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High Speed ​​HDMI Cables
altThe HDMI connector PRO III serial cables provide a high quality audio and video for digital transmission without compression, also including an Ethernet channel for professional jobs that require high-speed IP.

The PRO III cables are compatible with A / V sources like a box set-top, Blu-ray players, computers, video game consoles or digital televisions and video supports format 3D 4K and HD resolution, and has a return channel audio, eliminating the need for additional cables for playback.

These cables are available in lengths of between 1 and 10 meters (3.33 and 33.34 Ft.).
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High-resolution LED panel
altProjecting images of high quality and low weight are the main features of the EC-20, an LED panel multiple design possibilities for indoor and outdoor scenarios, as well as permanent installations.

Its semi-transparent design with integrated curvature and wireless allows fast assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance and total control of integration with other systems, while providing a high quality color depth for each pixel is calibrated to create maximum uniformity between pixel and between panels, with an update of 3000Hz, which is between 3 and 8 times faster than other screens.

The EC-20 operates with the driver P3-100 system, a unit of advanced signal processing of video and integration with lighting control, with features Plug & Play for fast connectivity, eliminating the protocols limiting types video.
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Elite Screens

Projection screen with curvature
altElite Screens presents the new series of Lunette fixed projection screens, designed with a curvature that improves the performance and aesthetic appearance of the presentation and produces on viewers the feeling of being immersed in the film.

The design allowed eliminate the effect known as "pincushion" commonly experienced when projected in widescreen formats 2.35: 1. 3.5 frame "is coated with a black velvet surface to avoid light reflection.

Lunette measures the series start at 85 "to 166" diagonal format 2.35: 1 (Widescreen) and 84 "to 150" format in 16: 9 (HDTV). Options in the material include CineWhite stressed matt white with 1.1 gain, which has the back in black to eliminate light penetration, and the acoustically transparent material, AcousticPro1080, which comes in matte white and rear color material black.Request FREE information about this product.


altRussound has a number of speakers designed to deliver accurate sound. Acclaim Series 5 was set to improve off-axis sound and is equipped with tweeters.

This series redefines performance architectural speakers. With advanced design and developed with materials such as polypropylene, kevlar, aluminum and silk, Acclaim 5 Series offers precise sound when used on the wall, ceiling or outdoor, also because their performance is an alternative to the more expensive speakers, uncompromised aesthetics or efficiency.

They are also available in standard sizes of 5.25 "6.5" and 8 ", allowing you to mix, combined or updated on subsequent occasions.
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Patch Panels Rackmount
Bittree-panelesdecablesdemontajeenrackThe new panels cable assembly category Bittree 6 and 6A, allow users to redirect several Ethernet networks gigabits easily, and establish test points and demarcation for industrial and residential networks, benefiting from new standards of networks of high-speed data.

The panels have the capacity to manage data infrastructures commercially and office, plus distribution networks for digital signage, And can be configured in assemblies 12, 24, 48 or 96 racks.
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Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

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