Katia Cadena, successful Brazilian entrepreneur, tells us the essential criteria for the acquisition of LED screens.

By Adrian Morel *

In the incredible paradise beach of Recife, more precisely in the Boa Viagem Avenue with a coffee in between and sea view, Katia Cadena, Director of Lumen Technology Event told us about their first steps, challenges and criteria for success in the business of acquiring and rent of LED displays.

For the sake of simplicity and to facilitate the understanding of the reader, we have categorized these concepts at different points.

1. Know the business: There is a phrase that says "It's not a good idea to measure the depth of a river with both feet at the same time." Katia began working with rent LED panels or modules in the year 2006 representing or working for others. The business was quite simple since the events of international carriage landed first in São Paulo and then continued his tour of the interior of Brazil. Katia was located in the northeast and was responsible for receiving events and singer first line (as Iron Maiden, for example). This enabled him to know the business, since 3 invested years of time to learn to detail thereof.

2. Choosing a niche market: Among the events, there are events of a different nature, international events, local, political events, musical groups, corporate or private parties, etc. The important thing is to differentiate and define what kind of event will attend. Katia, specialized in producing high quality, sophistication and pointed to high technology. Thus, today all equipment is distributed on premium brands like Barco, Lighthouse and Panasonic.

3. Study your competitors: If you want to compete with professionals who do massive and low-definition event, the best thing to do is see what kind of equipment and technology required for this niche. The same applies for demanding events, live production with broadcasters, simultaneous satellite transmission and so on. For this market niche technology used by its competitors will be given a pattern of investment must do to be at the same professional level.

4. Pay attention to the technical specifications: Buy name brands or expensive does not guarantee that we will have the technology to meet our goal. In that sense, one should be aware of and in front of the appropriate technology, including the smallest details.

5. Hire outside consultants: Even if you believe have everything under control, it is always advisable to seek the opinion of an expert in the area. Thus, Katia has not hesitated to hire independent consultants to corroborate or correct detail by detail.

6. Choose the best manufacturers: Once defined technology and have made the necessary consultancy studies, it is time to go out and find the best provider that meets the technical requirements specified. Choosing a manufacturer is very important, because in this business, it is much depends on the technology and need the support factory with over the years.

7. Warranty and Technical Support: LEDs are teams must always in perfect condition and the "downtime" is not acceptable under any circumstances. That's why, you should have plenty of spare parts, support equipment, a provider that guarantees quick solutions and provide technical assistance before, during and after each event.

8. Training Manufacturer: Although everything seems to be solved via the Internet or via conference call, it is important that the manufacturer offers training in offices or customer deposits. Buy LED equipment is not like buying a book from Amazon and get it mailed via UPS, DHL or Fedex, but something much more sophisticated, investment is important and client deserves to be treated accordingly.

9. Total quality: The theme quality does not begin and end with the equipment, but must provide total quality in each participating sector in the process. The provision of "service" during the event should be neat and clean. Staff should dress properly, must comply with safety standards, have the right tools. The logistics must be punctual, organized and professional. Important emphasis on the "efficient management" both in administration, customer service, pre and post service to measure levels of satisfaction or correct errors after, etc.

10. Hard homework but soft on people. Working hard is good, be choosy necessary efficiency in an event takes precedence, but do not forget that the human factor is the most important of all business. Having employees and satisfied customers happy is priceless. Be kind to each and considered where appropriate.

Clearly in the business of LED displays no room for improvisation. There is a saying "I'm so poor I can not afford to buy cheap" because at the end of the story, cheap ends up being expensive. This business is high investment and we must be prepared for it.

Finally, when asked to Katia about "who will win the World Cup Football Stadium 2014" she replied ".........". Well, actually no need to write your answer because surely you and imagine what could be the response of a Brazilian.

* Adrian Morel, MBA, is a consultant in Silicon Valley, California and can be reached at email: adrian_morel@yahoo.com

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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