The LED to illuminate the TV studios is still not widely used because only the teams with the power required by the new technologies began to develop.
In order to achieve a good image for television not only must have good cameras and editing systems, lighting also plays a key role in achieving sharp images and a correct definition of the objects within it.
Now, with the development of new technologies for high definition image, such as Full HD, 4K and 8K, lighting has not been left behind. Said Carlos Ivan Fernandez, the Qparts company, "More than a change in the type of lighting has been a change in the form of light as the HD production requires a crisper lighting for the projected image it is larger definition".
For his part, Juan Sebastian Benjumea, development engineer Ecoiluminación company said that this change is basically to ensure higher levels of illumination when lit to standard format. "This means that there is some kind of technology that is special to record in high definition, as care must be taken is to have as many lighting equipment or equipment with greater luminous flux".
continue heating
Other factors that are directly related to lighting in television studios, is the heat emitted by the lamps. Traditional lighting equipment convert 88% of the energy they consume into heat, only 12% remaining energy is used in generating light.
In this regard, Carlos Ivan Fernandez said that the high temperatures generated increased consumption of air conditioning and, above all, a high-temperature environment in which it is uncomfortable to work not only for technicians, also for talents.
"Such a scenario involves having equipment that generates heat such that it becomes a problem in a confined space. But now the high temperatures in the recording studio are no longer a problem, the LED technology, thanks to its energy efficiency, provides high levels of lighting with low heat generation. This technology harnesses the 90% of the energy it consumes into light, only 10 remaining% is converted into heat, "said the representative of Ecoiluminación.
But what type of lamps used today TV studios in Latin America? At this time, he said the representative of Qparts, luminaires with quartz lamps or HMI, remain the dominant teams in studies in Latin America, the LED team so far are reaching the required powers and their costs remain high compared to prior art.
"However we have installed projects where we have mixed solutions or single LED. One of the problems of the various options available LED lighting is its homogeneity and temperature stability of color, this is the reason for which the LED high quality equipment have higher costs, thus guaranteeing that have temperature stability color along its long hours of life (50.000 hours half-life), "he said.
In the same vein pronounced Juan Sebastian Benjumea, to ensure that due in part to the high cost of such equipment in Latin America are most commonly used halogen lamps on the market for several decades.
LED, the new generation
Technological advances in the field of lighting have made available TV studios with LED lighting technology. This technology provides significant advantages ecologist trend in the field of television production. Including low power consumption, portability, generate less heat, deliver extended durability and CRI greater than 80%.
The source of light generated by LED can be controlled through a DMX signal. These teams now require less consumption and need not use Dimmer, but a box Relays for power turned on and off and distribution of DMX signal to operate in the various functions of each computer, such as zoom, focus , color change, color temperature adjustment, strobe, among many other possibilities.

"In short they are far more versatile equipment. Today operators lighting consoles should be trained in a different way to make the most of the benefits of control by DMX signal equipment, "said the representative of Qparts.
Among the features of LED lighting systems that make striking worth noting:
1) Portability, when teams usually lighter, it is possible to transport them more easily.
2) Low power consumption, this feature makes it possible to use batteries, which means to have light sources on in places where there is no access to an electricity grid also are not required robust electrical systems and wiring of high caliber .
3) Low heat generation, now the lights do not burn to the touch, it is possible to manipulate them at any time, and even move them when hardly have been switched off and increase the feeling of comfort for those in the recording studio.
4) Long life, LED technology, being environmentalist trend, is designed to last. Usually manufacturers guarantee 50.000 hours of use, which means in a nutshell, that if we light a LED luminaire today, we will have uninterrupted light over the next 5,7 years.
5) Electronic Control, LED lights can be controlled by electronic circuits operating at high frequency, this ensures the elimination of the effect "flicker" or "flicker" present in other technology luminaries.
It changed the way light
The new lighting technologies require a different way of positioning the lighting in studies, especially with LED technology, due to the versatility of the equipment that allows greater efficiency when light and also helps bring light more talent, because it does not generate high temperatures, and thus the concept way to light must be different. In addition, studies are required to have not only the power distribution but also a distribution of the DMX signal.
Additionally, it should be especially careful, rather than the position of the luminaries of the art, with lighting levels required, especially if the change involves remodeling standard format for high-definition format.
But, considering the above, the basic theory of lighting is still applied with art lighting technology, known as the "basic triangle of light", regardless of the technology of the lights remains an arrangement of three lights forming a triangle with the subject in the middle, this means that if the illumination of a television studio modernizes, should continue to have the main lights and fill lights, as well as the backlights and backlights that had before remodeling.
Always it depends on the use to which it will give to the study, if it is a study of news, dramatized, or unitary reality shows and game shows, and obviously it will depend on the design that makes the director
Growing Business
While the television industry has grown significantly in recent years, the lighting segment has advanced but not at the same pace. Carlos Ivan Fernandez, 2013 was a slow year in which they were more dedicated to
LED design and technology studies mixed.
"In 2014 implement projects designed in 2013, I think users are now more aware of the advantages of using LED echnology in TV studios. We have already made two sets assembly for NTC programming of Channel One, 100% LED, for which we should add to its traditional grid system and electrical distribution, a distribution system
DMX control power Peers and ellipsoidal LED equipment were purchased, "he added.
For the representative of Ecoiluminación, audiovisual market growth in Latin America this year has been the same as in past years, a situation that benefits the entire sector, including lighting. "Growth creates an environment
for the inclusion of new bidders in the market, while gaining ultimately, the final consumer, "he said.
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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