altIgnorance of how to optimize the services of a network of Digital Signage or cost savings in installation and operation, many such projects stop working soon.

Cristian Mecalco *

It is a sad reality that many projects in Digital Signage (DS) that began with high expectations failed "big" with off final result screens. It's sad to recognize that the main reason for the failure could be listed in the following 10 points to avoid at all costs when installing a DS network:

1 Invest as little as possible in hardware and software.
While the hardware and software are only part of the Digital Signage, believe that a home screen and a DVD running 18 hours a day, replace a professional monitor and player designed to work 24x7 by 365 days a year, is a grave error . Investment in these two points guarantee the functional life of the network.

2 Believe that installing the Digital Signage network at the top of the premises is the best option.
This point is important to consider because many supermarkets Digital Signage networks are installed at least 2.20 meters above the heads of visitors to the site.
If the screen is at that point, when we are two meters away we will have to lift your head and keep it there to receive the information by other uncomfortable posture.
Undoubtedly the screen will look better four or five meters away, but if the screen is not big enough or the content is not readable by the size of the letters or any other graphic element, there's another problem.

3 See the Digital Signage screen as an extension of the TV.
This is, in my opinion, the biggest mistake of all those starting in digital signage.
Displays a Digital Signage network have an objective different from the TV communication.
Think about it: A woman in supermarket will stop to see "the long version of X product commercial kitchen that lasts 2: 30 minutes" in a Digital Signage Network? And with this step to the next point.

4 "Save yourself" creating content by placing the same TV commercials in the Digital Signage network.
In simple words, the DS is not TV, do not communicate the same and above all, the type of information they share are of opposite natures. The communicative DNA of the Digital Signage network aims, among other things, positioning and brand recall in situ; It helps you remember the product attributes X on the product and specific periods of time where the network was installed. The creation of specific content goes hand in hand with the particular time and context: restaurants, waiting rooms, hospitals, and so on.

5 Not knowing exactly what you want to achieve with a Digital Signage network.
Lack of knowledge about the Digital Signage leads many to not have a clear goal on how to exploit your network to the fullest. After the install do not know if sell advertising, or time on screens, or if what they want is to have advertising and then transmit football matches of the local team, or how times and contents received are given ... well, the list goes on and on. Before installing a network, ask yourself: What is my main goal when placing a Digital Signage network and which technologies and creative strategies to achieve this are?

6 Turn off the screens.
This is the most common mistake in the short term and it happens for different reasons: you do not see the results you want in the ROI (ReturnOnInvestment), you did not plan the creation of new content after your stellar campaign, you do not like "something" of the network ... there are many reasons, but the solution is not to "close your eyes" or turn off the screens. Ideally, identify the error or failure and find the solution. An extinguished screen is money thrown away, a screen with errors is an investment that must be strengthened.

7 Leave the screens to your fate.
Like any piece of technology, hardware maintenance that results in the least number of potential problems. Often the screens are off not by network errors, but for lack of maintenance. There are software solutions that have the ability to monitor or screen when a player is about to fail, if you are failing or have already failed. Include these solutions will help solve the problem remotely and greatly reduce technical visits to the site of the network.

8 Do not update the content.
Even if your content will be the same for a whole year, changing the presentation is important to "refresh" the medium and the presentation of information. This collaborates in the task of communicating correctly and in that the medium continues to be attractive to other potential advertisers in your network or by brands, maintaining the image of the product or service updated.

9 Measure the Digital Signage with metrics from other media.
Television has its metric, which in turn is the king of the traditional metrics: the rating. Wanting to measure the DS with metrics TV or other media is simply impossible. The DS has its own measurement strategies provided by a combination of software + camera (s).

10 It does not look for true experts.
When someone tells me that the Digital Signage does not work the first thing I ask is for the characteristics of your network, and some answers are: "the DVDs they put me did not last me or 2 months" or "LCD vertical screens he began to drain the 3 months "or" monitors are not synchronized well and the video looks all cut "... and it is more common than one imagines, find people who claim to know installing a Digital Signage network and improvise a solution not only lose the project.

If we invest time in learning the characteristics of the car you want before buying it, why not invest time in researching what is a professional Digital Signage network and who can offer a complete solution.

* Cristian Mecalco is the director of the Digital Signage Association of Mexico.

Author: Latin Press


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