Igor ProgicIgor Gavazzi Vazzoler meets 20 years dedicated to, 10 of them with its own technology company developing software for video processing. And just 34 years.

Richard St.

With only 12 years, the Brazilian Igor Gavazzi Vazzoler dreamed of having a technology company. That dream started him to realize his 15 years, when he sold the first software developed by him was a very rudimentary type of CRM for daily "O Mogiano" popular in Jardinópolis, the city where he grew into the state of San Pablo .

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"In the 18 years I came to live in Florianopolis, early 2001, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. I chose this region because when he was a teenager knew the good reputation of this university in the areas of technology, and the city is a center of technology companies. Since then I've been chasing my dream and passing this way. Progic is the result, "he said.

Keeping your interest always by technology, he started working professionally with audio and video in 2003, its 19 years, when he joined as an engineer in Floripa Technology, a company known for developing solutions for television stations. Together with two colleagues developed the first Brazilian SDI master table, which is still used today for dozens of TV channels in Brazil air signal control.

Materializing your dream
In 2007, Igor Gavazzi Vazzoler left the company with another engineer to take a much harder way to create your company. They both knew they wanted a technology company but had no clear what segment of the market were to concentrate.

He explained that "as we did not know exactly what would attack the market, create a business plan including 5 product and business opportunities, all related to our knowledge in video processing electronics. During the first 3 years of activity, we try and fail to 4 / 1 ".

After three years of trial / error at the end of 2010 they decided to take a set of technologies of video processing that had developed over the previous 3 years and created a product to the market for digital signage, which was the fifth and final element the list contained in its business plan. "These technologies have demonstrated significant competitive advantages, and the result was so positive that we decided then to dedicate the 100% of our energy into this market."

Unconditional support
His family has also been an important part of the company and his dream. He recalled that his parents and siblings have always supported. His brother Eric is part of the company since its inception and his wife Daniane, which leads to 12 years together, he came to support growth from the financial area.

"I come from a family that has always believed in my dreams. Eric is practically co-founder. He joined the apprenticeship in electrical engineering at 2008, went through the development of software and hardware, structured the electronic production line and currently continues as a leader in the digital marketing sector. And my wife was by my side when I left a stable job to embark on this risky adventure in 2007. She took the house several months in which the Progic did not generate enough to pay, "he said.

He added that "Daniane gave up a steady job as an engineer to embark on Progic when growth began to appear in 2012. He organized the house when he came in, pulled processes, implemented ISO9000, underwent various sectors and currently is in charge of finance. And on top she is pregnant with our first child. "

dynamic markets
The day of the month our professional starts every day at 9 am, when he reaches the company to fulfill its role of strategic management, including routine orientation meetings with each of area leaders. It also makes managing the sales team, the only area it manages directly. Other areas, such as financial, R & D, support, marketing and production, have experienced and trusted leaders.

When asked about the challenges facing a leader in a technology company, Igor Vazzoler Gavazzi said the biggest challenge for technology companies is the constant race against obsolescence.

"Technology markets are all very dynamic and this makes it essential that companies have a strong ability to constantly reinvent itself. This has an additional effect is that managing people is more strategic. Technology companies must attract and retain the best professionals in their fields, which is not an easy task because, by its very nature, it is very demanding people ".

On the immediate future and the possibilities of expanding its sector in the region, noted that since the company believe strongly in the power of digital visual communication.

"If the communications market is analyzed as a whole, you will see that, especially digital, visual communication is an area" immune "to the turmoil Internet. Despite benefiting from the evolution and the universalization of internet, it has features that make it unique, such as how to present the information away from the computer and smartphones, but in environments where people move and work, "he said.

Higher quality, lower cost
From the point of view of our guest, the most important developments that have occurred in the AV industry in his country since he started working on it is greater visual quality with the popularity of HD formats, and a reduction in cost of transmitting and presenting video. "This is thanks to universal high-speed Internet and economies of scale in the production of high quality monitors".

Finally, Igor Gavazzi Vazzoler emphasized what the objectives of a manager in a company AV, specifically in the field of digital signage, in which he serves are. For him, companies that provide digital signage solutions - digital displays or visual communication - should consider mainly the DS network devices should be treated as "independent" network.

"It sounds simple and basic, but this is the mentality that distinguishes good and bad companies in providing technology for DS. The cost of operating a DS network is directly proportional to the number of times someone has to "get their hands" devices near points of view, for whatever reason. End customer satisfaction and the possibility of success of the project is, rather, inversely proportional to that ratio.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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