Plans were previously made of the location of the equipment, but as the work progressed, these were modified, so that sometimes, for example, there was a new lighting where a speaker should be located.

Richard St.

The Coca Cola company required in its offices in Chile to create a space that would allow it to hold meetings and events. For that reason, he adapted a space that was dedicated to offices to achieve a flat auditorium with capacity for 150 people and possibilities to divide into three independent rooms.

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To perform all the integration of audio, video and lighting required in this space, they contacted the company Videocorp, with the aim of having a multiple, automated, easy to control, versatile space for all the activities that it considers to be done, from a class of yoga until an international videoconference.

For integration, a central control processor Crestron CP3 was used, which integrally controls all the operation communicating with the human interface and receiving information from sensors, such as partition and presence, in order to execute programs and routines, so that information is finally sent to the actuators as a video matrix, video conference, lighting dimmers, audio processors.

Installed technology
Rodrigo Duvauchelle, of Videocorp, told AVI LATINOAMÉRICA the details of the audiovisual installation performed in the auditorium, in which 3 rooms were considered: Left, Center and Right.

The Center Room has a Videowall of 2x2 implemented with 55 monitors "Christie and 3 Monitors of 65" LG on its sides for reference and preview. 2 of these monitors fulfill their full function when using the Full Auditorium (the 3 rooms attached). The video sources in the room are Cisco video conferencing, satellite TV, video signal from a wired source and wireless video signal.

For the design and requirements of the client, the video conference has the ability to choose between 3 cameras, switching between the cameras through the Crestron 16x16 matrix that controls the outputs and inputs of the system, with content delivery at the customer's request. The side rooms

Right and Left have a SMART 65 screen "with KappIQ system that has the ability to write as an interactive whiteboard in addition to connecting via mobile devices. The rooms have the possibility to display the video signal through a patch with HDMI and VGA + Audio inputs, automatic switch, as well as Crestron's AirMedia for the wireless video transmission that is present in the 3 rooms.

The Audio is composed by a system of speakers in sky of Crestron, besides a frontal reinforcement of these with the same line of speakers. 2 digital audio processors Crestron DSP-1283 were implemented to control signals considering their versatility. In microphones we consider Shure ULXD systems, including handheld systems, lavalier and headbands, as well as the Microflex Wireless Conference System. It is important to mention that all the microphones are connected to the audio processors through the Dante network, for digital traffic of the signals and to maintain the required quality

The lighting is controlled by Crestron Dimmers, which have 4 circuits, we consider one for each room, all controlled by the room control processor as well as control keypads.

The domotics and control of the room is commanded by Crestron CP3, allowing us to control all the devices in the system. For the purpose of optimal atomization, partition sensors were considered for the division walls of the rooms, so that home automation is in charge of applying the correct parameters when working with the different room configurations.

The human interface for the user is 2 screens, one wired to the system in the control room and one wireless by RF, in addition to keypads in each of the rooms for controls predetermined by the client.

Overcoming obstacles
During the process of implementing the integration in the Coca Cola Chile offices, there were problems when proceeding with the installation of the equipment at the site. Plans were previously made of the location of the equipment, but as the work progressed, these were modified, so that sometimes, for example, there was a new lighting where a speaker should be located. They were solved with a correct and prompt communication with the people in charge of each of the specialties.

"Logistics is a problem that constantly affects us all the integrating companies, which depend on the import, either directly or indirectly. That is why we had to anticipate the possible problems, which we later actually had, at the Customs office of the products, "said Rodrigo Duvauchelle.

The equipment used for the integration included:

  • Modular video matrix 16x16
  • Video Monitors (Smart 75 ", 65 Monitors", Videowall 2x2)
  • Audio Processor
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Wireless Microphone Systems
  • Audio and Video Recording System
  • Lighting control
  • Control screens (Wired and Wireless)
  • Control Processor

Videocorp as a Dealer of the chosen brands, is constantly with training and advice on these, which allows them to have a greater experience, professionalism, optimal support for their clients in case of any problem, which is one of the policies of the business".

Finally, Rodrigo Duvauchelle concluded that "Satisfaction is positive on the part of our client, since what was discussed and proposed in the project was fulfilled. Moreover, as the project was progressing in installation and configuration, the client decided to integrate new technologies into the system, based on what was observed and the future performance of the room. "

General description

  • Integrative signature: Videocorp
  • Manufacturers (brands) involved: Crestron, Lg, Smart, Shure, Cisco and Christie
  • Professionals involved: Project Manager, Integrators and Commercial Executive
  • Company covered with the installation: Coca Cola de Chile
  • Dates of the installation: May - June 2017
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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