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altThe FLX VoIP is a wireless conference phone designed to work under VoIP networks, voice over IP, is compatible with a variety of IP switches, it maintains the clarity of HD sound and provides freedom to use wireless microphones and speakers.

The FLX VoIP integrates with almost all switches IP telephony complying with the parameters established in the SIP standard. Among the advantages of the equipment is the possibility of integrating functions that were previously only available through digital switch environments, such as voice mail alerts and "stop".
Wireless phone capabilities allow use in rooms of small and medium conference without installing any cable. also emphasizes its clean appearance and requires less space on the conference table. It also includes 128 bit encryption and Bluetooth (R) integrated.

interactive Projectors

ProjectorsThe BenQ brand launched its new MW860USTi and MP780 ST + short-range projectors, promise to improve the interactive experience in classrooms, complemented by PointDraw second generation technology in their pencils 2.0, for faster response at a distance of up to 9 meters.

The projectors have features such as DLP Link, which allows viewing in 3D; WXGA, which allows clear images without distractions see shadow; LAN Display and USB Display, for easy configuration and simultaneous multiprojection. As for the sound, its anti-vibration systems allow a clean audio not interfere with the image quality.

Projectors function 3D

Function ON 3D projectors PanasonicDesigned for schools and meeting rooms, Panasonic presents two new projectors with DLP chip with ultra short projection 3D function; PT-CW230 and PT-CX200 have WXGA (1280x800) with 2.500 lumens and XGA (1024x768) with 2.000 lumens of brightness, respectively.

The innovative optical drive ultra-short approach allows the PT-CW230 and PT-CX200 project an image with a diagonal of 80 "from a distance between 32 and 38,3 cm to the screen, this will enable the speakers to be close to the screen without his shadow appears in the image.

The maximum projection size of the PT-CW230 is an image diagonal of 110 "while the PT-CX200 is 90". The CW230 series comes with an amplifier and a mono speaker 10W has a HDMI terminal as digital input and incorporates a filter with a replacement cycle of up to 4.000 hours, which facilitates maintenance.

Speakers CM-BGM

SoundTube Entertainment
altThe new in-ceiling speakers, ceiling speakers, of SoundTube are specially designed to provide the background music used in different scenarios. The models announced by the brand are part of the CM-BGM line and correspond to CM52-BGM, BGM CM52s-and-BGM CM62 references.

Its features include good response in low tones, and the use of Broadbeam SoundTube Ring ™ technology that improves the clarity of the midrange tones.
With any of the teams that are part of this line you can get an inexpensive alternative to the facilities of background music. The device has an input impedance of 16 ohms, eight speakers that can operate in stereo or four mono speaker 4 ohms.
These devices can be installed in shallow spaces, even using only 7.6 cm. In addition, a power switch with 6 positions help achieve a more versatile installation.

MRX-10 controller

altThe MRX-10, URC equipment company and distributed in Latin America by Audio Video Export (AVE) is an advanced controller that functions as the central axis of Total Control automation system. This rack mountable device stores commands and uses a touch or "One Touch" for all components connected via IP, RS-232, IR or RF.

In addition to the above, also has among its functions with the ability to manage control audio / video, multimedia servers, lighting, curtains, cameras and many others thanks to its two-way communication with the keypad or remote control Total Control systems.

The two way communication system also allows monitoring to provide information about the status of components. The device has a touch screen 3.5 "and high resolution graphics.

Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

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