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Mapping for musical Franciscus

Digital Projections The company took the stage design to another dimension with Christie projection mapping in the musical Franciscus, with a mapped surface 480 square meters.

by Christie

Franciscus is a musical that tells two stories that intertwine, the play takes place in two parallel timelines. The first, in a present time, in which a mother because of extreme circumstances tests your convictions, so questioning their values ​​and their faith. In the second, the birth route that looks and San Francisco de Asis performs in his own inner search.

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This Argentine musical completed a successful season in November 2016 in the Broadway Theater in Buenos Aires. The work featured an unprecedented technical deployment in South America and included a spectacular scenery mapped by 11 H Series projectors and Christie Q, designed by the company Digital Projections.

For two hours breathtaking lighting resources mapped to eight simultaneous projections of high quality, a live band, acrobatics tall and striking costumes were displayed. More than 50 artists on stage, live musicians 12, 40 technicians, costume designers for 600 seven costume changes and thousands of stimuli that made this work the Latin American musical of the year.

"Franciscus was designed from its inception as a multidisciplinary show. In this sense, the video stage is the resource that allows us to work many scenic aspects, but also narrative, film and musical passages. We believe that only with the use of this resource can impart a dynamic and modern history located between the Middle Ages and the present time, "said Maxi Vecco, co-CEO and designer of video stage of the work.

The project involved mapping all the scenery, about 480 square meters of projection on eight different levels: two side walls advancing from the stage to the audience, the mouth, four levels of legs, a Peroni tulle and a break halfway stage . In addition, we had to integrate the mapping screen LED x 12 6,5 meters located on the back of the stage.

"The client's request was not only map the scenery, highlighting its depth, but also create the illusion of a single screen in a single plane for the screening of several films, despite the different levels and angles of the surfaces on which projects, "said Laura Molina, manager of Special Projects division of Digital Projection.

The Argentina company designed all technical, from the generation of templates for deformation and adaptation of the videos to mapping, as well as what projectors use, where to install them, types of lenses, which light concentration was to be achieved, sizes pixel, image calibrating to different surfaces and textures projection and how to synchronize the different queues console video with sound and lights.

Specifically nine Christie D12WU-H (WUXGA, 12.000 center lumens) and two Christie DXG1051-Q (XGA resolution 10.400 center lumens) were used. They were placed in a rod up to the Super Pullman, and special brackets for mounting two projectors groups developed in tandem. Some projectors were used in closeup mode. In total, they generated a whopping 130.000 lumens on stage and produced a total resolution of RGB pixel 20.000.000.

"We recommend Christie projectors for image quality, versatility in assembly and calibration software in performance and reliability. The challenge was very large and we needed proven and reliable equipment that we deliver high-quality reproductions. Also by the need to use some closeup projections and customer demand that we offered you a facility of international renown. These qualities of Christie justified our choice and allow us to perform masterfully this project, "said Laura Molina Digital Projections.

For playback of video content to four servers, a control system and the other three as players for sending signals to each projector they were used. Thanks to video servers achieved that despite an LED display eight other different projection planes, the illusion that it was a single screen was generated.

In conclusion, Maxi Vecco said of the mapping: "The image quality is impressive, very sharp and colorful. Manages to tie in perfectly with the lighting and the LED display. Franciscus projections print to visual poetry and a high level of production. "

For his part, Juan Carlos Chavez, director of Christie for Latin America, said: "We are delighted that our projectors 1DLP are a fundamental part of this musical which is having a sweeping success in Argentina".

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