The objects connected to the network seek to make people's lives easier. Doubts arise about how far they can get to violate personal privacy and information security.
By Richard St.
Have you imagined that your shoes may indicate social networking site where you are, where you walk, or when I go back home after work can from his cell to give the order to fire to be turned on and off when the pot and its sensors instructed to do so? Although they seem ideas brought in a fiction film, they are just two examples of where we are going with the internet of things (IoT for its acronym in English Internet of Things). And it will happen faster than you think.
Having everything connected to the internet appears the trend of the leading manufacturers of technology. A test of them is the last version of the show consumer electronics CES, held in Las Vegas the first week of January, in which a high percentage of new products and releases had to do with what has been termed as the "internet of things", "internet of everything" or "things connected".
According to data of the fair, exhibitors showed over 900 innovations that leverage the power of the network to connect everyday devices in order to provide greater control and management of the daily life of people and organizations.
There are several companies that are marked this development. One of them is Samsung, whose views on the subject indicates what we can expect. He announced that the 2017 90% of its products are connected and plotting aim of reaching 100 2020% in. And in the same direction is Cisco, which projects to the existence of 2020 17 billion connected objects and thus has a department devoted to research and development in the field.
But Cisco figures might sound conservative compared to others such as Gartner, who expects the same year there are approximately 26 billion connected devices while Abi Research, encrypts your expectations 30 billion devices. And many more may be when the IPv6 protocol which facilitate this connection begins.
In this accelerated race to develop connected objects, it is not yet clear where you want to reach or its consequences. But what is clear is that everyone wants to take advantage of the trend.
Opportunities for all
Federico Bausone, CEO of GME Electronics of Mexico, has devoted his professional life to technology and in recent years has had a special interest in the AV / IT relationship and the internet of things. He said that since the early 80 has spoken of connected objects, but only now is seeing its progress and will continue to grow rapidly.
Undoubtedly, this will positively affect growth home automation, which has developed thanks to being able to control remote objects that are connected to the network. To date, the general functions of automation in homes and corporate facilitate lighting control, access and security in general, as well as audio and video systems.
As objects that are connecting to the network, they are integrated into the automation of homes and businesses. Gradually they have been adding other "toys" as have online the list of existing products in the refrigerator to see what is needed and objects better known as clock or glasses smart calls.
And while automation is greatly benefited, is not the only segment that can take advantage of this trend. Federico Bausone said that "many things are connected, we would not imagine objects that may be on the network, so all sectors will benefit. AV manufacturers industry, electronics and generally all fields, they are seeking to do with the internet of things, how to make a better profit. "

Security and privacy
The theft of information on bank cards used in a well-known chain store in the United States, information from users of Apple and Google systems, are some familiar in recent months that have generated great impact by the number of news affected and serve as an example to address one of the main concerns of internet of things: how to ensure information security.
Security passes from something simple like that having the connected objects, the user can access information and control them from your mobile device, be it smartphone, tablet or to the computer. But what happens if the user loses their device or undue trickling down to that information? And, of course, it is the large-scale violation of information systems of millions of people, such as those mentioned above.
Federico Bausone explained that the violation of the network exists today and it is a concern of manufacturers. So security and privacy will play a key role in the development of products connected. "The relationship between privacy and security is a concern that will mark out the development of systems and security protocols that will specialize pace of development, but this will always be a risk."
In addition to safety, there is also an issue of concern and goes beyond technology, and how to have all connected objects can affect the privacy of individuals, because these objects are able to provide information on what each and user preferences.
In this respect many questions remain in the air, Who will have access to that information? For what purpose the information be used? How can users protect their privacy? These are some questions that our guest expert qualifies as the most important and have no clear answer yet. "The privacy of individuals with the internet of things is another issue which is pending definition by the manufacturers. If a person wants to avoid the risk that your information is compromised or used, have the option of not using connected objects, but it also should ensure a way to protect this information and that is in development. "
And it is that not only is researching and developing how to connect objects, also how to use this information. One example is that the company Adobe has just released the innovations made to your system Marketing Cloud, which allows brands to provide highly customized to physical spaces, such as retail stores, hotel rooms, vending machines and devices for Internet experiences stuff.
In one of the excerpts of the service description, Adobe states that "The new SDK allows brands IoT measure and analyze consumer participation in any of these devices. Marketing data are now used in concert with data collected by other departments such as sales and customer service, creating a richer customer vision. " It is clear that this system Adobe is mentioned as an example of what can happen with the information of connected objects.
Finally, Federico Bausone added that the phenomenon of the internet of things is happening around the world, many companies are researching the subject, even in Latin America. He stressed that the region will be the key issue of connectivity, as networks increase the 4G there will be more possibilities for these teams. "I think for Latin America and the world in general will come times of great technological know."
Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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