Increasingly takes more strength streaming for the transmission of live events, although quality standards are still not the best.
Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento *
Currently, streaming talk is far from resembling pandora's box that used to be few years ago. The growth in consumption of video and audio content across hundreds of online platforms is a reality that producers, distributors and content authors can not give back.
Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Hulu, DirecTV Play, HBO Go, just to name a few and others like Movistar, ClaroVideo, Caracol Play and Win Sports Online, as the Latin American contribution and Colombia to the content offered online, are examples of platforms with little time of existence have been positioning and gaining ground in many sectors of the population and in all ages.
One of the most recent studies related habits TV, led by Ericcson, called TV and Media 2014, and based on more than 26.000 interviews 23 countries, says the 75% of the population consumes content by streaming several times a week, compared with 77% that does the same with linear television. Even the study of NATPE and CEA states that the streaming and leads with 70% preference consumer content in its results presented in January this year by Rod Perth in Miami.
The black and white as consumption patterns, which were used once, we've been in 70 years to HD, the most common form of the present consumption, and certainly, in a short time our brain is demanding 4K / UHD as minimum living standard for each audiovisual and sensory experience. The same study states that Ericsson image quality is a requirement of the market, which has begun to revolutionize the technology and equipment market in an exceptional way.
But talk of changes in the traditional television industry goes beyond data and statistics, which are for many, obvious and recurring. ICT sector stormed the transmission protocols, codecs and technological aids that have evolved with acceleration impossible to contain.
In short, the business of traditional television that had completely controlled as the creative process strategic components, production, distribution, monetization and transmission by air bands or cable were joined by coding techniques, syndication, segmentation and web design in a environment where publishers are multiplying geometrically and challenges that make keep it simple, is increasingly difficult.
Also the sector of audiovisual production for live events has had an opening with very rapid growth. From a single screen with expensive spaces and unique techniques for broadcast, it has passed environments multi-device transmission even integrate elements of interactivity, social media, big data, payments and advertising in real time with computers everyday improve performance and reduce their cost of acquisition and replacement.
Interest in making streaming of live events has begun to wake up and, although in most cases has been timidly, who have already experienced this pleasure, come on this technology hope to reach audiences and strengthen communities before unimagined around it. The real challenge is not technology because technology comes quickly, the real challenge is to teach new communication practices in organizations, they the ownership properly and receive multiple benefits.

There is an important supply in the market of production services streaming live, but there are few options when it comes to quality. Being a mix of cloud computing, software and coding technique, capture hardware, web integration, and production of TV, just to name a few elements, the spectrum of bidders has an opening where the skills related to the strategic, models business and audiovisual and communications, in some cases, passed into the background, becoming and positioning unfortunately in a technically focused service.
Surely, with time, this demand will choose and learn to be more and more demanding every day, developing and appropriating comprehensive expertise covering all relevant aspects and strategic impact for communication with this type of online techniques.
10 Tips to start with the basics in Live Streaming
However, although much can be done with little, it is important to consider at least the following checklist to ensure a pleasant experience for a user.
1. Always make a detailed pre-production, in addition to reviewing the location, graphics, bumpers and scripts or programs, include this checklist.
2. Try publishing points, stream names and VCRs in advance. Be sure to use the appropriate profiles and codecs, previously save them and verify the presence of the players in URLs planned to broadcast the event. In short, take their computers with all tested.
3. Check in advance the bandwidth (speed test) and consistency (test ping) of the internet connection. This allows dimensioning the transmission bitrates and prevent packet loss, which result in jumps in the transmission and loss of lipsync.
4. Ensure that computers, audio and video are on the same electrical phase. Always have at least one direct box. This ensures the absence of interference with electrical noise in the audio.
5. Reassembling the day before or with an apparently excessive advance. Remember you are not alone. Audio, lighting, energy and internet surely provided by a third and its priorities are not the same as that of other people.
6. Have a responsible for each entry. Whether a mobile unit or TriCaster, BlackMagic, Wirecast or webcams, have at least the staff needed to ensure final product quality. A director responsible for the video camera and you should be in constant communication with the cameramen and the context of the event.
A sound responsible, who should monitor all audio inputs from microphones, assistants, computers and translations. A general assistant who never enough and a director responsible for the entire event.
7. Balance cameras. The color and light must be the same at all levels. Secure in advance the position of their cameras and do not leave them alone.
8. Presentations and audiovisual material. Get ahead of all presentations and audiovisual material of the event, you may need to revise and even recode correctly. Remember that your customers are not experts in events and television productions.
9. Keep in mind that Murphy is a friend of desire and unpredictability. Please have a UPS, a microphone and a lightweight computer coding contingency plans.
10. Be a true ally of his client in the communication strategy and call with online tools, as well as monetization and return on investment and remember the importance of measuring the audience and deliver real results.
* Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento is VP of Provideo. You can contact him through @JuanPMoralesS
Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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