Outdoor LED screens have self-diagnostic systems, monitoring of content, audience monitoring, on-off remote, interactive services, among many other developments.

By Richard St.

For many years, outdoor advertising is done through advertisements in printed large billboards that allow only an art fence. But with the advent of LED screens the situation is changing.

Increasingly you hear the news on screens that are installed in open spaces large movement of people in Latin America.

Alejandro Villanueva in Lima, Peru, last December the company stadium AOC installed a LED screen that measures 28 square meters and has a resolution P16, allowing the transmission of sharp images with good quality; also they put a banner ad with the same technology that has a perimeter of 101 square meters.

And it is to have the possibility of issuing multiple content and to update them in real time, allowing react to market changes, is one of the main attractions of outdoor LED screens.

So says Jacky Galeano Montoya, National Product Manager Publik, Colombian company and for several years has been installing screens on public roads in several cities in that country.

It stresses that EspectaColor 30 now have screens installed in Colombia. Each with a monitoring system real-time content from a mobile platform, which delivered to customers so they can verify the frequency of the pattern and flow of audience that each site from your phone.

Marcelo Clarens, managing partner of Goran and Ledsa, some of the possibilities offered by this type of display is that "from the point of view, have a high impact and, upon a good visual product, great remembrance. Its location is critical to meet the desired goal, however, with a stand like this, impact is assured ".

Resisting climate
Weather conditions, whether sun, rain, wind and pollution, make those located outdoor LED screens should have special conditions which do not affect the quality of the final product.

Jacky Galeano Montoya explains that each screen is constructed depending Publik EspectaColor site specifications that will be located.

"Colombia is a special case because there is great diversity of climate change, so we have a specific protocol manufacturing screens for each region and to that extent, preventive and corrective maintenance are specific depending on the site."

Add Marcelo Clarens in the case of their screens "screens Outdoor cabinets are metal and electrical and electronic components withstand temperatures between -20º / + 60º also have in their front part visors serve two functions: first, to reduce the input light and the second, it protects and hail stones. "

Goran Digital Advertising and Ledsa are two Argentine companies that handle digital advertising media and are dabbling in the installation screens. The first is responsible for the marketing of the media and the second import, installation and technical support.

Together, they own four screens installed in Argentina and prepare two screens, one in a mall and another in the street in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

New business
This type of screens that are replacing printed when outdoor advertising, billboards have also helped generate new forms of business, with very good acceptance and remembrance by the general public.

In the case of Publik, with its fixed SpectaColor screens four meters high by six meters wide, installed on public roads in several cities of Colombia, they offer the possibility of updating content through the Internet, in real time and technologically appropriate with satellite TV signal, which have allowed the transmission of important events such as the Africa 2010 soccer world cup.

Indicates Jacky Montoya Galeano who were recently elected by the mayors of the Colombian cities of Pereira, Armenia and Cartagena to install giant screens in their stadiums, which complements the channel with giant screens and supplied by Publik for El Campin Stadium in Bogota .

The last two screens installed by Goran and Ledsa have been in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe province, Argentina. Its dimensions are four meters long and three high.

Each screen, which in value exceeded US $ 150.000, has the ability to transmit videos, animations and photos in HD quality. The group offers installers corporate advertising packages with variants 30, 45, 90 and 120 minutes daily.

With respect to the image, they have two models: one for advertising purposes with a refresh of 450 hz and the same model for use in scenarios shows or TV with a refresh of 4000hz, enabling recording (filming) of front of the screen without being noticed in the black stripes or flickering recordings.

Marcelo Clarens is strong to ensure that the acceptance of this type of screens with advertising use by the public has been excellent.

"The medium is perceived as innovative, attractive and very high impact. Much like consumers and adds value to the brands that advertise there. We have also had press coverage for the event was the installation of the first screen in Rosario. It draws much attention. "

In Colombia, Publik has had excellent levels of positive attitude towards the environment. In a survey conducted by the polling firm Ipsos Napoleon Franco, the late 2010, he obtained outstanding levels of remembrance, captivity and impact.

90% a positive attitude towards the middle, a 77,4% impact, 75% of captivity, and attracting 70% of the contents were some of the results that showed the survey.

mobility available
But not only fixed screens for advertising purposes are gaining ground. The phones also have their market.

To launch the new version of its soft drink, Coca Cola settled in Bogotá, Colombia, a screen in one of the busiest avenues in which major traffic congestion is generated, resembling a drive.

This time, the mobile screen was used to present films of one minute, while 250 thousand gave free samples of the new presentation of the gas to people who traveled in their vehicles in the area.

Publik also has a number of mobile screens three meters high and six meters wide, mounted on trucks that cross the different cities.

With this type of screens, and thanks to an agreement reached with FIFA, they are promoting the 20 sub football world cup in the Colombian cities that will serve as their headquarters.

This sporting event will be promoted and transmitted throughout the Publik Canal formed by the EspectaColor electronic informers installed in the main thoroughfares of screens and Colombia.

Along with market growth, developments grow. Marcelo Clarens explains that the latest outdoor screens have been redesigned, was joined by a deck paint protects the metal nitrate (where it is located near the sea).

"In addition, cabinets for better support, such as the front opening of the modules, better cooling system for hot spots and has been given greater water resistance on its front face is improved."

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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