Datapath x4, protagonist in sports shop

X4 display drivers allow the installation of video wall in Innovasport, Mexico City.
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Innovasport, one of the leading retailers of sporting goods in Mexico, has renewed its store in Mexico City, with the addition of a video wall that uses technology x4 Datapath control. The project was a challenge, because the wall monitors were located in different and unusual directions in order to create a unique canvas for video. In addition, the video would be projected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it was necessary that the content could be managed remotely.
Founded in Monterrey, Innovasport opened its first branch in April 1999. Over the last 15 years, the retail company has maintained steady growth, and currently has a strong presence in the northern and central Mexico. Recently, the company decided to conduct a strategic modification to renew its brand, which included a change of corporate image and presentation of a new store concept, based on a digital environment.
Basha, a specialist in solutions marketing outlets, was designed to help revolutionize the market Innovasport retail sporting goods in Mexico. Basha came, in turn, Kolo, an experienced provider of creative digital signage high level.
An unusual configuration
The project required the installation of a video wall managed through a media player that will manage the content remotely and also serve to transmit advertising messages. Using monitors in different positions, should transmit content in high resolution, which allows better visual appearance and especially a new way to present high-level communications. Ultimately, the intention was to provide consumers with valuable information in an attractive format.
Kolo project began designing a system composed of ten LG LCD screens ready to 42WL10 way collage (three vertical and seven horizontal direction) using brackets with a special design. The system is configured by three controllers Datapath x4, which divide the video into specific portions, depending on their size and orientation, thus unifying and sharing a single video screen. Each screen has size and position properties configured in a total x 1.920 1.080 canvas pixels

An optimal solution
"Datapath x4 was the best option, taking into account the position of the displays and video wall size," explains Roberto Hidalgo, marketing manager Kolo. "At the same time, we wanted to make a big project by spending the least amount of resources. So we could guarantee a good price and a quick execution of the project."
The Datapath x4es an independent video wall controller that supports a standard DVI input of a single bond or double bond, which can be displayed flexibly in four output monitors. Each output can display a different region of the original input image.
The output resolution and frame rate does not necessarily have to be related to the input signal, since the display driver Datapath x4 can scale and convert frame rate for each cut region independently. Each monitor output can get your input DVI any region of the image, as all trimming operations, scale, rotation and converting the frame rate required are handled by the hardware x4.
success amplified
The mural Innovasport video also uses a video distribution amplifier outputs Datapath dL8 eight dual-link DVI ultra-high resolution signals. The dL8ha been designed and developed to work in conjunction with the Datapath x4. Each x4 can accept a DVI output dL8 double bond and select four different regions to project it on all monitors with DVI (single link) or HDMI.
Innovasport entire system operates with a digital signage media player XD230 BrightSign, which has the ability to project definition digital video in native HD (1080p). Also, the system is perfectly manageable remotely via internet via BrightSign Network.
The functions that can be performed remotely including changing settings, scheduling screen content, and even receive real-time notification of system status. The use of professional monitors, high performance provides a duty cycle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Installation and configuration of the system, made in a Innovasport flagship store in the Santa Fe area of ​​Mexico City, in a span of only 18 hours, just before the opening of the store. According to Kolo, the project is the first of its kind to use technology Datapath x4 and dL8 in Mexico.


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