The new interactive projectors offer teachers, trainers and intelligent estudaintes simple and flexible visual solutions for an optimum presentation of the learning content. They are a growing market segment.

By Adriana Ramirez

Write on the projected images and to keep notes, integrate the projector with computers, mobile devices or internet and a presentation of the most dynamic information, are some of the options through which interactive projectors are changing the experience of students in classrooms.

This is a segment in which the projector manufacturers have been working on the úlimos years, developing new products and so are several new features that can be found in the market and, above all, increasingly being easier to use for any person.

But, what it is called interactivity? In this regard, the three experts consulted in this article agree that interactivity is the possibility to write on the projected images and connection to computers and mobile devices. In this way completely it changes the experience of student learning.

Rodrigo Troncoso, Regional Product Manager Video Projectors Epson Education, said that "to be able to generate direct involvement between teacher, students through content and interactivity, allows an improvement in the learning process. The use of interactive technology as a means to teach, generates a perception and positive disposition and totally different from the students in front of the subject being learned. "

The news
Among the new features of the latest interactive projectors, says René Arauz Panasonic equipment this company provide the possibility of using two interactive pens simultaneously admitting split the screen, if necessary, for the greater involvement of students in the lesson. It also provides self-calibration, which reduces setup time team as well as an easy and smooth writing.

Meanwhile, Nec Display Solutions now has the new UM series of LCD projectors ultra-short range, which provide new and improved classrooms generation interactivity, quality and flexibility. Juan Chavez, representative of the company, explained some characteristics of these projectors.

"The eBeam Interactive system and software become a standard whiteboard into a fully interactive surface for notes and collaboration at the local level through web meetings. The Ultra short throw lens (0.36: 1 ratio range) eliminates shadows on the screen. The remote monitoring and control of the projector over the network, the employee saves time and reduces IT costs related to the operation of the projector, "he said.

In the case of Epson, which currently is in the third generation of interactive projectors Bright Link, it highlights features such as no need to install drivers, you can use the interactive functions without using a computer, full connectivity including wireless option, among other.

variable distance
One of the main aspects to be taken into account when installing a projector, is the distance between it and the surface to be projected. The distance required for proper projection will vary depending on image size and resolution you want to achieve with the team. This will be the first factor, and perhaps even the most important for the proper and desired result in any projection.

In the case of projectors with interactive educational approach, the development of new technologies has enabled the distance is decreasing. In the case of Panasonic, you can project images on a screen 80 inches wide from just 0,90 meters away, making it convenient for teachers since being short-throw projector, they can dictate the material without being inconvenienced by a team right in front of them.

Rodrigo Troncoso, said "Today Epson has models of interactive projectors projection Short Throw (short shot) and Ultra Short Throw (Tyre Ultra Short). This eliminates the generation of shadows on the projection interactivity achieving excellent performance ". In the case of NEC projectors, they can be mounted on the wall just above the screen using the mounting kit.

Another important for mounting projectors, aspect is the surface on which it will be projected. Ideally it should be projected on a white uniform and smooth surface. But the projectors that are on the market today have technology that allows users to use pencils on surfaces with textures and color.

René Arauz said that "In case such that the wall is not white and smooth, the projector can help correct the color scheme, including Surface light yellow, light blue, pink or dark green. However we should note that any additional or special board is not required to perform interactivity ".

Bright Link technology, bringing Epson projectors can project and interact on any type of surface. Does not require that this necessarily as a white board that can be used directly on the wall, cement, wood, etc. Thanks to a lightweight and robust manufacturing pencils, can be used on surfaces even with levels of texture.

The company NEC said Juan Chavez, has a complete and simple solution for the projector can create an interactive system using the eBeam, which is sold as an optional accessory. The eBeam converts a standard whiteboard into a fully interactive surface for annotation and local collaboration, so only a flat, white surface for optimum performance is required.

Strong in Latin America
In Latin America the interactive projectors for education have become an important segment in the industry. Manufacturers report significant growth in unit sales in the region. Rodrigo Troncoso explained that Epson has 57% stake in Latin America and for the year 2014 growth industry on a 30% is expected. In addition, it has seen in the last time there is a growing number of competitors.

Juan Chavez NEC reports that in the year ended well for the educational market. "Our experience in the market of primary school because budgets preference is acquiring a more austere projector and an alien interactive projector brand. This trend will continue because it is dependent on government budgets. Specifically our interactive projectors in education are considered for higher educational levels where the preference is for technology. "

The three manufacturers consulted for this article identified the countries in the region that are more installing these projectors. All countries in the region, according to Epson, are showing steady growth in this product segment.

"While growth in the market for private education, interactive projectors have gained much ground especially in replacement of traditional interactive whiteboards. There have been countries that are investing heavily in technology in public schools, including interactive projectors. These are highlighted bidding process conducted in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Peru, "said Rodrigo Troncoso.

René Arauz said that particularly in Colombia is where these projectors are getting increasingly better acceptance and demand for all its benefits and dynamics that provide the classroom.

"The aim of Panasonic is to continue projecting growth, particularly focusing on the education sector, through the promotion and installation of interactive projectors, but also providing solutions to organizations and companies seeking to change the way we conduct meetings and presentations, so that interactivity becomes synonymous with the adopted technological and structural progress in the region, "he said.

Challenge for students and teachers
Undoubtedly, new technologies propose challenges to students and teachers, who must adapt educational processes to obtain greater benefits with these tools. Along with a computer, this teaching tool improves attention and interaction of students in the classroom, increasing their retentive.

René Arauz explained that new technologies "Teachers like students can make the most of this kind of experience to be able to interact directly with the materials presented, learning can be made easier and even greater retention. Schools that fail to adapt their lessons interactive projection are watching this positive change rapidly, which has led to increased interest and demand for this type of product. "

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Troncoso said that "Several countries have taken the decision to expand the use of interactivity in public schools, mainly due to a convenient projectors final cost compared to traditional interactive whiteboards. Countries like Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and others have implemented the use of interactive projectors Epson as a key element in the process of improving education in public schools. "

He added that in the world of private education has seen a steady growth in the use of this technology. We have examples of successful implementation of interactive technology in virtually all countries of the region.



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