The bad decisions in updating or implementing technology are usually very expensive, because many times the way to solve them is with a new project and a new investment.

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As an exhausting work but at the same time stimulating and satisfying at the moment of seeing the projects finished and working, Diego Campos Chinchilla describes his work in the audiovisual industry, where he is currently the director of the engineering department of the Colombian company Construcciones Acoustic

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This Electronic Engineer from the National University of Colombia joined the AV industry for 20 years ago, in the area of ​​live events and sound editing. But his taste for technology began when he was in high school, from which he graduated as a technical bachelor in electronics from the Salesian Technical Technical College Don Bosco Center in Bogotá. During his professional career, he has specialized in electroacoustics and audiovisual technology applied to all types of venues.

Remember that his first projects were with Maloka and Corferias. Then, he joined Acoustic Constructions as Resident Engineer for the audiovisual project of the reconstruction of el Nogal club in the 2003 year. He spent several years as a project engineer and since 10 years ago he assumed the management of the engineering department, from where he has had the opportunity to lead the most important projects of audiovisual implementation, lighting and automation in Colombia and Panama.

"Thanks to the experience and trajectory of the company, with more than 28 years in the market, we have achieved, together with the whole group of engineers and architects, a very important position in the market related to audiovisual technology integrated to all acoustic solutions architectural works manufactured by us and focused on auditoriums, theaters, concert halls, convention centers, courtrooms, boardrooms, classrooms in universities and colleges, "he said.

Between the urgent and the important
Diego Campos Chinchilla says that in this industry you know at what time the work begins, but it is difficult to know where and at what time the day ends. "Generally there are projects, offers, bids in progress, in addition to all the day-to-day issues that have to be resolved in the projects. In such a way that it is essential to organize the issues between the urgent and the important to be able to define priorities and evacuate the issues efficiently, this implies having a continuous displacement covering ongoing projects, clients, suppliers and manufacturers inside and outside the country ".

Just from that relationship with customers there are several anecdotes, but one in particular stands out. Ensures that in this industry often find "geniuses and connoisseurs" with very little idea of ​​what they say and at a certain time was doing the calibration and tuning of the sound system of a very important theater in Bogota. After finishing calibrating the system and getting it ready, an architect character appeared who was the intervener of the whole project and told him that it seemed to him that the system was playing with many "bright spots" and that he had to improve the equalization.

"I asked him if he had a musical subject that he knew and wanted to listen to make the adjustments. He passed me a memory with Mp3 files and suggested a hint, I told him to stay in the room, I went to the booth and started to sound his file. I told him that I had made some changes in the equalization, he told me that he had improved but that he was missing a bit and so he suggested a couple of more adjustments. Then he said that it was perfect, that the room sounded great and he signed the delivery certificate. Anyway, the point is that I never touched a parameter of the processors or the console, because I knew that the room was well adjusted. These things happen and they are part of the exercise, "he added.

Evolution of the hand of the economy
For our Professional of the Month, the fundamental challenge in this industry is not to keep up-to-date and up-to-date, it is to be at least one step ahead and to solve the needs of the market in the most efficient way, which implies that the collaborators must be in continuous growth, studying and training in new technologies offered by manufacturers, identifying trends in niche markets.

He pointed out that one of the main objectives for industry professionals should be to know how to meet the needs of AV technology in an integral and efficient manner, because the industry is "bombarded" daily with proposals and technological devices and the The challenge is to know what really works and is projected to be maintained or, on the contrary, it can become a problem.

"In the face of clients, we as integrators and designers have the responsibility to implement efficient, functional, profitable and sustainable projects, in such a way that the responsibility is great and does not give room for improvisation or compromise without having experience. On the part of the clients, I consider it of the utmost importance to be advised of recognized designers and integrators and of proven experience in this industry. It's very easy to mess up a project of this kind if you are not well advised. "

Ensures that the development of the audiovisual industry is linked to the economic growth of the countries of the region. This determines the level of investment in new projects and therefore the consumption of AV solutions. In addition, the evolution of this industry has come very hand in hand with the development of communications and networks, it is increasingly necessary to integrate with mobile devices and their applications in such a way that today there are more professionals in the area of ​​systems , communications and advertising.

Regarding the industry in his country, Colombia, he indicated that "in the AV industry in the previous year could be more than 20 million dollars in general terms and the growth is continuous for this year, between a 4% and 5%. I think we are very well positioned in Latin America, especially in the Andean Region. "

Between family, music and careers
When Diego Campos Chinchilla is not at the forefront of audiovisual projects, he is at the side of his wife Animaría and his daughter Ana Sofía, from 3 years, with whom he shares as much time as possible. With his wife he makes two of his passions, trips to natural sites and diving, which take advantage of any opportunity they have to travel and practice it.

"I consider myself a good music lover. Interestingly, and although for my work I must be up to date on AV technology and on the subject of hi-fi and music, I am convinced that there is nothing that surpasses acetates and tube amplifiers. In such a way that in my music room I have returned to the origin and I enjoy it to the fullest, "he said.

He added that in the exercise of his work he has had the fortune of knowing several countries and continents, with their customs and cultures, including Latin America, Asia, Europe, as well as the United States. And now that the Colombian National Team qualified for the World Cup, it has a reason to know Russia. And football is another of his passions. He is a fan of the Bogota team Millonarios, which he had the opportunity to play in his lower divisions. In the end he had to decide between studying or playing. And we already know the result.

Finally, he stressed that "sometimes, after exhausting weeks of work, to relax a bit I go to the racetrack and run for a while. I belong to a motorsport club and just like an amateur I like to run. That relaxes a lot. "

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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