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To follow the path of growth of the audiovisual industry in Latin America, it should achieve the union of entrepreneurs and academia to have increasingly trained professionals.

By Juan Tamayo

When I started in the world of audiovisual systems, it was a recent graduate of Electronic Engineering and did not have much knowledge of audiovisual networks. Ten years ago there was in my home town one deanship in which he could see technological progress, achievements or design criteria. Simply, Colombia audiovisual design was a dark cloud based on the experience of peers and friends who knew about some issues, but had no standardized criteria.

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Visiting stores that sold audio and video, I always offered the best product but no vendor gave me to tell me why features was the best. I began a search for documents on the Internet in which he could learn about audiovisual design, a very difficult search because they do not know where to start.

In 2009 I attended my first seminar of InfoComm, was Course in Principles of Visual Design - Level 2, supported by the company where he worked, thank you very much to them that believed in my project, had already met some guidance documents of the Association but I never had the opportunity to have a classroom course on the subject. For me, it began a stage to meet math standards and design rules, changed my whole outlook on knowledge.

These studies because complete all levels, helped me train as audiovisual engineer. Treatment today I present designs are standard, with clear rules and that any company or solution can meet the needs described in the solution.

During the past ten years I have seen a positive change in academic levels on our line of work, but I think we still have too much to achieve progress in standards and criteria as other fields have as electricians, data networks, including others.

How to achieve the expected evolution? This is the question we usually do. I believe that the answer lies in the mix of academia and business. Latin America urgently needs programs that include the development of audiovisual projects from the technical point of view and not just artistic.

In the vast majority of technical and professional programs, people come out with a great musical or artistic knowledge but when assessing the technical, end up making the same mistakes we committed professionals ten years ago. It also requires employers to train employees, teach them design techniques, business strategies based on audiovisual art and not based on price reductions.

It takes entrepreneurs to join in local associations with the support of the academy, where they can offer technically certified solutions for the customer is calm in decision-making, read a map or a list of items in a bid technically understandable and not as is happening, a mixture of elements and technologies that may not be compatible.

We require that contracts are executed by professionals who know the subject, when making decisions always be the best and not the projects become testing laboratories that generate cost overruns when liquidating and possibly economic loss.

We need students are encouraged to take design courses, young people want to learn. But this can only be achieved if employers motivate, generate jobs, said that open calls for work on audiovisual issues, I speak from experience in Colombia. In building a special chapter for designing television networks in transferable projects, why not work for a document based rules on international standards for audio visual design?

In conclusion, to be achieved in the near future that employers and academia to join so they can create clear rules for audiovisual systems design, to technically improve all AV projects implemented on our continent.

* Juan Tamayo is an electronic engineer, specializing in audiovisual design. You can contact me by mail juantamayo1@gmail.com

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