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During the exhibition "Infocomm Las Vegas 2008" many asked about the advantages of LED screens and in this article I will refer to that topic. It may be difficult to summarize all the benefits in a nutshell but we can give a simplified version where the main issues stand out.

by Adrian Morel *

{Mosimage} It is important to mention that the LED screens already have more than 10 years of existence in the market and the same are neither better nor worse than the projectors or TVs plasma (or LCD), simply come to fill a need existing on the market that only an LED display is capable of performing.


In the case of outdoor events or events outdoorThe LED display can do things that other products can not. The LED display can work and be easily seen in full sunshine for its high brightness (which projectors or plasmas can not).

The illumination of a screen is measured in NITs and they possess 5000 NITs on average, being more than enough to offset sunlight. It is very likely that in broad daylight the screen is running at 100% capacity brightness, but if the weather is cloudy or that event or concert is night, surely we will lower the brightness, to preserve life of the screen.

LED displays are also resistant to water their IP65 classification (Ingress Protection or "access protection" that resists dust of any kind and low water pressure in either direction). This means that the screens can work outdoors without interruption by unfavorable climatic reasons.

Users screens

To talk about events or mega-events have interviewed two professionals from Argentina with extensive experience in both local and international shows, Raul Brasesco ( and Sebastian Fiszbin (, where both events feature the likes of Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones, Chayanne, Enrique Iglesias, High School Musical Disney, among others.

Raul began with LED screens in the year 2004 and has specialized in the subject since. His first television show was VideoMatch with the driver Marcelo Tinelli (now the program is still in the air with the name of ShowMatch); then they were followed by shows like "The Great Game", "Latin American Idol", etc. Raul told us that when the television camera is too close to the players, you must place a special optical LED display. Said dispersed optical granulation of the LEDs making them homogeneous and visual optical effect appears that improves resolution. That is, with said optical can be transformed 20 mm screen to one of 6 mm. Raul also highlighted the ease of assembly of the LED screens which can be installed in less than 45 minutes, referring to a theatrical show in Buenos Aires where the screen used was 30 square meters.

Sebastián highlighted the "reliability" of the screen, then move them from the warehouse to the place of event, install, light and go. It does not require much control or monitoring equipment before each show. The idea is that the screens are serving the professional AV and not vice versa.


The need for an LED display in a show that gathers crowds is indisputable. The shows certain artistic level or international level screens used mostly LEDs, for the same and have become an essential part of the show of the artist. It is notable that the LED screens have overcome many products that once were considered necessary as machines with special effects, lighting, etc. Today, when an LED display is lit, the rest of the products go to the background.

* Adrian Morel is CEO of Lighthouse Technologies for Latin America and can be contacted at his office in California (

Signaling from multiple fronts

To inform, entertain and advertise, systems or digital signage digital signage become important around the world. Although the use of this technology has always been associated with markets like the US and Europe, China is now the first place.

by Julian Arcila

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