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Barranquilla, prepared for big events

With a short time to execute the work, the integrating firm Schallertech installed all the audio, video and lighting systems for the auditorium of the Puerta de Oro convention center in Barranquilla.

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Barranquilla is one of the Colombian cities with the greatest growth and development in recent years. Thanks to its geographical location and its commercial and industrial vocation, it is the main economic center of the Caribbean Region of Colombia.

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The so-called "Golden Gate of Colombia", due to the commercial importance it has taken for the country, has also become the epicenter of events of different sizes and categories, which has required several scenarios to be adequate to support this development. .

This is the case of the Corferias de Caribe Convention Center, Puerta de Oro, which opened its doors in Barranquilla at the end of the 2016, with the objective of competing with Miami, Panama and Puerto Rico to host international events.

The Puerta de Oro events center has an auditorium that has capacity for 400 people, which was designed in a versatile way so that they can be made from conferences to accommodate fairs of smaller scope.

The Bogota-based integrative firm, Schallertech, was designated to carry out all the audiovisual integration necessary to host the events. Among others, they installed an 240 projection system "with an Epson HD brand projector from 6500 lummens, an audio system consisting of 2 horizontal arrays of the Renkus Heinz brand, each with 4 speakers and 2 bass; system of lighting and acoustic conditioning of the space with absorbent and reflective panels.

The integration of the AVI system was carried out through a control system of the Crestron brand, consisting of a controller with integrated audio and video matrix, which allows AV control, in addition a control module for lighting circuits of the living room. Digital consoles were also used in order to make customized adjustments to give a greater level of control over the audio.

The interface that allows interaction with the different devices is accessed through the wireless network of the auditorium. The integration allows through the same interface the complete control of the room, which facilitates its use and administration.

Cutting edge technology
The integrating firm highlights that the client received his recommendations on the best way to implement the solution, perceiving the space for an environment of easy handling and different possibilities at the time of use.

This is how audio integration has control of inputs and outputs, signal levels and equalization of them. This control is carried out through the user interface and is executed on the audio matrix and on the digital console.

The video system allows the modification of the various entrances that the room has and the activation of the motorized screen. Finally the lighting control intervenes in the different circuits of the room, all the above allows recreating scenes with different lighting conditions and for presentations with visual support or conferences with sound reinforcement.

The representatives of Schallertech pointed out that the greatest difficulty to carry out this integration was the short time for implementation of the solution and its implementation for operation, due to the fact that they already had commitments acquired for holding events.

Finally, on why they chose the technology and the brands mentioned for this project, the integrator pointed out that the selection of technology was due to these elements as a perfect mixture to obtain a result of high quality and great versatility for the space , as well as making sure we have brands of broad support and trajectory.

General description

  • Integrative firm: Schallertech
  • Manufacturers (brands) involved: Crestron, Renkus Heinz, Community, Crown, Elunevision, Epson, Rane
  • Professionals involved: Diana Mendoza, Project Engineer; Ricardo Rodríguez, Project Manager; Gabriel Bustamante, Crestron Programmer; Freddy Sampayo, Chief Financial Officer.
  • Company covered with the installation (final client): Corferias de Caribe, Puerta de Oro.
  • Installation dates: August 2016
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