altHigh-resolution displays and touch technology are the most sought after by hotels and casinos for their digital signage installations. The trend is to offer interactive services for the customer.

By Alejandra Garcia Velez

The use of digital signage in casinos and hotels fulfills a multiple role, on the one hand it is a tool with enormous potential for the consolidation of the brand image while it functions as an element for real-time communication and finally as a platform advertising

With current technology a casino can use resources not only to inform promotions, events or attractions, but players can receive information in real time on the status of betting tables, among other things.

Touch screens are another tool that allows hotels and casinos to offer interactive resources that inform and help their clients. In the case of hotels, for example, guests access information about hotel services, airline updates, flight status and nearby tourist attractions.

This is assured by our guests from BrightSign, AkiraDisplay, Aopen America and LG Mexico, who highlight the informative and marketing function that these devices fulfill.

Angela Lee, spokeswoman for Akira Display, affirms that the use of digital signage is increasingly seen in casinos and hotels both for the lobby area and for the main spaces, such as poker rooms in casinos, bar and restaurants. It also highlights that by nature 24 hours of this type of establishments it is important to use equipment designed for long hours of operation and practically without rest time.

Products and development
The type and size of the screens are two of the aspects that are most evolving in the area of ​​digital signage for casinos and hotels. Rubén Sánchez Fornaguera, vice president of LG Electronics Mexico, explains that 2008 was handling 42 plasma screens, "but from 2009 most installers choose the 42 LCD" up to 55 "or more inches.

Lee agrees, and adds that they are already beginning to use larger units, up to 70 "and 82", likewise highlighted the popularity of touch technology and interactive systems as a strategy to attract customers. Specifically in the case of casinos, the use of LCD for games is increasing, either with the help of touch screens or customized products to meet the needs of the establishment.

For his part, Sanchez says that ultra-thin monitors are one of the most requested elements for the installation of videowalls in common areas. BrightSign highlights the use of kiosks and displays for tables, while highlighting that the main feature of this type of facility should be the possibility of being remotely updated via the Internet. As they explain, interactivity, ease of use and installation in convenient locations are part of the attributes sought by customers.

Evolution of the market
Angela Lee also indicates that an increase is being seen in several sectors of the market but that "the hospitality sector is well projected in terms of the initiatives that have been worked on and that started the installation process this year".

While Lam Nguyen, marketing specialist at AOpen America, highlighted the potential of 3D marketing in the digital signage, with the use of screens of this type that do not need glasses to visualize the 3D effect, "it is still incipient, but it helps to attract to the public while allowing a more lasting impact on him. "

He added that "there are also advances that are not visible to the audience, such as technologies that allow problems to be solved remotely with the hardware. This type of innovation benefits the digital signage network and operators by helping to solve problems quickly, while reducing operating costs. "

He also highlighted the integration with mobile technologies "mobile marketing is an emerging trend that allows hotels and casinos to communicate with guests through cell phones, giving them the ability to reach millions of customers through specially designed solutions. for these devices. "

Facing the future prospects of the industry Nguyen believes that the digital signage will continue to grow as operators find methods to increase the impact.

Also, Sanchez said that although a few years ago the demand was based entirely on the price, now the user has become more aware of the different technologies, sizes and benefits to be evaluated when choosing the most suitable products for installation.

"With this situation, consumption has evolved to large formats, replacing CRT and plasma equipment with state-of-the-art technologies such as LCD and Full HD LED", he added.

Figures of a growing market

A report published by IMS Research affirms that the digital signage will have a dramatic growth during the coming years, thanks to the acceptance and popularization of this system as an essential tool to transmit messages to the public.

The study concluded that the global digital signage market will see an increase of 40% for 2013. According to what is stated in the research entitled "The World Market for Digital Signage 2011 Edition", retail sales are close to 25% of the sales of hardware and software sales in this niche.

Author: Alejandra Garcia


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