according to the experience in implementing projects. If you have questions or recommendations, you can contact me at email I invite you to take courses and study design Infocomm ANSI standards that have developed are essential for the proper design of boardrooms.
* Juan Tamayo is an electronic engineer, specializing in audiovisual design. You can contact me by mail
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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