Among 2013 and 2015 school Saint George de Chile installed near 100 interactive projectors Epson to benefit and enhance the educational experience of their students about 2.600.

Richard St.

A school of tradition and with extensive experience in the Chilean capital is Saint George, pertenenciente religious congregation Santa Cruz. Since 1936 has educated Chileans and has been featured in events that have marked the history of this country.

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To further improve the teaching experience that has characterized, in recent years the directives of the school decided to start a technological renovation of spaces like classrooms, in which were changed existing interactive whiteboards for projectors.

Riodrigo Troncoso, Regional Product Manager, Epson, was the person responsible for supporting the entire process of selection of the new technology for the Saint George College. He stressed to AVI LATINOAMÉRICA that were near 100 projectors Bright Link technology used in this installation.

"The intervention involved, among other things, the gradual acquisition and installation of about 100 interactive projectors Epson Bright Link in a span of three years. Originally the school had interactive whiteboards units. However, knowing the interactive projector as an integral solution for improving student learning, chose to make a technological upgrade installed in approximately 90% of the classrooms an interactive projector Epson Bright Link. "Said Rodrigo Troncoso

Interactive projectors were installed in classrooms, in which attend their training process near 2600 students and have high natural light conditions. On average, each classroom has capacity for a total of 40 students.

A complete solution
The school needed to make a technological renovation. Prior to the installation of interactive projectors, the school had a limited amount of normal fixed projectors and interactive whiteboards. Only a limited group of students and teachers had the ability to access and use these technologies.

By knowing the solution of interactive projector, the school appreciated the fact that only a single product purchase required for a complete interactive solution. Another important factor was that any board is not required in the classroom to use interactivity.

"With Epson projectors selected by the school can work directly on any wall or a wall. Finally, the pre and post sales support delivered by Epson and its distribution channels gave the school the necessary security for investment, "said Rodrigo Troncoso.

In each classroom it is an interactive projector has a type desktop computer and external sound system. Classrooms have network connection also can use the benefits of centralized management and control of equipment and also use collaboration tools that are included with the projector.

The technology developed by Epson BrightLink works on virtually any surface: a blackboard, a smooth wall, a whiteboard with dry erase paint or table. Interactive capabilities are built into the projector, not the board, so it works with virtually any surface.

To be used in educational institutions, instructors can continue to use their dry erase boards with BrightLink and save money by not having to disarm slates in perfect condition. It is compatible with all applications and Web 2.0. The BrightLink pen works like a mouse on a PC or Mac. Use it to tap and double-tap, open, close, and navigate.

Today, the school Saint George in the Chilean capital has more than 150 teachers who have been trained by Epson in the use of interactive projectors.

Advantages of the installation
On the advantages of this facility in the Chilean school, the director of Epson in this country said that "the incorporation of interactive technology through Epson projectors has allowed the customer to improve pedagogical processes in the classroom. To achieve this has required training sessions to the group of teachers in the use of these new technologies and their applicability in teaching ".

But the process of adopting a new technology has required adaptation to change by the user. End users, ie teachers, have received support and instruction in the proper use of the products, which is why these are satisfied with the progress made.

An important thing to note during the months that lasted the intervention point has been the school proactivity meet the challenge of using new technologies. The institution has assigned a group of teachers in a step forward in the process of teaching.

"This is the implementation of the new educational platform 'to know and more' which is the product of an exclusive strategic alliance between Epson and Editorial Santillana. This group of teachers will have more than 100.000 digital content and resources developed by Santillana which have access as a benefit for purchasing Epson projectors. Once teachers have evaluated this educational platform, a massive implementation will be proposed as a benefit in acquiring future Epson projectors. This is a benefit that Epson is starting to deliver the education sector as an added value projectors, "concluded Rodrigo Troncoso.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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