Rose nightclub amplifies sound with Powersoft

Argentina. A new high-level entertainment space was inaugurated in Buenos Aires in August. This is Rose in Rio, a nightclub and night club located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, in the area known as Costa Salguero.

The project was made entirely by Equaphon, distributor of Powersoft in Argentina and Uruguay. "The owners of this venture have been trusting for many years several entertainment centers. In this case we were summoned at the end of the year 2015 when the work began. That was very good because it allowed us to interact differently. Actually what was already inaugurated is the nightclub and nightclub but next to it there is an event hall next to be inaugurated as well, "said Carlos Maiocchi, General Manager of Equaphon.

Equaphon's job was to present a project that met the requirements of the owners of Rose in Rio, to determine the best sound system to use, to install the same in the local and to adjust, equalize and train those responsible in the use of the system .

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Knowing that the establishment would focus on the attraction of a high-class audience, the sound system should be of high sound quality, without interfering, as much as possible, with the aesthetics of the place or with the atmosphere and quality decoration of the whole entrepreneurship.

Another requirement was to have uniform coverage throughout the site and individual level control of the different zones to adjust the system according to the distribution of the public.

In this sense, the greatest difficulty found in the establishment were the different heights of the ceiling, which made it difficult to install sound systems in height that covered a large area of ​​audience. This impediment was solved by distributing the sound sources in 12 different points, without disturbing the aesthetics and decoration.

Having the sound sources distributed, it was decided to use many amplification channels to be able to zonificar properly the different sectors and to have absolute control of level and EQ.

Equaphon installed a sound system of its own brand STS Touring Series - manufactured in Argentina -, composed of 24 x STS Linea V10, distributed in 12 points of the local covering the track and surrounding areas, six subwoofers STS Concerto SUB, located together underneath the DJ booth, 12 x STS mikra4, distributed on two outdoor terraces, two STS D10 in one of the local VIP lounges, and finally two STS Cantata + as monitoring in the DJ booth.

This system is being amplified with a X4 unit from Powersoft, to handle the six subwoofers, and four amplifiers M50Q DSP + ETH, three to control the 12 points of two STS Linea V10, while the fourth is responsible for amplifying the 12 x STS mikra4 and the two STS D10 VIP area.

The amplifier rack is housed in an enclosure behind the DJ booth and is controlled with a Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 console and CDJ-2000NXS2 players.

The Harmony software was also used in this project. With the same the system was adjusted in the installation stage, fixing the cuts, times, equalizations, limiters and respective levels. It was also used to equalize and align each of the 12 reinforcement points independently.

The whole system is controlled from a PC located in the same DJ booth. Through the Harmony software workspace, you have individual and real-time control of each distributed system.

"The whole system is working properly, fulfilling all the requirements we had," said Maiocchi. "It really is very useful software Harmony in a facility of this type, because it allows us to have absolute control of the different places to sound and a great flexibility of use of the installed."

Equaphon had already installed Powersoft amplifiers in other developments owned by the owners of Rose in Rio, but so far they had not delivered any installation in which the software Harmony could be used. "They were really impressed with everything that can be done with it," he said.

It is worth mentioning the work in this project of Nicolás Rizzo, product support of Equaphon, who was responsible for it and started the system, as well as configure different screens so that users can control predefined parameters.

Nicolás also took care of training the technical team of the club in the use of the system and its possibilities of control.

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