An interactive whiteboard is a very powerful tool, but it depends on the knowledge and resourcefulness teacher regarding their use and exploitation.

By Richard St.

One of the sectors that impact is felt with the development of the audiovisual industry is education. Although it is a slow process, more and more institutions, especially private, the use of different digital tools are added to favor the learning processes of students.

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The audiovisual industry plays a leading role in the new classrooms, there are many companies developing technology for education, allowing teachers and students are contectados through their mobile devices with whiteboards, projectors, telepresence and videoconferencing , to mention just a few. In all, the key factor is interactivity.

Although there are several interactive whiteboards that are on the market so far has not been able to position any as the industry standard, and has established what is called an interactive whiteboard or what kind of interactivities make one or other (projector + IR sensors or position sensors or touchscreens matrix surfaces). This was stated by Germán Prieto Trujillo, CEO of Padboard, Colombian company that is researching and developing such solutions.

He added that "almost all boards have focused on digitally replace lined with marker and I think it is wrong, misguided much effort. Technology should focus on being more significant, that is, it is more important that the student can hear and pronounce words in English that simply pass the teacher write the word on a digital display and the letters become computer ".

Meanwhile, Miriam Mendoza, coordinator of Marketing and Communications for Latin America Boxlight Mimio said that "today the education sector Spanish speaking has sought different technological solutions for their classrooms, in order to provide its students classes 100% interactive collaborative. Interactive whiteboards offer benefits to suit different needs and budgets, Today, there are now several Spanish-speaking schools begin to integrate this technology into their classrooms as part of their technology solution. "

Good choice
Interactive whiteboards have all with an element that potentiates education: are multimedia. That is, they allow you to see, hear and understand more significantly, leaving the brain a better understanding, much more information, more accurate and updated.

Germán Prieto stressed that "slates make better connections in our brain of each concept established in its huge neural map. Cell is very different than a teacher is able to draw, the video or image 3D cell, which can be presented in a multimedia system. "

To achieve the goal of improving the classroom experience, teams must have good technology. So Boxlight representatives and Padboard, highlighted consider what are the factors you should consider an educational institution when choosing an interactive whiteboard:

  • That is multimedial, ie, that allows audio, video, images
  • Internet access. This is very important because it is to connect every classroom with all the digital content available worldwide.
  • Easy interactivity, because the frustration, wasted time and deconcentration are the worst obstacle and rejection of change in the teaching community.
  • The interactive touch technology, allows multiple students to work together, enabling collaboration and teamwork.
  • Teachers can import any lesson developed interactive software from other manufacturers.
  • The panel size should be large enough so that text can be read from anywhere in the classroom and crisp, clear and colorful images.
  • rugged construction, resistant surface; designed for the educational sector.
  • That has mobile systems with adjustable height and tilt to allow easily move the screen; making fully inclusive solutions with which people in wheelchairs can interact seamlessly.

successful experiences
The use of interactive whiteboards has gained momentum in Latin America. Boxlight reports installations made in Mexico, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico and Peru.

One of his recent cases in Mexico, where you installed screens Procolor 11 84 inch touchscreen technology, quality 4k, computers OPS for each, as well as the mobile system with adjustable height and tilt. It is emphasized that this solution is inclusive within the school, because people who use wheelchairs can interact with the screen without limit their situation.

After this installation, classes are now 100% interactive and collaborative, students pay attention to the class, allows multiple students to collaborate at the same time, teachers can interact with presentations, images, videos and add notes.

For Padboard, the company recently installed in schools Granadino Anglohispano of Manizales, Colombia, interactive in every classroom blackboards.

Germán Prieto said that "we inquired with teachers and students, the main beneficiaries, and the result has been wonderful. Class dynamics changed completely, motivation and attention is much better and most agree that understanding and retention improved. "

Latest news
The development of interactive whiteboards Padboard has a particular element. German Prieto for over 20 years dedicated to teaching before founding the company. Why print your classroom experience in technology containing their slates.

"Padboard not seek to be the most advanced tool technology or, on the contrary seek simplicity and practicality, but fulfilling three functions: multimedia, internet and easy interaction. You seek to develop an easy to use and given the opportunity for lecturers to access internet information to potentiate its kind in a more meaningful way, "he said.

One aspect of Patent Padboard is a transition between analog and marker explanation master board and expression and digital use, gradually used increasingly in their classes. "Many of today's tools are more an obstacle because of its complexity than a tool for class."

Moreover, screens Boxlight notably including MimioStudio software, which creates and presents lessons easily, allowing the integration of new technologies as well as existing ones.

The new 1 Series - Procolor includes the Android operating system, instant whiteboard, integrated web browser, access to a lot of applications in Google Classroom, touch technology with 10 and even 12 touchpoints integrated with quality stereo speakers, screens 55 84 up and 4K inch HD technology.

Transforming education
An interactive whiteboard is a very powerful tool, but it depends on the knowledge and resourcefulness teacher regarding their use and exploitation, because today the teacher is no longer the owner of the information, knowledge is public and immediate access.

On the role of teachers with new technology in the classroom, Germán Prieto said that "it is time to reinvent the teacher should be able to take advantage of digital tools to achieve meaningful classes. Today the teacher is a guide that potentiates the knowledge that motivates and transmits passion for a subject, which makes the student needs answers and drives that reach beyond. Learning should focus more experience than knowledge ".

In the same vein pronounced Miriam Mendoza, noting that interactive whiteboards allow 100% have classes interactive and collaborative, allowing students to have a much more dynamic, fun and efficient learning. "Students are much more involved in class because there is a participation of the whole class or group, allowing it to be a team."

He stressed that this solution allows to put the student at the center of the educational environment, and thus feel more engaged, more collaborative and more motivated and basic skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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