General Manager for Masco, new generations are more creative, intuitive and digital, so handling equipment are given more natural.

By Richard St.

Since I was in college, Gilberto Chaves Mesen had interest in innovation and technology, taste became a passion that grew over time. These days meets 30 years of being in the audiovisual industry, both in the segment of integration, such as shows and MICE market.

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In dialogue with AVI LATIN AMERICA, he recalled that from the Salesian school, which he attended, had the opportunity to be amateur radio, part of the science club and witnessed the arrival of the first computers IBM moncromático to their country of origin monitor, Costa Rica.

His connection with the AV industry "was in 1986 when we introduced the compact disc and digital technology in our country, we were the first to use it and disseminate it; without knowing how evolve the world of information, connectivity and consumption. " On this tour, he has served as founding partner of companies Avilco SA and Meeting and show sa company, which since its inception has had as pillars of technology and innovation and continuous training of its employees.

He stressed that "during these almost 30 years of working in the AV industry, entertainment and MICE market (Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions), I have learned and reinforce each activity three pillars for success: 1- care of details, 2- constant training, working with passion 3- surrounded by people who feel the same. Everyone has something to teach, as long as you're in the humble attitude to learn and evolve. "

Quality work
Masco under the form of outsourcing, operates technical departments and audiovisual production in the most recognized hotel chains in Central America and has been growing its engineering area dedicated to AV integration. They are also active members of InfoComm International, the Association of Professional Congress Organizers and Allied Costa Rica, Aprocon, and processes are certified under ISO 9001-2008 standard in order to maximize the agreed quality.

This is a reflection of the policy of high quality that Gilberto Chaves has imposed on all its activities. "I'm always advising all study and be trained. 2016 year we instituted that from the receptionist to the engineer in our company, take courses InfoComm. We are in the industry and should be an integral part of it with our conocimentos "he said.

And there is no better guide than the example our Professional of the month for this edition supplemented his univesitarios studies in business administration and project management, with certifiacion in CTS InfoComm, with which commemorates its history of 30 years in the industry audiovisual.

AV industry strong
The audiovisual industry in Costa Rica has had significant growth. Gilberto Chaves, in the last year reached 30% and according to the latest data from InfoComm, is an industry hundreds of millions of dollars.

He also mentioned that the future of the industry is predictable in size, but not in valuing customers and commoditization of services and equipment. "The markets are relatively small and that is why we are in five countries in the area. Interestingly the difference in perception and assessment of customers are very large. "

The founder of Masco recalled that this industry development, evolution became more evident when many companies had access to Internet purchases, and thus could avoid the need to go to fairs and training. "They spent just copy and buy. The positive is that new generations are more creative, intuitive and are digital, so handling equipment becomes more natural; as opposed to themselves that are little impressionable and think they know everything. "

Full-time professional
To respond to this growth, Gilberto Chaves keeps a pretty busy schedule in his day. "When I'm not traveling overseeing the operations of the Central American countries and the Caribbean, my day starts early, 6: 30 am, among other things because the traffic is terrible. My management style is based on supervision and control of the administrative and operational through reports and metrics areas, this facilitated compliance with the ISO-9001 standard processes; I leave work and we all know what we have to do. "

He added that based on this management style, implemented high-performance equipment, with which projects work together, because it ensures that has already passed the time to be putting out fires and worn finish. "Agendo many meetings to maintain contact with customers and partners, I believe a lot in the face to face and feel that we together on projects."

On the objectives to be achieved by a manager in the field of company AV, Gilberto Chaves highlighted three aspects from the technological and human:

  • ROI that is sustainable over time, hand innovation and organic growth of the organization.
  • Customers, you provide the solution tailored to your expectations.
  • Those employees, who know that it is an industry that needs more and better professionals.

Family trips and golf
Gilberto Chaves is a family man. And it shows when talking about it. "I have the blessing of a marriage for twenty years. Together with my wife and my two children, we as a hobby travel to meet new cultures, places and share with family; always in the hands of God. "

Finally, he stressed that his favorite sport is golf, with which has gained a lot of satisfaction and joy. "Playing can interact with people from other areas of business very different from mine."

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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