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Taking audio to the entire temple

The implementation of the new audio system for parish church used type Line Array speakers with a digital multi-channel audio processing and digital amplifiers.

By Richard St.

For over 18 years, the Parroquia San Isidro Labrador Coronado Costa Rica tried to offer a modern technological solution to his parishioners could better hear religious services, but ignorance of the client and the lack of a professional acoustic study, made during 20 10 years of sound systems were installed without achieving an appropriate result.

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This is an old Catholic church with a Neo-Gothic and lots of vaults and domes architecture. 1.300 has a capacity of people sitting, but in special celebrations can reach an occupancy of 2.500 people. These are features that make any sound installation is not an easy task.

"The main feature of the temple is that it has a high reverberation, over six seconds RT60, especially at low frequencies; making all over 10 systems previously installed sound result in a very poor performance in terms of intelligibility was concerned, "said Felipe Vargas, AV Consulting Group, responsible for the design, simulation, monitoring, programming and configuration of the installed system.

That the word reaches all
The purpose of this project was to achieve a homogeneous and high intelligibility coverage throughout the audience area of ​​the parish church. The system that worked before the intervention was a similar solution with conventional speakers, installed without an electro-acoustic study that supported the solution, so half back of the temple was not understood nothing of what was spoken through sound system.

Felipe Vargas explained that the focus of the offered solution 100% was supported in a study of acoustic and electro-acoustic simulation. "Important to note that none of the other companies the time to do a similar study were taken. The installed system provides high intelligibility in all areas of hearing, from the front of the Central Nave to the last banking, both in the aisles ".

The new audio system installed provides a solution with high quality equipment, with famous brands worldwide, including highlights Bose, Biamp, QSC, Shure, Liberty Cable and Middle Atlantic.

"This solution is achieved by choosing the best products of each manufacturer for this type of application. linear systems speakers, sound and aesthetically ideal for this type of enclosures installed. Line Array speaker type used with a digital multichannel audio processing and digital amplifiers, "said Felipe Vargas.

Easy handling system
With the new system San Isidro Labrador Parish Coronado intervention was conducted between November and December 2015, important benefits for all people who have a relationship with this space were achieved.

These include: user management system, a robust and consistent performance regardless of who operates it, the result is always the same: Homogeneous coverage and high intelligibility of the spoken word.

Felipe Vargas said that "any acoustic treatment was not performed because it was not viable economically or architectural level; and yet the result has been extraordinary. The main key to success was the electro-acoustic design done through simulation software, and install exactly as indicated in the design. "

But as in any intervention, despite planning and are always some drawbacks and this case was no exception. Among the main difficulties encountered it is that the parish church is Cultural Heritage, so that intervention when installing wiring required minimum aesthetic impact.

In addition, high reverberation demanded a difficult equalization and adjustment of the microphones and speakers. They used a matrix mixing, using the Mix-Minus concept to reduce the volume of each microphone in the closest speaker.

happy customers
According to the representative of AV Consulting Group, the customer has expressed the positive results of the intervention. "The high customer satisfaction has been total, and especially in attending the celebrations held in the Temple public; because ultimately anywhere hearing is heard and understood perfectly, something that many considered impossible to achieve. "

He concluded that "This satisfaction is, in part, because the trademarks used products were chosen for quality, high performance and reliability thereof. The technology used was chosen to be the ideal solution for highly reverberant and based on a study of acoustic and electro-acoustic simulation "enclosures.

Project Overview
Cover with the installation company (final client):
San Isidro Labrador Parish Coronado
Installation site: San Isidro de Coronado, San Jose, Costa Rica.
Design, Simulation, Monitoring, Programming and Configuration: AV Consulting Group Latinamerica
Signature Instaladora: AVL International SA
Wiring and electrical networks: nominal SA
Manufacturers (brands) involved: Bose, Biamp, QSC, Shure, Liberty Cable and Middle Atlantic.
Professionals involved:
Design, Simulation, Monitoring, Programming and Configuration: Felipe Vargas.
Installation and Assembly: Nils Pinagel and Alex Pinagel.
Wiring and electrical networks: Leonardo Serrano
Installation dates: November to December 16 11, 2015

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