According to the market survey Panorama of the professional audio and video industry (Pro AV) and trend analysis 2017 (IOTA), produced by AVIXA, Colombia is an important part of the growth of this business in the Americas. It generated USD 65 billion revenue in 2016.

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With the success of the country as the epicenter of festivals and artistic shows, the growing media industry and the strengthened corporate market, the Colombian dynamic in the professional audiovisual industry is moving at a sustained pace.

According to the Top 100 of AV Latin America integrators 2016, made by the magazine AVI Latin America, Colombia and its regional scope have registered growth close to 13% between 2012 and 2016 and continue to gain ground in addition to standing out as important players in the global context.

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This figure is consistent with the forecast of the report of Avixa (Before InfoComm) that calculates in 4% the annual growth value for professional audio and video in the coming years, and this includes the United States where, of every ten dollars are spent eight in this industry.

For 2022, US revenue from Pro AV will continue to represent 80 percent of expenses. Together with Canada, the North American sub-region will capture the 86 percent of the industry's value in 2022.

"It is demonstrated once again that, despite the complex situation that Latin America has experienced during the last two years, the professional audiovisual industry continues to grow," says Rodrigo Casassus Coke, Avixa's Senior Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

In this panorama, Colombia has a good participation with the line of equipment rental for big shows, which has increased in the last five years. Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Cartagena are the most consuming cities due to the need for replacement that generates the useful life of the equipment.

According to Juan Tamayo, Sales Engineer for Sound Installations in Latin America for Audio-Technica, an exhibiting company of TecnoMultimedia InfoComm, the cycle of use of sound systems with high work traffic is five years, while video equipment, in many cases they must be changed in an average of two years, due to their wear and tear and the continuous supply generated by technological advances.

Products and services
The report, which makes an analysis of market opportunities for Pro-AV products and services of the main verticals including film, companies, education, energy, public services, government, military, health, hospitality, media, entertainment, residential, retailers, transportation, places and events, ensures that streaming platforms, storage and distribution (SMSD), generated profits for USD 17 billion in 2016 in the world and now represent more than the 26 percent of the professional AV market.

The media space in the Americas region -especially the American North- is characterized by the interest in adopting new technologies and formats, as well as by experimenting with new distribution models although it clearly maintains mass consumption trends in products such as video screens, equipment audio, video conferencing equipment, loudspeakers, microphones, cameras and video recording and production systems, lighting systems, digital signage, and video projection devices.

In terms of services, the following stand out: AV design, installation and AV integration, management and maintenance, programming and rental and staging.

The strength of AV design, system integration and programming services are a natural consequence of an AV ecosystem that has become incredibly complex. System integration and installation services represent the second item in AV industry expenses (one 13 percent) after the servers.

The video screens represent the 8 percent of the market - around USD 5 billion in 2016 - and it is expected that between 2017 and 2022 will register an annual growth rate of 11 percent, reaching USD 9.7 billion.

Two market forces are reinforcing the digital signage and display segment. First, the consumers' interest in the products of this segment and secondly, the success of the advertising and marketing industries that have taken public spaces and streets to make a massive market by means of external screens.

In another sense, the environmental products segment is a stable source of value, and is growing rapidly. While this segment currently represents the 6 percent of the investment, the annual growth rate of the 19 percent will be transformed. For 2022, the environmental segment will generate 12 percent of the total value of the industry.

The multimedia servers added the highest value to the pro-AV segment in 2016. Of the 34 products and service categories that this report records, media servers represent the 17 percent of the market value. In 2022, the revenues of this segment will increase almost an annual 4 percent.

On the other hand, the installation and integration AV is the second largest category on the market that generated USD 8.300 million in 2016, and will grow more than the 4 annual percent until 2022, representing USD 10 billion.

The report states that no other product category will grow as fast as lighting fixtures, but this will only represent the 4 percent of the investment in the industry. These equipment will have a growth rate of 24 percent, and in 2022, they will generate the 10 percent of the value of the AV industry, driven by integrations of LED lighting systems, in the automation of buildings and in AV facilities, both in the corporate sector as in retail and transport.

The control systems will be the sensation of the AV industry. These systems generated USD 2.300 millions of dollars in 2016, but will grow an annual 11% and will represent USD 4.300 million in 2022, driven mainly by AV integration in the corporate segment, intelligent construction systems and theater management systems.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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