The stadium Rayados de Monterrey 51.000 seats spectators. They were installed in full Bose speakers 883 68 circuits and areas of environmental audio.


Bose technology was used in the scoring system BBVA Bancomer Stadium, home of the Rayados of Monterrey Soccer Club. The stadium, located in Ciudad Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, uses the Bose systems for sound to all areas, from closets, hallways and restaurants, to private suites or the same PA system (Public Address) covering with premium quality modern stands for more of 51 thousand spectators. In total, 883 Bose speakers are spread throughout the work.

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Built by the Club de Futbol Monterrey, Estadio BBVA Bancomer is the work of architects Christopher Lee and David Lizarraga Populous, one of the most innovative in design of stadiums around the world signatures. Their shapes, emulate the natural symbol of the city, the Cerro de la Silla and its outer structure with the metal facade, refers to the industrial heritage of Monterrey.

Technological innovation without restrictions
"This is a stadium that breaks paradigms in every way," says the engineer Patrick Xavier Beltran, consultant company Besa (Beltran Saldivar Consulting), who was responsible for the technical implementation of the new property. "Our interest was to develop a project from scratch with the most innovative advances in all specialties. We had the very clear goal: to build the best football stadium in Latin America, so get the best sound was not up for discussion. We knew that the audio quality and intelligibility power would be forced to hear perfectly every fan elements and this became a factor of comfort before, during and after matches. "

BDP Audio Video, Mexican professional services company in the integrated audio company was responsible for providing sound solutions needed inside the stadium. There were other candidate companies, but the BDP project in combination with the comprehensive solution Bose, they met the needs and requirements of the Monterrey club. The BDP team, led by experienced engineer Antonio Vaca, performed the design and implementation of processing, amplification and speakers.

Graduate of ITESM, engineer Patricio Beltran is also Striped heart. "I joined the project in 2009. I was entrusted with the implementation and commissioning of all converging digital technologies: network data, voice, video and giant screens, digital signage, cameras internal television, sound PA, environmental distributed audio, CCTV, intrusion, access control, fire detection, emergency systems, WiFi and cellular networks, lighting control, and general automation. "

All services are network-based, therefore, the infrastructure has a very wide bandwidth that today, even with all services included, has spare capacity, which will allow a planned use for many years.

Power, coverage and intelligibility
The club's board was very clear about the purpose of the stadium, enjoy the football. So the sound system should respond to the needs of the amateur: the audio would provide full coverage, clarity and intelligibility. BDP and planned two major systems:

Environmental distributed audio for audio zones 68, 14 of which have volume control and independent source selection (hallways, restaurants, suites, locker rooms, press room, etc.).

PA system for the stands, composed of clusters 14 speaker Bose PowerMatch (104 speakers around the court to 55 meters high hanging from the steel structure). Display boxes full frequency range and no subwoofers. The system is managed through ControlSpace application in which the design and connection of the elements is easily visualized in addition to the distribution of content.

PA RoomMatch proposal to 51 thousand Rayados
Once the project was defined, tested for coverage Bose sound Modeler® based software, sophisticated predictive analytics program used to determine the configuration and location of speaker systems from blueprints. Subsequently, the system that allowed Auditioner® hear and judge the exact sound that would have the system in the stadium, without installing a single computer was used.

"In addition to working on planes, one of the arguments that convinced us was the demonstration that we receive through the Auditioner system; We were surprised to try a very accurate model of how the sound of RoomMatch in various locations stadium hear "refers Patricio Beltran.

The latter represented an engineering challenge for BDP and construction company for steel structures that surround the perimeter of the stadium roof; each speaker weighs kilograms and had 55 6 or 10 arrangements boxes depending on the location of each cluster. So that large clusters weigh over half a ton.

To date, BDP and Bose have done fine calibration and acoustic optimization RoomMatch system three times, before the opening, another with completely finished and empty stadium, and the last with the stadium full, half season this 2016. "We ensure that RoomMatch meets the frequency response promised, the intended coverage and sound pressure level perfect in every seat," reveals Antonio Vaca BDP. "We have only made minor adjustments in the equalizer to climb a bit serious to give more body to the music."

Distributed Environmental Audio
As for the audio system distributed environment, a combination of speaker Bose FreeSpace processors and amplifiers of other high quality brands used. Communication is done through fiber optic network and IP technology and CobraNet. To this end, six of the IDF's 17 (Intermediate Distribution Frame) existing amplification and control rooms scattered around the stadium were built, this to reduce cabling distances to each zone.

General audio sources (ambient music from digital media players or CD's readers, voice announcer booth, wireless microphone signal to activities performed at halftime or audio advertising spots) come from the command center located in the third floor of the stadium. These digital signals travel by fiber to processors distributed in various parts of the enclosure, there is amplification and then pass through analog cables to each of the hundreds of distributed speakers.

Distributed audio design was a monumental challenge. had to not only deliver sound in each designated area, but the signals should reach independently to each zone, so that from the central station can send certain fonts to certain areas or 14 from 68 areas in which divides the sound of the stadium can choose their local sound source (digital audio from a portable player or CD, for example) and manipulate their own volume level. Not easy when talking about a space of more than 187 thousand square meters.

Service, value proposition
Design engineers Bose Professional in the United States and Mexico have been very involved in the project. In fact, they can monitor the audio system via a separate VLAN through the TeamViewer platform, resulting in a high-level technical support, always ready to solve any unforeseen.

"We have achieved the goal, we have the most beautiful stadium, practical and modern Latin American soccer," says Patricio Beltran. "I am pleased and grateful to many people with whom we 7 team over the past years. My commitment to the Club de Futbol Monterrey has been fully settled and with the utmost professionalism. "

Fire proof
The August 2 2015 the new BBVA Bancomer Stadium opened with a match between Rayados de Monterrey and Benfica of Portugal. Minutes before the game came the litmus test for the PA system of the building, the sound should look stunning and so, it surpassed all expectations of the club and the fans who enjoyed the show that included the presence of emblematic players who made history with equipment and gave a concert tribute to the Monterrey culture.

Thus, BDP and Bose consolidated a complex project that came to a successful conclusion. They achieved background music for the Estadio BBVA Bancomer and that each word or musical note touch the fibers of one of the most loyal in the world of football hobbies.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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