With this integration, workflow in Microsoft Bogotá has resulted in an improvement in the quality and productivity of labor, with agile and user friendly systems.

Richard St.

Achieving collaboration spaces for interaction of people in the new offices of Microsoft in Bogota, meeting rooms of various capacities and providing all necessary resources audio and video, was the target of the statement made by the company Riegner Solutions Tecnologicas mid 2016.

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For details of this integration, AVI LATINOAMÉRICA spoke with Germán Alejandro Oliveros and Laserna, directors of the integrating firm, who noted that the project included meeting rooms of different sizes, multipurpose halls and digital signage.

The operation was performed in the four floors of the offices of Microsoft in Colombia. The multinational was seeking an ally in AV to understand and adapt global standards of the company in an innovative and versatile space work, that met the established dynamics work.

They said that "the experience of over 30 years team comprising customer needs and compliance requirements of multinational companies allowed to build the confidence to choose the solution offered by the hand of an international consultant (ARUP), to meet the highest global standards of the corporation ".

The spaces intervened
Before the intervention, the offices of Microsoft in the city halls manuals had meetings without automation and automated divisible auditorium with Crestron technologies 6 years ago. For the update, the audio and video systems were integrated with Crestron and Extron equipment.

Germán Oliveros, Sandra González, Alejandro Laserna, professionals who were at the head of the project by Riegner Technology Solutions and products and systems with brands such as Extron, Crestron, Samsung, Biamp and Shure, the following areas were achieved:

4 and 8 rooms for persons:
These rooms feature an industrial grade monitor the EDD series of 350 nit. This LFD display shows the contents of the presenter who has HDMI connection, MiniDisplay Port, Micro HDMI, and VGA on the table. Streaming video and audio was performed using Crestron HDBaseT Extender, achieving the actual resolution of the source in the LFD. EDID source switching audio and video is automatic and was achieved with a climber switch Extron MPS601 previously configured to detect the connected source.

To achieve simplify the action that the presenter must perform to operate the systems, a Crestron controller was used RMC3 presence 360 ° ceiling sensor. Thus when the system detects a source connected to any input sends the instruction to the controller to turn the LFD, thus source is played immediately. After the session the user disconnects the video source and leaves the enclosure, the system detects no activity, timed 15 minutes off the list LFD leaving room for the next user. Thus the energy consumption of the equipment is optimized.

14 18 rooms and people
They exhibitor has a projection screen 94 "of the Advantage® Deluxe Electrol® of Dalite, automated series. Video playback is via a video projector installed on roof 4000 lumens WUXGA native resolution 1920 1200 x.

Connectivity table is available in HDMI, VGA, MiniDisplay Port, Micro HDMI. The switching of these inputs is done automatically by a climber who switch IN1608 Extron Crestron RMC tells the driver to operate the curtain and turn on the projector without the user no more intervention.

6 ceiling speakers reproduce the contents of the source amplifier providing resources to the exhibitor. Video transmission and control Extron DTP used was from the switch to the receiver located on the video projector.

Multipurpose meeting room:
This room has the versatility to split into two spaces both digitally and physically through acoustic division. Each room has a lectern from which the exhibitor can connect your device (PC, Tablet, Mobile) and from which interacts with the control room from a touch screen 7 "Crestron.

It has a control room that stores audio and video switching equipment, transmission, amplification and control.

The exhibitor has a projection screen for every room 113 "and for playing video and projector 6000 lumens with native resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200), also has the support of a touch monitor 20" at the lectern Smart Board to interact with the presentation. In support of sound it is two lapel microphones type Shure hand and one of the ULXD 256 line with AES-encryption.

Each room has 12 speakers coaxial ceiling 60W and two speakers in wall 260W as support for people with hearing impairment each room has a computer LISTEN LS-82-01-WH with radiator Infrared and 8 receivers room.

Transmission of video and audio used was HDBaseT and switch inputs and video scaler used was CRESTRON DMPS3-300-C. for video interaction (union and separation) between rooms matrix switchers DM-MD8X8 CRESTRON interfaced. Integration and audio processing is done by DSP Tesira BIAMP manufacturer.

This room has been scheduled for the display from the touch screen on the podium can activate the room for the presentation, drive the electric curtain, command projector, audio levels, switching power, union and separation of the room in a way simple.

digital Signage
This system provides 12 industrial monitors previously configured as digital billboard. These screens use proprietary software Samsung Magic Info lite version, and are interconnected to an independent LAN to the corporation. The information is managed and charged to monitors from a PC server.

These screens have time on, off and playing content. Such content does start from a channel coorporativo Microsoft designed and maintained by a third party.

global projects
For the design and implementation of this project, an initial specification of the brands that are in alliance with Microsoft globally, that meet the standards and designs set within a uniform framework was performed for each of its branches around the world .

On the road they had to overcome some difficulties, including the time of import of some ceiling speakers which delayed the process of manufacturing the ceiling were found. In addition, they had to make some additional local anchors to install.

Finally, experts Riegner noted that "the benefits that have been in labor offices with respect to the AV systems have been, above all, the optimization of time and individual productivity in this new concept of" digital nomadism " , where the versatility of jobs is sought for near 300 employees of the corporation. Also, strengthening team collaboration. "

Riegner, AV Latino Contest winner 2016
In 2016 version of TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Colombia, held in October, AVI LATIN AMERICA magazine presented the award to the third version of AV Latino Competition, which awards the best installation made in the region during the past year. This time the winner was Riegner Technology Solutions, integration with Microsoft.

Riegner Technology Solutions arises from the union of a multidisciplinary team with over 30 years of experience in the AV market in Colombia. Tradition today and allows us to provide confidence to customers combined with the ability to be flexible innovating to the customer requirements.

The company is focused on providing support from the design phase to delivery turnkey AV large-scale projects. Among its main clients are corporate market cutting-edge companies such as Microsoft, AIG, Oracle and Free Market.

The support they give has strategic alliances with major manufacturers such as Extron, NEC, Epson, Milestone and Biamp, among others, adds to the experience of its founders and technical team. Today the company is led by engineer Germán Oliveros as a partner and project manager, Sandra González, partner and CEO, CFO and Alexander Fanny Jimenez Laserna in the area of ​​marketing and sales.

Additionally, he has managed to bring together a team of engineers and experts in audio and video installers with experience in several very important projects in the country, with certifications Makers of industry and union support.

According to the statements by the spokespersons of the company, the motivation to participate in the Contest AV Latino, was the satisfaction of hard work and well done, having the opportunity to work hand in hand with important consultants globally and ARUP and MSAV area, and likewise being able to expose major industry players, AV encouraging developments in the country.

They stressed that "Riegner, this award is the result of teamwork, passion for what we do and a commitment to continue working for the AV industry in Colombia. It means the beginning of a new stage showing that the course charted is the right to continue working in a dynamic of constant transformation, maintaining that communication between manufacturers and customers, knowing that there is a backup at all times of a project AV innovative and meet your needs in a modern corporate environment. "

Future plans of the company are to promote the development of a solid and professional AV industry in the country, comprising technology as a means to improve the quality of life and professional performance in corporate environments. Similarly Riegner hopes to expand in Latam putting the service of other countries his vision.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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