For the first time the magazine presents the Ranning AVI LATINOAMÉRICA with 50 most important companies in America Latinca according to the number of events in 2014.
By Richard St.
Economic growth that have had the most countries in the region in recent years, as well as improving on issues safety of others than a decade ago few dared to visit, has allowed the growth in the number of special events, conferences and concerts in Latin America. Increasingly, larger list that Latin countries are included in the tours.
This positive outlook has allowed the increase in rental & staging companies in the region. It has also demanded more quality services and constant updating of audiovisual equipment. This was highlighted entrepreneurs, as Alejandro Carvajal company Global Communications, which provides services inhouse income in 20 hotels in Central America with an overall average of 24.000 events per year.
He noted that with the exception of Nicaragua and El Salvador, which fell slightly the number of events held, in general the countries of the region in which it operates had an increase in the number of events in 2014, with an average of four a day and 25 days a month in each of the hotels it operates. In addition to external income to hotels.
Similarly Joaquín Gutiérrez, general manager of Big Video, a company with 22 years in the market offering audiovisual services to major events in Colombia ruled. He said the growth has also marked the emergence of new companies, though not always with the best practices and end up hurting the market.
ongoing maintenance, a challenge
Being constantly mobilizing teams between one event and another, in many cases handled by different people at the same event, make rental companies for maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment is one of its pillars.
Martha Lopez, manager of Contact and, a company that serves corporate events and great shows in Colombia, said that it is easy for a concert singer drop a microphone, packing musical instruments may be some equipment rental or even in the same transport can be damaged by rough handling.
Therefore, within the company they have a department that is dedicated exclusively to preventive maintenance and repair of equipment. They also make their own boxes for transporting equipment and have strict controls to move them from the cellar, all in order to protect them.
To have the equipment in good condition, a company must have the commitment of the technical staff that handled, to be careful and be aware of them at each event. That said Alejandro Carvajal, has been one of the factors that has most influenced the good teams within the company, because it has had the commitment of its staff.
Another factor affecting the maintenance rental companies is the customer service of some manufacturers. Up to six months can be delayed in arriving a spare part for a team because the local dealer does not have it in stock, generating losses for rental companies that service should have no team.

The cost, cost, cost ...
Generate feelings, live unusual experiences are some of the reactions that seek those who organize an event for your guests and attendees, either in corporate or a show. The customer always wants the latest technology, keep up the events they attend, but not always willing to pay for them.
According to Joaquín Gutiérrez, having technology at an event can be costly for a medium or small business. But it is not always budget. In many cases, agencies organizing events lower budgets to meet customer and then pretend to be the best at minimum cost.
The challenge, according to Alejandro Carvajal, is to maintain a balance between the cost they can afford and service customers with the best possible technology. And that balance sometimes does not allow to have the latest technology, obviously ensuring good quality of equipment and service.
The increase in the number of events in Latin America and the cost of audiovisual services income has also generated another phenomenon in the region. The surgimeinto of companies that acquire equipment and rented below average costs, in order to win customers. Joaquin Gutierrez noted that these companies rarely achieve a balance and quick close, but leave damage in the market, because the customer will keep looking for low prices and service not the best.
And although these are just some common factors in day to day business of rental, there is no doubt that this is one of the segments within the audiovisual industry that has most marked growth in recent years and positive prospects for times ahead.
An important aspect to stand out of the rental & staging companies in Latin America is the expansion have been having in the region. There are few cases in which the companies operate in different countries besides the one in which they were born.
Examples are the Colombian Platform, which has a presence in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic and to 2015 expansion plan for Central America. The Digital Projections Argentina is a company that has presence in countries and serves 12 services to some of its customers in South Africa and Australia.
the union of companies in this sector are also considered. Last year Chile was the scene of the union of two of the most important companies in that country and that have regional presence: RLA and SAV. Another case was that of SPL AVI, norteamerica company with a strong presence in Mexico which was acquired in 2014 by Encore, taking the name of the latter.
TOP 50 rental companies Latina
For the first time, the magazine AVI Latin America presents a ranking of the 50 rental companies in Latin America who played a leading role in 2014, in order to visualize the achievements of companies day to day work for the growth of the sector.
To achieve this ranking we made a consultation with manufacturers, distributors and professionals with extensive knowledge in the sector, from each of the four regions: Mexico, Central America, Andean Region and Southern Cone, information with which we can identify meritorious companies be in the ranking.
For the choice and positioning in the ranking was a collection of information of each of the companies, in areas such as years of existence, the number of employees and the number of events in the past year.
It was this last fact which allowed us to position the companies in the ranking in each of regions. Thus, we present the 15 most important companies in Mexico, Central 10, 15 from 10 the Andean region and Southern Cone.
We note that in the list contact information for each 50 companies as well as the number of events and the country where your business develops each of the listed companies included in the ranking.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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