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Multivision accompanied Pope Francisco in Quito

To provide everything needed for the visit of Pope Francisco, Multivision should work hand in hand with other companies, including one from Colombia.

By Francisco Arboleda *

The current political situation has made Ecuador, one of the smallest countries in South America, is made visible worldwide; so, in recent months, the Vatican confirmed that Pope Francis would begin his Latin American tour right here in the middle of the world.

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The visit of the head of the Catholic Church meant for Ecuador a major logistical and technological challenge and that is, more than eight million citizens, follow the steps of the Pope during his visit; one of the most important events was the open-air mass held at Bicentennial Park Quito which, according to national and international media, received more than one million three hundred thousand parishioners. The challenge: getting the audience can see and hear the message of Pope Francisco in an area of ​​634.000 mts2.

Multivision, Cia. . Ltda was the company that took this challenge; with 70 days before the pre-production process that involved the collaboration of graphic designers began. To make virtual uprisings, Marco Salas and surveyors supported by GPS systems, verified the actual measurements of space; the technical pair of audio, video and lighting worked hard to ensure the overall quality of the event.

The first step taken was to ensure that the funding provided from supplying electricity all over the place; to achieve this plan and we place 70 power poles, through 3 nearby substations, 12 transformers 132 Kv, networks high and three-phase connections, the energy capacity mounted equivalent to that required to provide electricity to a city of 300.000 inhabitants.

For better coordination was divided into space in 4 lines of work:
Alfa: the entire line that started from the stage with an extension of 1400 linear meters.

Bravo: a 90 mts. Alfa by 1400 linear meters
Charlie: a 110 1400 Bravo meters linear meters
Delta: a 110 1400 meters Charlie by linear meters

Having optical fiber was indispensable for the perfect execution of the papal Mass and engineers were Sebastian Portilla, Ober Guerrón, Geovanny Escobar and over 20 technicians who were responsible for their installation; were more than 12 km of installed fiber, supported by Extron Electronics, 13 32 Fox and Fox transmitters Box Box receivers. The result: we transmit audio and video in full HD (1920x1080p).

The success of the event depended not only a perfect video, but clear audio; to achieve Multivision, together with Strategic Line (Colombia), implemented major clusters of audio in Alpha and Bravo (central) lines; under the trademark L-acoustics with more than 100 K2 units (unique in Latin America) and constant advice from the factory, through its representative Marco Pineda (Avcom) we achieved a great sound reinforcement system thus covering local needs.

In the secondary lines we have equipment of various brands being Nexo in these lines the company with the highest percentage of representation, note that Multivision had, at all times, with the collaboration of manufactures of Ing. Roberto Tschopp.

More than a million attendees involved placing several clusters, total 630 speakers were installed in clusters over 50 10 audio and willing to 14 meters.

Security, our responsibility. To be a massive event with a large number of audio and video installed around the Bandstand Papal, Multivision Cia Ltda installed anchors to the ground with an average of 4 tons of counterweight for each cluster by the Ing. Daniel Eguiguren and a staff of 40 people, plus a security fence, prevented attendees form a ladder in clusters, the result: no accidents registered.

... With a staff fully committed to his work, Multivision Cia Ltda under the command of Mr. Luis Vargas and a selection of the best sound engineers in the country 12, made scheduling delays for each fiber optic receiver; 28 digital consoles, angulation systems, fasamiento of them were handled; finally, his office was generating clean audio signals for PA, and different means of national and international communication.

Finally, within the stage or PA Papal, intelligent lighting system Varilite, 32 lights that were directed by Ing. Illuminating Santiago Hidalgo and Jorge Fernandez programmed it was installed. The Papal Visit, the most important mass event held in Ecuador in recent 30 years, a challenge successfully met by Multivision Cia. Ltda.

* Francisco Arboleda is manager of Multivision Ecuador.

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