altThis time the author offers a series of recommendations to be taken into account when making the decision to buy an LED screen. Listen to the voice of an expert always bring benefits to a team of such magnitude.

By: Adrian Morel

It is important to know that there are many models, varieties and prices of LED displays according to the needs of each project. Since these screens, or display digital, have a very high cost is recommended to do a little research to invest good money. Then, not necessarily in order of importance, I will make known some requirements or suggestions for buying LED displays.

1. Define the nature of business to buy the product you need: this seems logical but it is a common mistake: losing the north or the nature of the business. If our business is to install a screen to sell advertising space premiums sponsoresThen we need a screen of very good quality because sponsors like Rolex, Gucci or Chivas Regal based communication, purely and simply, in "image" and the screen has to reflect the virtues of the product. Not to mention if the screen will be installed in a main street of a big city.

If our business is to install a screen on the route (in the countryside) where cars pass 160 kilometers per hour and will promote the hotels in the area, then the screen should not be so demanding because here we have more room for mistakes . In this example, if an LED stops working is very likely that anyone noticing and we have enough time to repair comfortably. In contrast to the first case, every minute of downtime, Fall or not work screen, it is money lost and probably, if it is repeated too often, is likely to also lose sponsors.

2. Knowing who is the manufacturer of the display: meet the original manufacturer and origin of the product is not a minor issue. If I'm buying a brand SONY (this is just an example because SONY does not manufacture LED displays), the same name as me is indicating certain production parameters, warranty, service and stay in business, among other things. Many people tell me "I do not want to pay the mark" and the fact none of us want to pay for the brand, I'm just saying that the mark is an element to consider.

3. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line: where possible, it is a good idea to get in touch with the manufacturer of the screen. You can not always buy directly, but to be in contact with the original manufacturer is not so farfetched. Manufacturers with much enthusiasm, provide information about their products, especially on the technical side. The manufacturer meet face helps to improve communication between the different professional levels of the company. Many times the original manufacturers offer courses or training and have a level of knowledge about the products to which only they have access to own information.

4. Evaluate at least three levels of screens: it is important to mention that today we can find three types of screens qualities and that is based on the definition of it. The screens are more colorcromática definition have higher quality and fidelity playback. The screens are divided into high, medium and low quality. High-quality screens define its color rendering in trillions of colors. The middle or intermediate quality define its color reproduction in billions of colors. Finally we have low quality screens where their colors are measured in millions of colors. This is closely related to exemplify bit and look at the table below.


If you want to do an Internet search for high-quality displays, one of the keywords would be "zillion". With 16.7 million colors it is also a respectable screen, especially if you are looking MESH or curtains, which are required in the market and make a display of very beautiful colors. Logically, if you are already in need of something more serious to move digital video you would then have to think about trillion colors minimum.

5. Well read the manufacturer's website:
There is a very famous phrase that says "do not believe in everything you read". Personally, one of my hobbies is reading web pages of manufacturers of LED screens. I must read with a clinical eye and selectively to later contrast the information with reality. Many web pages are very well designed and very credible, but there is also a lot of omitted information. This omission is not coincidence because the intention is to transmit information highlighting the points suitable for the manufacturer. Many of them over-inform the potential buyer but they omit mentioning that their products are 8 bits with 16.7 million colors. In other cases they do not mention the MTBF (time or moment where the first failures begin). It is also exaggerated with respect to the hours of use of the LEDs, etc.

6. Manufacturer presence shows or international exhibitions: manufacturers have a presence in international exhibitions realize they have exportable products, especially if the shows are in countries where the entry requirements of technology products require certain certifications. In contrast, if the company is too local or domestic, it means that still has some way to go.

7. Carefully analyze customers who display manufacturers are: This information is important and can be removed through the gallery and especially in the press releases. Typically, customers are demanding some kind of systematic method of selection and having passed through the filter means that there is added value or differentiation with respect to other competitors screens.

8. Investigate who are the official distributors: many manufacturers of LEDs, not all mentioned in its website a list of authorized dealers or authorized. These distributors or integrators have some relationship with the manufacturing company and enjoy a certain prestige. If the distributor or integrator is not on the website (for corporate policy), you can also show their relationship with the manufacturer through a letter or document authorizing it as such.

9. Always ask for help: ask, ask and ask before buying. Buying a screen is an important decision, which if taken with little information does not always lead us to a successful conclusion. Ask about facilities or existing screens regarding operation, maintenance and operation gives us a better view of the big picture. Although you may not believe, many owners or owners screens are open to talk about their products and always relevant information is obtained, however insignificant it may seem.

10. Think of buying a screen is a relationship in the short, medium and long term with the manufacturer: the customer, and this is common to see on the market, for who has the money thinks he can treat the manufacturer as a supplier. This, in another type of business or industry, makes little sense because the user asserts and demands respect for who provides business opportunities for any manufacturer.
In the case of LED technology in general, experience has shown me that the initial purchase becomes a strategic relationship with suppliers of LED screens. Hunter mention this because it is passed hunted. With the passage of time, the customer will need service, expand the installed number of square meters or simply move into other businesses, and the factory takes on a fundamental role providing support that client.
It is important to know that within companies there are people, and they often have preferences and service can be enhanced with personalized assistance or rapid response.

11. Buy according to the application or need, not according to the budget:
build a bridge half is better than nothing. If you have a limited budget, like most of us all, make sure the LED screen will buy meets the main objective. If you need to cross the desert, 4x4 buy a truck, not a car.

If you are using a screen to rent, consider a screen, either: resistant and history in the market. If you are installing "spectacular" mega screens or screens to promote products brand, choose a screen that has good image. If you need a TV screen, choose a prepared for broadcasting with reduced moiré. If you want a screen that lasts 2 years and after that time the strip and buy a new one, then do not think much and buy the cheapest.

As you can see, in 11 points we can not conclude that the murderer is the butler, but at least gives us a little more finished we have to prioritize orientation. We could talk perhaps 20, 30 or 50 questions, my experience tells me that to begin interpreting the LED industry is recommended at least 8 hours of training, but it's something. 11 summarize the points mentioned would be redundant, but keep in mind that when you buy a LED screen, your competitor across the street buy better.

* Adrian Morel is a specialist in lighting and digital displays with LED technology, he is a member of the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) and the American Lighting Association, both of the United States. He can be reached at his office in California or email

Author: Latin Press


sonia fields ortegon
# sonia fields ortegon 22-01-2011 06:19
Good morning
In the first instance I congratulate you on such pertinent information for users so far are browsing this technology, grateful to know more about it
Santiago Jaramillo
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Sonia thanks for your comment and for the interest in this topic.

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# Joan 09-11-2011 01:40
Hi, I like your article. Could you tell me where to find display manufacturers led? Who are they?
I want to buy a LED TV and want to choose well,
Thank you.
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Duvan Chaverra
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Hi Joan,

The article is based more on recommendations to purchase professional displays for advertising, big shows, etc, if you are looking for a LED TV for home, we recommend you obtain advice in a mall where you offer variety of makes and can make a good decision.


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Atte Ivan Orellana.
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