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Security and control of networked audio

Current network connection protocols, are transforming the field of sound, leading easily to different audiovisual media, where issues such as information security and mass control, large computer protocols are integrated.

By: Andres Nunez Rubiano *

Today, different audio protocols offer alternative connection via the data network without the need to install complex connections hardwired, allowing transmit audio information simultaneously between campuses without loss compression free strange noises between connections and low latency, making a simple administration under the process of a data matrix and significant savings in installation time and economy.

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At first, these connection protocols, gave a solution to the issue of music production and live audio easily achieving the various connections between computers in the same enclosure, administered under a software, which is mostly free.

These protocols have grown rapidly and its use has spread to a number of experiments that the same manufacturers did not expect, such as the corporate sector or the education sector, where it is required to connect a complex number of enclosures each other for communication between them, creating consequently an increase in size in the data matrix. In developing such projects comes the need for two essential elements for the proper use of these protocols: mass control connections and safety for administering said matrix.

When different virtual connections are inclined to a matrix of a single enclosure, control is very versatile and you get a high degree of confidence, where the margins of error are reduced because you are the sole administrator of the area, but when you have a great number of interconnected enclosures, and these areas have a high number of connections through the data network, control of this matrix becomes a complex system that may be causing a number of problems, as is the common case of making a connection between enclosures at the wrong time, creating setbacks such as the interruption of a meeting that is running at the time, or forget to restore these connections to the predetermined pattern to avoid problems in future events.

On the security side, having different points of network connection, we can access easily to this array and create unauthorized changes, initiate processes of spying or not appropriate that develop intentionally actions, that because the most programs for the management and control of these connections is free for download, and these programs easily recognize all existing connections only physically connect to the network.

Given this important need, at present, we are working on solutions to provide an adequate solution, designing management software and mass control, giving a guarantee to user safety issues and aids the correct action to assign or routing information .

We have the case of the Australian company Audinate, with Dante protocol, which currently are working on a comprehensive solution for managing your protocol. Dante Domain Manager will allow the control part, define specific groups enclosure, achieving a fully independent administration, giving the possibility to create internal threads for the same control enclosure with option to scale or segment such management, providing information real-time metrics different current status of all connected devices, server performance in general or in sections, with a versatile dynamic control interface and easy to understand, intuitive supports widgets.

In the security part, this solution offer the market a authentication control in the form of user-password, compatible with simplified access protocol (LDAP) directory, based on profiling security level, from a profile basic to an administrator profile, protecting the end user from unwanted changes, achieving full control and ensuring that only persons authorized to operate or develop such activities, as you can also assign users by enclosures, to achieve independent control of each space or area.

Importantly, this new solution will provide detailed monitoring of the various changes that users can be managing, managing to deliver an audit report and informing immediately, the changes that are currently running through emails, searchable records events created. There will also be, with support local backup or through a server, easy restoration.

Its programming will allow work under support traffic encryption control and Protocol Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS), ensuring secure communication between the server, the web interface and Dante network, compatible with any desktop web browser or mobile with easy upgrade notices both the same software as the firmwares of the different devices connected to the network.

In good time, it starts to solving these problems, which is created by the same advantages and open possibilities offered by these tools. Interestingly, as the current protocols of network connection, they are transforming the field of sound, leading easily to different audiovisual media, where issues such as information security and mass control, are integrated into the large protocols computer, offering a high level without signal loss and delays, this will give us a jump start communication without barriers between countries, eliminating quality problems completely.

* Andrés Núñez Rubiano is the founder of the firm psychoacoustics, active member and integrated AES committee to Colombia, workshop leader and specialist in the field of architectural acoustics, designs sound system focused on psychoacoustics, measurement and electroacoustic calibration, design BIM , sound-oriented programming and software specialist in native field in fields of sound physical objects. His work has been highlighted by designing architectural projects to theaters, auditoriums and churches, taking into account the underlying cognitive and neural field that produces sound biological reactions.

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