For the first time, AVI Latin America makes a ranking with 50 integrating companies with greater recognition of the region, according to the votes of our readers.

By Richard St.

Our region was the target of many companies who saw the growing Latino market an opportunity to address the economic crisis in industrialized countries which began in 2008. In part, this is because the 15% annual growth that has taken the audiovisual industry in Latin America in recent years, exceeding the figure of overall growth is estimated at 13%, according to figures from InfoComm International.

But also due to the work they have developed manufacturers, distributors and integrators in the region to publicize, increasingly, professional audiovisual solutions that are available to multiple sectors. In other words, the end user education. That has been one of the keys that has taken the industry for growth.

That hard work that we all have, has allowed professional solutions are not seen as something cost for a luxury, but as a benefit that makes work easier, communications and provides comfort. And the world is increasingly visual, you want to be always connected, without geographical barriers and high quality.

Each country that integrates the region that unites us has political, economic and access to technology very different conditions. But in terms of market it is divided into five regions in which the AV industry has wide presence: Mexico, Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic), Andean Region (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador , Venezuela), Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia), and, of course, Brazil.

The growth of the audiovisual industry in some countries in the region, has gone hand in hand with the development of its economy. While traditionally the biggest markets are Brazil and Mexico, today there are others that stand out in the AV industry for growth, such as Peru, Chile and Colombia. Unfortunately, there are also cases that for outside the industry adverse conditions, a decade ago had great potential, but today do not offer the necessary guarantees for businesses, such as Venezuela and Argentina.

Los 50
Extensive experience in the market and technological innovation are two of the aspects that identify audiovisual integradoreas companies in our region that are part of the first TOP 50 prepared by the magazine AVI Latin America, through which we want to give recognition to an important part of who They do excellent work for the industry.

To develop the ranking of companies, there was a consultation between the different sectors involved in the world AV, such as manufacturers, distributors and readers in each of the countries in the region, consulting for integrators with greater recognition divided into four areas: Mexico, Central America, Andean Region and Southern Cone.

A survey with our readers, the jerarquisación of 50 companies in the ranking was made. In addition to the election, the list includes information segments served by each company, contact details and the percentage of recognition according to the votes of our readers.

Top Rated
With a significant majority of the votes, the integrator most recognized in Mexico is Nice Group. This is a company with 50 years in the Mexican market offering audiovisual solutions, automation and control, in convergence with information technology.

Today has a group of collaborators that reaches 100 people. a multidisciplinary team that includes engineers, technicians, and administrative business operations. It aims to provide a complete service includes needs assessment, planning and design, technology integration, training, and installation.

First in number of votes it received in Central Costa Rica Digitech company, a provider of residential electronic systems based on 1989. It was the first company in Costa Rica dedicated to integrating the common control of audio, video, security, lighting and climate control systems. The vision that apply in each of its facilities remains the same: "Make a simple and very reliable technology for our customers."

Its facilities are based on engineering Generates detailed documentation and blueprints, facility management and construction so that nothing is left to chance. DigiTech professionals ensure that the installation meets high standards and that the user is familiar with the operation of the system.

They are 60 years leading Intelligent Environments offering audiovisual solutions, the company that had the most votes in the Andean Region. It has a cellar wholesales and two show rooms direct care in Medellin, Colombia. Their services are focused on four segments: audio, video, automation and security.

To go according to market developments, the division specializes in 1995 completely dedicated to the study of new audiovisual technologies and project development, creating effective tailored solutions and being pioneers in the areas of acoustics applied research and integration.

In the Southern Cone, was the most voted Videocorp, an integrator with 30 years in the market offering audiovisual services, broadcast, security and rental, among others. This company, which has a group close to the 200 collaborators, born in Chile but now has presence in Peru, Brazil and Colombia.

The company claims that much of the meeting rooms, training classrooms and boardrooms of Chile carry their equipment and have been installed by his technicians and engineers. In the AV line services have audio and sound equipment, automation, audio interfaces, professional monitors, projectors and video conferencing.

From AVI Latin America we hope that this first version of the ranking of integrators, which will annually be useful for industry, provides tools to continue the growth of recent years and generate greater understanding of the world AV.

And obviously we hope to continue with the support of each of the actors involved in the audiovisual industry in the region to strengthen and this ranking is a benchmark that ultimately benefits us all.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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