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32 up the videowall monitors that was implemented in the research center in bioinformatics and bioengineering located in the city of Manizales and installed by the company Innvector.

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The Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Colombia, BIOS, is the leading center for supercomputing research and development of biotechnology and bioprospecting of biodiversity resources of the country, which emerged as a response of the national government (MinTIC and Colciencias) and private enterprise, represented by Microsoft, for high-level research in Colombia.

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According Diego Ceballos, IT Manager BIOS, some bioinformatic investigations require visualization of large data sets and in some simulations in computational biology is needed to explore highly detailed and better analyze visual information. In addition, the team needs bioengineering visualization environments with a high level of immersion.

To meet the viewing needs, including collaborative activities, education and in the near future real-time visualization work required BIOS videowall solution. So he contacted the integrator Innvector, a Colombian company that offers interactive to the extent that include design, construction and control center automation solutions.

Challenges Solution
Rodrigo Suarez, manager Innvector, said that "the great challenge as an integrator of technology is the rate at which it progresses. To capture and display different sources, we look for the proper performance involving response time, resolution capacity and the number of channels and processing capacity. That is why we rely on a company like Matrox, which is always offering the latest technology in their products. "

Diego Ceballos BIOS, the main challenge was to find a suitable place where the videowall fit for its size and ensure adequate visualization experience, which led them to designate an entire room as a laboratory display. Another challenge was to implement a solution that could be adapted to provide innovative ways to interact with the video wall.

Because the contents are displayed, BIOS preferred a curved video wall, to give them a greater level of immersion to the public and researchers. The final solution required 32 55 LG monitors in accordance 8x4 inch FHD integrated by Matrox Mura MPX cards. In addition, the installation was integrated with third through network communications and video capture, and even wireless communications in some cases.

Video Processing
"The video processing system is comprised of two Mura MPX 4 / 4 six Mura MPX 4 / 0 order to cope 32 8 outputs and video inputs. It also involves an unlimited number of remote clients via the IP network with the Vuwall software. Everything was carried out in eight chassis Advantech cards "noted Rodrigo Suárez.

The system allows up to 8 captured digital video sources via HDMI shown on the video screen smoothly.

In addition, Vuwall was the software used for video processing. It is the solution to handle different sources, no matter whether they are video via HDMI, DVI or coded resources using IP networks. It is flexible enough to handle different content and allows operators to collaborate from their own workstations.

"For this particular project, Vuwall allows users to manage content on their desktops and video capture sources to be treated with the quality and the native resolution. It also enables remote control of different content in the video wall dividing the total active area in different regions, working with groups of windows and even limiting the operation to certain areas for each operator, "added the manager Innvector.

The Matrox Mura cards were used to build a video processing system. This centralized system simplifies operation and processing content based on a high performance CPU and video cards integrated with flexible and intuitive software.

Full implementation of the project took three months from design to final testing and required the intervention of two industrial designers, three engineers and two technicians Innvector.

The results
On the technologies used and the integration done, Rodrigo Suarez said "BIOS was looking for a high-performance solution for managing multimedia content, Innvector provides technology solutions for control rooms and technology Matrox represents the state of the art processing Of video. The Mura cards are appropriate for work in demanding applications and harsh environments, especially those related to response time and resolution "features.

He added that one of the main challenges was to design a structure for installing curved screens. But it was also difficult to correctly perform the alignment of the 32 screens and end of the installation and configuration of Mura cards compared was simple, of course without neglecting the necessary engineering and experience in such projects.

Finally, BIOS stressed that the installation was an accurate solution that serves to satisfy their demands in scientific visualization.

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