One of the great challenges of family businesses is a successful generational change, the effort and the strength of its founders is not lost through the decades. An example of this achievement is the story of Andréa Evangelista.
By: Victor Galvis
The greatness of a founder is not alone in creating a company, but to deliver the baton to the next generation. And that was how Andréa Evangelista was entering the world of the audiovisual market, joining the company founded by his father, whom he defined as an "innovative and creative who always believed in the market audio and video" person.
With experience 24 years, this woman born in Sao Paulo, professional in business administration, has earned the respect and recognition of colleagues and customers, not only in the Brazilian market but also in Latin America.
And it is that if something has characterized Andréa is to collaborate in all areas of your company, place where she says there is no routine, and where careful accompaniment is made to all sectors: customers, suppliers, equipment sales, marketing, production, etc.
Being a family business environment, their working pillars could not be other; Andréa works together with his brother Fabio and his mother, Maria Lúcia Evangelista.
"I actively participate in decision-making and at all stages of production of our company; I work together as my brother in product creation and design of industrial machinery for the manufacture of new equipment. "
And it all starts at home, on a personal level could not be otherwise, Andréa is a family woman, "I am married and have two wonderful daughters"; also he confesses that he is a great admirer of the MPB (Brazilian popular music), fond of movies and Pilates practitioner.
A company and a market open
Projetelas was established in the year 1986, to cover the market of audiovisual communication, under the values ​​of quality, timeliness and customer respect. As he grew older, he was acting out his philosophy and sharing its success with other institutions.
Recently, Projetelas made an agreement with Rede Record TV in Rodrigo Faro in the national network, where he helped promote a popular film in the favela of Heliopolis for poor people. According to Andréa "It was very rewarding, both professionally and from the human aspect".
On the other hand, our Professional of the Month explains that the market in an environment of good competition, companies interested breathe in customer satisfaction with high-end equipment, at the right price and through excellent care.

"The relationship with our employees is extremely friendly and focused on competitiveness in the audiovisual market, where all the suit to fulfill one purpose are set: sell more and more audiovisual products," said businesswoman Projetelas.
Its optical local market and abroad
Building on the experience of Andréa Evangelista, we inquire for his view on the AV market in the region.
A story in Brazil in recent years, a combination of government initiatives and increased interest distribution of TV channels by domestic production injected more money into the area and did increase the amount of audiovisual productions in the country. All this has generated good business opportunities.
According to her, the audiovisual market in Brazil is growing increasingly promoted among other reasons to host major international events this past decade.
Faced with this, "I see with good eyes the growth of domestic demand for sophisticated Brazilian products in the audiovisual segment, seizing the moment of the appreciation of the dollar against the real, in the economic scenario, which prevents, at least temporarily predatory and unequal competition from china.
Latin America as a whole, is in a more mature trade, where the Chinese price and not imposed both in certain segments where security and durability are sought.
"I hear say that Projetelas was established as a national leader in sales of projection screens, just to offer a product with a fair price, sales coverage throughout the national territory, adequate security and excellent quality and durability.
The industrial evolution of the audiovisual market in Brazil is in full harmony with the technological developments in the world market, notably with the arrival of the Tablets and SmartPhones.
The sale of these devices in Brazil have increased this decade, according to the Brazilian Association of Electrical and Electronic Industry (Abinee) last year saw sales growth of SmartPhones of 27% and in the years 2012 and 2013, selling Tablets grew 186 157% and one% respectively.
"Our goal is to be fully aligned with those brought by the new generation of SmartPhones, where automation with other products is completed with the ease of touch keyboard facilities," said Andréa.
What's next
For Andréa Evangelista, growth does not stop, "the purpose for our employees is the constant updating of relations, provisionándolos with new communication tools that appear every day on the new computer technologies".
In the same way, "the goal is to give our customers satisfaction as a consumer of a product of Projetelas, so that it becomes a natural marketing tool by identifying a friend to buy from us," he concludes.
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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