Videoconferencing equipment, high-performance laser projectors, mapping software, ultra-thin video wall monitors, amplifiers and sound boxes for 5.1 system and high-performance directional loudspeakers, are part of some of the integrated equipment in the Accenture building. Recife, Brazil.

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The Brazilian integration firm Solutione was selected by Accenture to develop and implement the Innovation Center project in Recife, with the aim of generating a unique, interactive and flexible environment that preserves different and integrated areas to receive Accenture clients.

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Accenture in Recife is located in the technological center of Pernambuco, known as "Digital Port". It is a government initiative that invests in technology companies and software development, located in the historic center of Recife. The buildings do not lie down to maintain the original Dutch architecture of the colonization period. Accenture is located inside an old warehouse that was used by the port, today revitalized to bring the development team and new technologies.

Although there was no innovation center in Recife, Accenture already has innovation centers in other cities around the world. The decision to create the Recife Innovation is due to the company's strategy of investing in technological developments, closely related to the fact that Recife (Porto Digital) is one of the great Brazilian technological centers.

The intervention included differentiated videoconferencing rooms with use of directional sound, virtual reality environment, gadgets with interactive RFID and digital signage, polarized glass, mapping, special projections, lighting control and automation, among other innovations.

The intervened space
The Accenture building in Recife has spaces for the use of videoconferencing, presentation of wireless content, integrated to automation systems for equipment control, as well as lighting. Also a mapping, 5.1 sound system and lighting presets for a real AVI immersion show.

Through automation, different lighting and sound scenarios can be activated, thus creating experiences aimed at applications from the most varied markets, such as: industry, retail, financial, etc.

The sound of Bose was one of the highlights. The perceived sound quality and the distribution of the sound boxes associated with the action created by the Solutione provide an immersive and complete experience in conjunction with the projections and content displayed.

The integration with mapping control systems, LED lighting, control of gadgets, video conferencing, polarized glass and all other scenarios are made through the automations that the Solutione has developed in a personalized way.

As the environment is fully utilized, whether in separate spaces, the sound system was designed to allow these various scenarios, for which roof microphones and an 5.1 system were placed in the Accenture auditorium. The mapped projection, blending, videoconferencing, and even a polarized glass wall have been applied at the innovation center to deliver the technological resources needed for Accenture's developments.

Wireless presentation systems were installed in different spaces, which allow the sending of content from computers, smartphones and tablets, for the monitors and videowall scattered around the innovation center.

The virtual reality glasses were installed so that Accenture could develop applications and simulations in virtual environments. In the video conferencing rooms, Solutione has implemented a solution that allows the communication and exchange of video and audio with all Accenture clients from all over the world, in real time and in Full HD, and even in an open place. Videoconference it is listened only by the participants who are in the specific area of ​​the videoconference.

Protection of architecture
The integrating company found a challenge when they arrived at the building, the old warehouse, where no big change could be made in the original architecture. The infrastructure was also a challenge for the same reasons. However, with the appropriate use of the most modern technologies they managed to reconcile both the idea of ​​innovation and maintain and preserve the characteristics of the place, which is a historical site.

After solving this problem, they managed to develop a solution in which the main benefit is that the client can experience everything that is being presented to satisfy their needs. So the decisions are faster and always more assertive. With the audiovisual technologies implanted at Accenture, it is able to clearly "illustrate" their intentions in their clients' projects and thus productivity and efficiency are increased both for the client side and for Accenture itself.

The solution has several trainings and certifications of the best brands in the market. They worked with manufacturers that the client trusts and that have global history with success stories. For the projects carried out by Solutione, they always talk and listen to customers to be precise in the choice of technologies.

Satisfactory results
The diverse environments created with the audiovisual technologies described above, allowed Accenture a complete experience with the approaches and solutions that only they can create. As the Accenture projects are always wide and complex, the different spaces, when integrated, enrich that experience behaving like an immense laboratory. In this way, the client ends up experimenting everything before making the decision and leaves with the certainty that he will reach his goals.

The results obtained reflect the benefits perceived by the client. These benefits include the flexibility of the environment to conduct several Accenture simulations to its customers from the audiovisual systems. By allowing configurations of the most diverse, under an automation designed for this purpose, the client can create forms and scripts of presentations from the control rooms to the most creative forms of projections and interactions with RFID translating the audiovisual solution into a technology message , innovation, and dynamism that the Innovation Center represents.

"Solutione has perfectly translated the need for space through the application of incredible technologies that surprised everyone," said Charles Vilela, IT Manager Operations of Accenture Brazil.

General details of the project

  • Integrative signature: Solutione - Collaborative Intelligence
  • Manufacturers (brands) involved: Bose, Cisco, AMX, Kramer, Samsung, Epson, and Smart.
  • Professionals involved:
  • Kleber Santos (service delivery coordinator)
  • Alexandre Santana (field technician)
  • Victor Radaelli (project coordinator)
  • Ricardo Manzini (account manager) and the team.
  • Company covered with the installation (final client): Accenture - Recife
  • Installation dates: Q1 2017, final delivery April.

Solutione won AV Latino 2017 Contest
The Brazilian integrator Solutione, thanks to the Accenture Innovation Center project, held in Recife, became the winner of the fourth version of the AV Latino Contest.

The awards ceremony was held on 10 on Thursday at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, under the framework of TecnoMultimedia InfoComm México 2017. Odair Tremante, CEO, and Ricardo Durão, CTO of Solutione, received the award.

The call for the AV Latino Competition was a great success this year, doubling the number of projects received in its version of 2016. To select the five finalists, we had the opinion of three industry experts, who highlighted among the postulates, projects that stood out for their technical quality, innovation and size.

It should be noted that each of the finalist integrators, Digital Projections, Psychoacoustics, Smart Spaces, Yamaki and Solutione, was present at the awards ceremony in Mexico City.

As winner of the AV Latino 2017 Contest, Solutione received:

  • Recognition Trophy
  • Registration and hotel for one person to attend the Integrated Systems Europe, ISE, to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in February of 2018. In addition to entering the academic program for him and his companion.
Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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