Juan PortugalThe lack of clear regulations regarding technology and issues related to customs and the adoption of international standards has not allowed for greater growth of the AV industry in Ecuador.

Richard St.

From a young age, and driven by his family, Juan Portugal began to develop tastes and hobbies that today have allowed him to successfully do his work in the audiovisual industry, with a path that is becoming more prominent every day. In an interview with AVI LATINOAMÉRICA, this Ecuadorian recalled the path he has traveled in the industry.

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As a child, he got closer to music through his father and sisters, who listened to different styles all the time. And although they were his particular tastes, they stimulated him to seek his own style. Thus he came to form in the time of the school a musical band in which it participated like drummer. Later, he moved from the musical world to the field of electroacoustics.

Also, from school, he approached the technical drawing and always liked modeling. Taking advantage of the various existing tools that allow you to make predictions such as 3D modeling presentations, today you get a closer relationship with the client towards the possible solutions of your project.

"My hobby is mainly to listen to music and share it with my two children and my wife, with whom we have been together for 14 years. Fortunately, they have developed their own tastes and nurtured each other. Although I must confess that my work is my great passion, so that absorbs me every project in which I get involved. That's why my wife is 'upset' because when we go out to have fun, because I always analyze the sound, "he said.

Full in the industry
Beginning in 2001 professionally, Juan Portugal's experience in the AV industry has gone through recording studios, event production, sound companies, music groups and even as a teacher. At 2015, T & S Group, an audiovisual company, was linked as technical director.

"I had the idea of ​​expanding my professional services but could not articulate a work group that was efficient in every aspect. Coincidentally Iván Galárraga met me to propose to be part of a multidisciplinary work group which provides audiovisual solutions, was a series of magnificent coincidences that led us to form a group of 3 people with Santiago Vallejo, to generate a coordinated work towards projects well Routed, "he recalled.

Your day-to-day work begins at the office at 9 am, provided you do not have product demonstrations, project delivery or equipment installation. It starts with a current day coordination meeting, action planning in which, depending on the project, the whole group is involved or only a project proposal is generated.

"Everything is based on customer service, which always defines our action plan. The meetings go on as the coffee comes and goes, because Santiago and I are passionate about good coffee and that by good counterpart Ivan is passionate about bread, which always suits the 2 parties, "he said.

Juan Portugal highlighted three objectives that he considers fundamental for the development of an AV company and that he implements in his day-to-day work:

Knowledge of the product suitable for the market: quality, price, guarantees.
Customer service: find the middle point where you can optimize resources in time and money to give a clear guide that you need at a fair price.
Training the collaborating people of the company: a staff with knowledge will train the client and a qualified client knows what he wants.

Education, the constant challenge
Our Professional of the month defines the work in the AV industry as exciting and demanding, and compares it with the live productions, because although it develops at different times, it is much more critical and radical to be part of projects, because Involves many aspects when performing the demonstration, quote, negotiation, installation, start-up, training and finally after-sales service.

All these aspects, he added, require to go beyond the technical part and demand a lot of experience in the technical and human fields, because the needs of the client must be directed in all the aspects to arrive at a successful consensus.

On the day-to-day challenges of industry professionals, he mentioned that the biggest one is definitely being trained to train, because it is a job that must be done with the collaborators, the client and, of course, with the appropriate language for Not to confuse, taking into account that if the customer is well trained he knows what he wants. And another challenge is to stay abreast of technology to optimize resources in all aspects and stages of the project.

"I have had the fortune to travel, both nationally and internationally, with musical groups and have a lot of experience in the field of live sound. In addition, I have taken several courses and workshops abroad, which has allowed me to be part and understand all aspects that involve audiovisual productions, "he said.

Much to do in Ecuador
The expansion of industry in Ecuador, according to Juan Portugal, "I dare say that we are just at the beginning of everything, there is much to do. We are just looking at the needs of regulations that allow certified installations and, of course, we are responsible for the beginnings of this industry. Being linked to the technology has an exponential growth, I consider that Latin America has a vision very similar to the one we live in Ecuador, with the differences of the case, with other Latin American countries with more demand and therefore greater opening of customs for access Of cutting-edge technology. "

He added that from a subjective point of view and by experience, "I consider that in Ecuador the industry grows in a small percentage compared with countries that export technology, because we are just getting around the issues of normalization and therefore the regulations are not clear, As in regulations applied to projects. Let's say, there is no regulation so it is very difficult to keep statistics of this industry for the moment. "

Finally, he pointed out that they still have to get to install obsolete equipment by request and ignorance of the client; Mainly happens in the governmental area and in a smaller percentage in the private area, which is more flexible when making budget adjustments, without much bureaucracy in between.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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