Sometimes, buyers assume a LED screen in your mind or imagination, the manufacturer will take care of your client as themselves and not always so.

By Adrian Morel *

10 years ago, buying a LED screen technology involved embark on a little known, but today things have improved since these screens are already living with us very successfully.

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However, not all is said and there are still edges of the business that do not close, it is why in this document to share with you my experience and philosophy purchase to the choice of LED screens.

First mistake: thinking that others are like yourself.
We, especially Hispanics, are to simplify things and not look for many back where there is none. There is a saying "do not fix what is not broken," in other words "do not complicate." LED technology providers, I'm talking about technology in terms of research and development, or production on a massive scale worldwide, are generally of Asian origin and they have a very particular way of thinking or seeing things. This means that we must walk on the rocks, testing the reality of things when buying a LED display.

Second mistake: We assume or imagine services that are never mentioned.
We as a buyer, we assume, in our mind or imagination, the manufacturer will take care of their client and themselves. And it is not like that. For an Asian, especially Chinese, who are accustomed to living with more than 1.367 million Chinese and a population with average annual growth of seven million, we, we are one of the bunch. As a customer, we are nobody in particular. And I do not say, I discussed all colleagues.

Third error: Thinking that the price includes everything
When we buy a LED display is easy to differentiate the product cost and additional freight separately, transport, insurance, etc. However and generally low price does not mention in detail the service after sales, how will solve our problems, because the LED screen like any electronic technology, sooner or later, comes a problem.

That is, when wanting to enforce the warranty or service after sales, we realize that we are between a rock and a hard place without fish nor fowl, a warm "hello" and much "it is not my business" .

Fourth error: Assume that all LEDs are similarly good.
Visiting a factory of LED chips in Guangdong Province, China, responsible for quality control chips selected and separated in more than 70 different categories, based on their quality, performance, power, etc, etc. Not everyone has the same NITs, not the same color temperature, or the same performances.

Some are specially selected for its uniform LED screens, others serve for lighting and the price difference can vary several times between a model underperforming compared with other high performance. To say the least, an LED Nichia has lots of peaks and valleys, not all LEDs of the same brand are the same.

Fifth error: Thinking that LED factories are in business many years.
LED companies generally have a very short life cycle, many companies enter the business and also many out. According LED Forum Taipei 2015, given the high supply of LED companies the price has dropped between 30 40 percent and consequently the wave of bankruptcies has been very severe.

In recent 10 years, LED industry has changed owners for mergers and acquisitions in 150%, ie, of 100 LED companies established in the year 2005, have joined the business over 400 companies and surviving only less than half of them. Many of them tercearizan brand, being quite difficult for the buyer to know who is who, that is, what technology are buying and whether it is to serve in the next 10 years.

Sixth error: Assume that your screen will look like screens exposures.
Screens exposures are though the same hardware technology that screens sold, many of which have enhanced processors or retouched images for the display look better. Coincidentally, images that pass on the screens of the exhibits are pure or neutral colors, but our job as professionals AV, will project, often real colors like grass soccer fields, and often the lawn does not expect the strident green or tomato is not the expected red, or orange is not as orange.

To do this, enjoy the images prepared for the exhibition, but have a little patience to see also the actual images and then compare.

Seventh error: Not all enjoy traveling as we do.
On several occasions, he is talking to different geographies Chinese (Taiwanese, mainland China or Hong Kong) asked about their experience (theirs) traveling to Latin America. Mostly, and to my surprise, did not enjoy the trip, between the aforementioned details were cultural difference, the food, the distance between China and any country Latino, etc.

Our technicians and engineers, I'm talking about Latinos and even American or European, enjoy traveling to different latitudes, including the most remote. While Asians are reluctant to such trips and that always made me think a logical question, we will have the customer "in situ" or in the workplace or screen installation service, doing it right, commitment , arriving the night before and returning as soon as possible.

Obviously there will be exceptions (and I write this because there may be some Chinese who likes to travel) but 10 years of industry experience and traveling to Asia every six months, the Chinese manage to adapt to Western codes, just enough to see them in the stand of the exhibition, eating and behaving as if they were in their own country.

Eighth error: Want to buy cheap thinking that good business is done.
They say that people who know buy, buy cheap prefers not at the expense of quality, prefer to buy an excellent product at a discounted price. Something like buying summer clothes when the season is ending, clothing, quality and brand remain the same but are at a discount to end a cycle. Another example would be to travel off peak, such season in March (for destinations in South America), where air fares are much cheaper, the hotel offer is wide (getting excellent hotels) and especially the weather is still spectacular as good as the last days of February.

Ninth Error: Increase or decrease the pixelaje definition, because everyone does that or this fashion.
A short time ago, I heard a colleague who told me that the market was very demanding, now everyone wants three mm. Today, the supply of projection abroad is more abundant, with different technologies and I'm not sure if a show outside where the public is to 50 meters you want to place screens three mm, since with 10 or more, the viewer is the distance enjoy the show (or screens) as the best.

Tenth error: To think that writing in a journal knows more than the reader.
Those who write or many times we talk about LED technology or other technologies, simply we convey our view, and I have no doubt that the reader's experience (experience) is probably as good or better.

However, we are constantly exposed to public speaking or writing for hundreds or thousands of readers, we have the habit of constantly ask, be interested in the opinions of others, look into every possible aspect because we know that sooner or later, we will be in front of a demanding audience and very substantial theoretical and practical knowledge, many times higher than ours. So the only merit I see in favor, is curiosity, the question, the concern with their respective communication.

Adrian Morel
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


Bernardo Duque
# Bernardo Duque 22-06-2016 15:26
Comments and points are very sensible view.
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