All the spaces in this house are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Technological integration was a fundamental factor, because its inhabitants are digital.

By Richard St.

In Colombia, in recent years, high-cost housing projects in different cities of the country have increased significantly, including houses and apartments with exclusive and personalized designs, both within the cities and in the surrounding countryside.

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These projects have become a great growth opportunity for companies that perform residential integration. More and more people want to have technology that gives them comfort, security and makes life easier for them.

On the outskirts of Medellín, Colombia, a house was recently built that has stood out for having an exclusive design and the latest in audiovisual technology. Aníbal Cardona, commercial manager of the firm High Class Technology, in charge of doing all the home automation, spoke with AVI LATINOAMÉRICA about the particularities of the house.

The owner of the house is the Colombian singer-songwriter Pipe Peláez, who besides his work is a great fan of technology. Therefore, the house had to count on all the elements that fulfilled their high expectations.

To meet all the requirements of the client, the coordinated work of several companies was required. Bássico Arquitectos and MV Arquitectos were the firms in charge of the design of the house, which was built by HyA Ingenieros. In addition, High Class Technology did the lighting design and home automation integration and A / D Furnishing Design, in interior design.

In order to have control over a house of 775 square meters surrounded by spacious green areas, and meet all the professional and personal expectations of the client, it was necessary to think of each particular space but integrated. To achieve this was made use of the latest in technology.

For the entertainment of the family, two solutions were installed. The first one is audio distributed by different spaces. The second is a well-built, fully-integrated cinema room, which has high-quality audio and video systems and sound insulation so that the interior sound does not interfere with those outside the room.

Comfort and safety are also included in the technology of the house. It has a complete security system with alarms and cameras, heating system and integrated curtains, intercommunication between the main room and the common areas.

The most important thing, said Aníbal Cardona, is that all the technology, supported on the Crestron automation system, is easy to handle, so anyone can use and enjoy it, either from the control panels or from the mobile devices of their customers. owners.

And in order to help in the professional activities of its owner, the house is equipped with a complete recording studio, which was designed from the design so that those who visit it do not have to enter the interior of the house, functioning in a way Independent.

Lighting designer
Lighting designer is a new concept that High Class Technology is promoting in Colombia, where lighting professionals are in charge of designing systems that, besides fulfilling their main function, also generate environments, highlight details, have decorative function and help with the Energy saving. All these concepts were applied in the house of Pipe Pelaez.

According to the commercial manager of High Class Technology, lighting has become a very important element of architecture. In this case stands out for being sustainable, with clean skies and beautify the architecture. It is implemented with an automatic on / off system that is programmed by the users of the house.

Outstanding architecture
In addition to technology, this house stands out for its design. The firms Bássico Arquitectos and MV Arquitectos took advantage of the conditions of the land to adapt the design of the house and used materials and colors that match the landscape of the area.

Being the home for a person with public recognition, one of the challenges for designers was to make the space provide privacy, without losing the beautiful view of the landscape that surrounds it.

Gabriel Martínez, who led the project at the firm Bássico Arquitectos, said that "the house proposes a main volume of two levels oriented to the southeast, where the main spaces of the house coexist with the near and distant surroundings. It is a totally open and exposed volume on one side allowing a direct relationship with the outside; and mostly closed in the facades that coexist with access, to protect the privacy of space.

He added that "another body of a single level is born from the mountain and at the intersection with the main volume generates two courtyards, an access, a transition between the public and the domestic project. The first patio is configured for vehicular access. The visitor receives an architecture that must cross to meet the second vacuum that guides him to the access gate or to the studio recording and workspace.

A third internal-external patio is the element that welcomes the access of the dwelling, and separates the social area from the private one in the interior. An outstanding part of the design is the swimming pool, which, as a balcony extended over the topography, offers a different experience with the environment and its visuals.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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