A professional life dedicated to technology in different areas is what has been Canchola Margarita Reyes, founder and CEO of inclusive Mexican G4 AV Audio & Video.
By Richard St.
Combining the integration of AV technology with spiritual development, Margarita Reyes Canchola has positioned itself in the Mexican audiovisual industry by providing harmony in your work group, customer satisfaction with the outcome of their integration and promoting the professional development of its working group and in the last year, women in the AV industry in his country.
His first steps in the world of technology with LG Electronics Mexico were as manager of Computation Division and recording products. Then in Ingram Micro Mexico as Manager of Special Accounts and coorporativas Microforms as Manager Accounts. Thanks to the experience and contacts acquired in the above companies in 1998 had the opportunity to be the founder of AMX's office in Mexico.
He recalled that working microforms, visit the AMX brand the company and invited them to a course of System Design City of Dallas, Texas. "I was the only person sales had my passport and all want to go to the course, so I was selected to travel. On the trip I met the founder of AMX, Scott Miller, a very simple man whom I met at the door of the company and took me to the training room. I did not know that he was the owner of the company and when I presented later I was surprised because I thought he was an employee more for its simplicity. I thought a director like that, I would like to work in this company. "
In those early days, AMX was a small company and Margarita Reyes learned a lot from people like Michael Olinger and Lynnette Gracey, who were the representatives for Latin America and with whom he shared many experiences and met both people Cedia as InfoComm, as well as integration companies worldwide.
creating company
There are few achievements that our Professional of the month has reached in the AV industry. In 2002, when he was still in AMX, Mexico office won the award as the best international office of the company. He has also had the opportunity to meet several industry leaders like Joel Spira in 2004 Lutron and Crestron Randy Klein in 2014, corroborating its simplicity and leadership.
Summing all the knowledge gained and the support of other partners, Margarita Reyes decided in 2004 start their integration company. And independently created in 2011 to G4 Audio and Video, a company in which it is the Director General.
"My great professional support was Edgar, my husband. He is a telecommunications engineer and works for the company Dimension Data, a global wholesaler Cisco. Edgar has he supported me for G4 Audio and Video is the company that is, as both have worked together to get projects for companies such as HSBC and Banamex "he said.
Their normal work day begins with the first cup of coffee while checking your emails. Friday is the day planning the next week, because sometimes must attend meetings, courses or facilities and also promote their services. The technical team has its own dynamics work and coordinate with customers.
"Our challenge has been to live up companies who have spent many years in the industry and have a larger work team, so we strive to exceed customer expectations without that means giving our work. On the contrary, we like to make you see customers that design and engineering have an added value as well as the solutions of the brands we work with, "he said.

Audio and Video G4 also has a plan for school fellows technology that has given good results. "Helping those who leave school and train them helped us to complement the team."
Train, innovate and diversify
In his tour of the AV industry, he highlighted three aspects of learning:
1) Innovation: is renewed every year, there are always new equipment, solutions and products, because to make a project or reach a point, there are many ways and technological options within the industry.
2) Diversification: As many specializations that has the industry and have been increasing, as automation, digital signage, streamining, paging, etc.
3) Constant training: every day there is something to learn, learn and marvel at the technology, it is that support all professional training efforts.
On the evolution of the AV industry in Mexico, he stressed that he always finds ways of growth even though it has an economic recession. "Companies that are my market will always need our services. In fact, growth rates are moderate (8 - 10%) but at least are not stagnant; for me I think that what is missing is to promote healthy competition where everyone wins and that projects are designed so that not only the price but also the efficiency of it display. Sometimes cheap products do not meet the expectations you have. "
Now it belongs to the global business network BNI (bussinnes International Network) in the Strategy 21 formed by business owners and is convinced that the word of mouth referrals are the best tool to promote G4 Audio and Video chapter. This network have come several interesting projects and friendships. The motto of BNI is to win giving.
Women in AV
Margarita Reyes's leadership in the industry has been consolidated with the formation of the group of women in Mexican AV industry, with the support of InfoComm. The group began in 2014 and has had a good response from the industry professionals.
"I am convinced that women have much to contribute and learn in this industry and our idea is to team up with fabriacantes, promoters and professionals, not because most are men, both genders have qualities that industry needs and also must transmit new generations ".
He added that the statistics they handle, in Mexico AV companies more and more women working and the technical area is the one with fewer members there. Most are concentrated in sales and administrative. The group currently has a record of more than 50 women. "The goal of women AV is to have a forum to let us know, share experiences and help the recognition and growth of the industry in M'exico and Latin America".
A spiritual life
Our Professional of the month has a degree in Communication and Marketing at the UNAM. 16 has lived for years with her partner and has a daughter, Ana Margarita, 20 years, studying economics and speech and who hopes to inherit the company of his mother.
"We love being at home and cooking together and invite our friends to listen to music. I have a pet, a Siamese cat named Samantha who is part of the family. " A Margarita likes to practice yoga, cycling and meditate. Realizing these activities the passionate, he had the opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama in 2013. Currently he is studying a Diploma of Holistic Healing, because for her the spiritual part is the complement to happiness and abundance.
Margarita Reyes He concluded saying that "I predict to G4 Audio and Video a great future and I am very happy to be part of the world of AV".
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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