During 31 years, Hernán Poblete has provided visual support to major European events of mass support, with its giant screens.
By Richard St.
Undoubtedly, sporting events have helped mark out the development of the audiovisual industry, its scenarios have always been witnessing the latest developments. In recent 30 years, it is a Latino who has been commissioned to amplify the images of the most important sporting events in Europe and in the World Cup and the Olympic Games worldwide.
Hernán Poblete is a Chilean who at the beginning of his professional life was dedicated to the production of sound for music bands. In the early 70, a European tour with the group Los Jaivas took him to France, where, as fate the band was finished and he took the opportunity to look at other options. In this exploration he finished forming his own company, Supervision, being protagonist of major sporting and cultural events and the evolution that has taken the industry in recent years.
His first encounter with the image was still a child when his father taught him photography, which compathy with a taste for projection. Therefore, among his friends in Santiago he was the projectionist and theater 8 16 millimeters. Then, as an adult, with the Jaivas he began as ilumunidor before being an entrepreneur. Those were the first steps that would lead to the audiovisual world.
"In 1983 I attended a music festival in Los Angeles. When I arrived and saw three huge televisions that were seen in full sun. Never in my life had I seen that, I was totally amazed by technology. There I began to follow her, see who made and so it was almost as born Supervision. Another anecdotes of this festival is that it was organized by Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder. Thanks to this festival he did, he could I have my second career in the audiovisual world, having been artistic producer, "he said.
For 1984, Hernán Poblete got a company of British sports marketing and Mitsubishi give you the opportunity to represent the teams Diamond Vision, the only mobile screens that worked day that existed at the time. At that time, Mitsubishi was the pioneer in this type of display, so the opportunity was unique.
Making your own way
Start in France was not easy, but our Professional of the Month ensures that your hard work and conviction were combined with a product without competition for the time and as it became known, his company developed slowly but surely.
"I was fortunate enough to be in France, an intermediate country between the seriousness of northern Europe and southern festive. When I started there was a lot of activity and budget for events and culture. In 1989 we had the bicentennial of the French Revolution. That was my first event with five or six screens and it was something unique that had not been done before in Europe. "
Since then, Hernán Poblete put their screens in principalse sporting and cultural events in Europe, actively participating in the Olympic Games, for which, remember, has had to carry their screens until sleds and withstand extreme temperature conditions can affect both teams and individuals who must install them.
Not to mention the size. Remember that screens the years 80's weighed 40 tons screen 55 square meters was transported in three shipping containers 17 tons each and every pixel measured 90 millimeters, so it had to be 60 or 70 meters from the screen to see the image.

"An anecdote to get an idea of ​​what was the use of screens at that time. I made my first Olympic Winter Games in France and used in 1992 11 full day in the installation screens. Those were the existing screens across Europe. At that time this technology was expensive and only large fanbricantes had the ability to produce. So they were few existing products and few who worked with them. "
The situation did not change until the year 2000, when beginning a second stage with the emergence of LED technology that made prices fall, charges are alivianaran and could do much more.
Path major events
They are already 31 years leading Hernán Poblete in the European audiovisual industry by supporting the big events of this continent. "We are a company recognized within the sport, Sochi, Russia, Olympic Games were my number nine. We are also very involved in European football cups and world ".
He stressed that sports events in particular have contributed to the development of the industry. And I gave the example of how the World Cup provided a backdrop to launch television in Chile and then color television, the same situation was in France with the Olympic Games. The same situation occurred with the slow motion, the HD in the early 90 and are now living with 4K.
He added that in the years 90 was when the use of giant screens in sports and all kinds of events, including political campaigns, both indoors and outdoors was developed. Even Pope John Paul II had this type of display in his visits to Austria and France in 1985, also they set by Supervision. "We have been providing solutions through the years, we started very early and we were doing relations, collecting references and gave evidence that can do things with seriousness and quality and today they trust us and call us."
On the development and future of the industry, he said that the advent of LED was a great revolution was the beginning of a new life for technology video broadcast on giant screens and is what we are living today.
"In the display portion, the diffusion of the image, we are going to the 4K, more and better resolution and image fidelity. Outdoor screens in full sun are very good and the indoor are coming to beautiful things. In the meeting rooms and conference screens are increasingly used, although the projection still has its role. But all that depends on good image production. "
Latino experience
In 2000, Hernán Poblete opened an office in Chile Supervision which opened to the world junior athletics championship. The company is in the market with a small size. Thus, it has been known and compare how the industry works in Europe and Latin America.
"The world of audiovisual in Chile know him well by my company and Brazil for having made last year's World Cup and next year will be with the Olympians. The AV industry in these two countries is pretty good. In Europe we have enough budgets and high quality parameters that give pleasure to work with them. In Chile and Brazil have the budget problem they are always tight and ask how lower prices. Major events are exempt from the financial crisis, so it was with the Olympic Games in China in 2008, that while there were crises around the world, the budget was there intact. "
Concluded Hernán Poblete his interview with AVI LATINOAMÉRICA stating that "I have the door open to all Latin Americans who want to contact us, if you want to know something, if they want to talk, if they come to France and we want to come to visit or meet any installation."
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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