The auditorium was remodeled considering the robust equipment installation, low maintenance, easy operation, recognized brands and experience in the education sector.

Richard St.

The auditorium Jorge Gomez Headquarters Cusnir Norte, is a space that belongs to the University Foundation of Health Sciences, located in Bogotá, Colombia, which provides services for internal events of the institution and others that require it.

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Accommodating 200 people, the audience required a technological and adaptation to new realities for an audience of high-class upgrade. Schallertech company was responsible for implementing all integration, which included acoustic design, electro acoustic, audiovisual, lighting and finishes.

Maria Fernanda Child engineer was in charge of the whole process of integration. She told AVI LATINOAMÉRICA remodeling was necessary because since unutilized was superb acoustic structural shape out of space. As an added value automation offered auditorium.

To achieve the award, he presented a comprehensive study Schallertech with detail drawings and equipment. The project began in December 2015, starting renovation work from January 2016, with a total change in the envelope so far had the auditorium. Implementation of the project was in charge of the engineering team of the company and contractors in the electrical, acoustic and floor areas.

Video systems
The video solution auditorium Jorge Gomez Cusnir included an interactive LED monitor and video output, which means that the user with its use laptop has no need to install software or drivers for the monitor to work. All that the user enters or projected on the monitor will be transmitted to a WXGA projector with 30.000 lumens Panasonic Laser Led DLP technology.

The surface on which is projected a motorized screen 200 inches on the diagonal, 16 format: 9, and has a gain factor 2.4, which means that the image will look as if the projector off 7.200 lumens , thus improving the definition and image quality. Integration allows management by RS232 protocol or dry contact, in order to be integrated with the automation system of the room.

And providing the audience exceeds capacity in some events adecuaron adjacent rooms to be used as auxiliary rooms. To this end a system of video distribution Crestron made up of an array of video 7 entries 4 outputs HDBaseT technology was installed.

Audio and acoustic
Given the characteristics of the audience, Schallertech recommended to have a system that allows the use of space for both master classes, where the speaker must be able to operate the system without external operators, and likewise that they can perform artistic presentations for which the support of an operator is necessary.

For both applications, a modular car stereo amplified speaker system colum-array type as the auditorium sound reinforcement was installed. These speakers allow a wide range of vertical and horizontal angles of dispersion and transient wave guides, ie, to generate a pattern of varying coverage.

For artistic presentations, they included a subsonic reproduction speaker or subwoofer, located at ground level for the correct transmission of subsonic frequencies with a maximum SPN of 127 dB in peak, a minimum frequency response comprising 40Hz to 120 Hz and minimum power of 1600W.

They also made and acoustic insulation for the proper use of the site, based on international standards, taking into account sky satins, walls, mufflers, doors, ducts, pipes and window frames.

automated auditorium
The automation system installed allows easy integration and use of all multimedia solutions. This requires a Crestron system was used, because its functionality allows integration into a single device: control and distribution of audio and video.

With this system the general control auditorium lighting, audio and video, motorized screen and projector is performed. The auditorium also has a controller using IP protocols, RS-232 and IR and functioning five keypads for controlling scenes were installed, located one in the audience access, doscerca the podium and one on each adjoining lounge.

He said Maria Fernanda boy chosen technology and brands are handled by the company, and filtered with customer needs, considering what were the most recommended to give a complete solution. It was also important factor representation of these brands and their dealers.

"For the customer, the results were successful, his audience is constantly display space, the change for staff showed the improvement was total. Have you made a use of 100% exposing the results to the university and external community, "he added.

overcome difficulties
Like any complex process, intervention in the auditorium of the University Foundation of Health Sciences, he had some technical and logistical difficulties, because from the beginning it was unclear the extent of remodeling, therefore, in execution, the client made changes that affected the normal development of the project. The changes were related to issues such as installation of air conditioning, fire detection system, electrical quantities, etc.

Maria Fernanda Child added another difficult issue was to have a woman leading a project in which the 90% of those who were involved were men. "Women can do many things, because we have the capacity, the means and attitude; only need constant support, constructive criticism, and gender support the each other from our strengths, to empower our role, "he said.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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