To achieve a smooth event, should take into account aspects such as planning, technical quality of equipment and personnel involved, counseling, contingency plans, responsiveness, and speak the same language with the client.

Richard St.

It is not easy to organize an event that includes more than 900 presentations, 11 operating in parallel rooms, which start each day with a plenary hall for 1.200 people and then separate it in a very short interval in two rooms for the end of the day, return work in plenary mode.

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That was the challenge taken up by the rental company Chilean RLASAV, which organized the XXII World Congress of Neurology in Santiago de Chile, which required the implementation of audio, projection HD, lighting, and networking, to receive 3.500 participants 120 countries different for six days.

Hernán Godoy, manager of corporate business and innovation RLASAV he told LATIN AMERICA AVI Congress was held at the Casa Piedra Events Center, using the 100% of its capacity. A multidisciplinary team of technical experts 26 audio, projection, lighting and networking, formed the technical staff who participated in this project.

"The customer had in mind a simpler assembly, with good technology, but not as advanced as we proposed. However, after discussing it and raise our proposal, agreed and relied on our experience, "he said.

Video for minimum details
The image quality proved to be essential for the proper functioning of the Congress of Neurology, the level of detail of the images required it. Therefore, the decision of wiring and signal distribution became a neuralgic issue, taking into consideration that they should choose a reliable and less susceptible to being "contaminated" by interference signals system.

"So we chose wiring through HDBaseT technology, available in the range of Epson projectors used; extend signal through CAT6, converters, distributors, climbers and HDMI video switch cables. Thus the chain of connections for projection in the different rooms was 100% digital and high definition, "he added.

11 of rooms it has in Casa Piedra Events Center, the largest room ready for the plenary lectures should have the ability to divide into two rooms, in a limited time. To meet this requirement, it was essential to make proper planning signal distribution, so that systems changes were minimal at the time of separation of rooms, and also that these changes did not mean connect and disconnect equipment, as it would increase the chances of errors and failures.

Amplification presentations
As for audio systems used, they opted for audio systems L1 II Bose, equipment that is suitable for this type of event, due to the ability to fill the spaces evenly and clarity delivered mainly in amplification of the voice.

In the same area, the wireless microphone used was QLXD Shure line. Due to the large number of implemented halls, and hence the large number of microphones used in each room, this range of microphones is delivering better results in terms of quality of signal transmission because it is less susceptible to signal jamming .

Hernán Godoy noted that "A Room Speaker controlled room each 900 presentations were held. Full implementation of the systems was in charge of RLASAV. For one day we worked on the assembly and wiring of all classrooms. "

integrated systems
Assembly for the six days of the Congress of Neurology was complemented by a networking system for which an internal network was created around the conference center, with the ability to load from this room presentations in each of chat rooms . In that room each exhibitor had the opportunity to review their presentations and through RLASAV attendants transfer.

"We had a very interesting challenge by the size of the event and 11 rooms running in parallel. The division of the plenary hall in a very short interval was a complex maneuver given the tight time, but we could handle smoothly since the conferences were defined times, to meet the agenda. Everything was carefully backed and with a contingency plan, with rooms overflow in the case that the public was more than forecast, plans that just a button is activated. A perfect matrix around the convention center, "said Hernan Godoy.

The equipment used during the days of the event were:

- Projectors Epson GT6770 (6000 ansilúmenes)
- Matrix HD BaseT Kramer
- Distributors HDMI Krammer
- HDMI Extender Krammer
- Escaler TV One of CORIOmaster

- Bose audio systems L1 II
- Digital audio consoles Behringer X32
- Wireless Microphones Shure model QLXD

The main hall was implemented with stage lighting and decorative consisting of:
- 12 Fresnels of 1kw
- 6 robotized of 675W
12 Optipares 8W

The salons talks mainly implemented with lighting scenario 2 Fresnels compounds of 1KW each.

"The decision to use this type of equipment and brands, was mainly based on the good experiences from hundreds of past events. Both the client and the staff RLASAV agreed on the equipment used. Really make a good team between the customer and the technicians who favored the excellent results of the event, "he said.

A week without problems
At the end of the conference week, both the client and the rental company could give a positive part. Fortunately no problems occurred, or the implementation or execution of the project.

RLASAV representative stressed that in this case, the client had a team very organized, structured and with much technical knowledge, which facilitated planning. Also, they are prepared action plans in case of technical difficulties, minimizing the most unexpected.

"Having really professional staff, sound engineers, industrial engineers, civil, audiovisual technicians, bilingual staff, greatly facilitated the ability to speak" the same language "with the client. As local suppliers, we know very well the Casa Piedra Events Center, this streamlined assembly times and allowed us to deliver a higher level of advice, more detailed, and plan contingency plans more efficiently. "

Finally, said the director of RLASAV that "proudly affirm that the technology we use in this Congress is the most advanced that can be found in Latin America. We are highly trained to operate and work under InfoComm standards complying with international guidelines necessary to implement Congress of this magnitude. "

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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