The construction of Agora generated more than 15.000 jobs between direct and indirect and it is estimated that its impact on the economy of the city is up to 1% of GDP for its fourth year of operation.

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After an effort of public and private entities, Bogota, the Colombian capital, has been growing as a scene of events of international stature. To respond to this growth, at the end of 2017 the Agora International Convention Center was opened, an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, with its subsidiary Corferias, and the Government through the National Tourism Fund, Fontur.

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The Convention Center has an 64.883 m2 area distributed over five floors, a main 3.100 m2 room with capacity for 4.000 attendees, as well as other 10 rooms that can be divided into 18 meeting spaces between 100 and 2.000 people.

Among other facilities for attendees, Agora has 1.055 parking, 19 lifts, 12 escalators, four kitchens, three independent registration areas, four VIP areas, three terraces and four lobby areas distributed throughout the building.

Mónica de Greiff, Executive President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, explained that "the building has the highest specifications in terms of events, a work that allows us to advance in the marketing strategy of the city with which we seek to position ourselves as an epicenter international events and attract more business for our economy. " According to the calculations of the Chamber, the economic contribution derived from the activities carried out in Ágora could be close to 1% of the Gross Domestic Product of the city in its fourth year of operation.

To achieve this goal, the Chamber has set as a goal to host an average of 212 events in Ágora per year, of which 20 is expected to be quantifiable within the ranking of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), which measures and highlights the progress achieved by cities in the organization of events. In total, $ 414.000 million of Colombian pesos were invested in its construction.

Latest AV technology
A modern building that seeks to position itself internationally as a setting for events, must have the latest in audiovisual technology. For this, by the North American company Acustic was in charge of designing the audiovisual part, guaranteeing very high standards. Based on this design, a public tender was made that was won by RLASAV.

The company of Chilean origin, with presence in Colombia several years ago, was commissioned to install in Ágora the video, automation and operation systems of all the events that take place in the convention center. Víctor Matamala, manager for Colombia of RLASAV, said that as part of their offer in the tender, they offered to install projectors in each of the rooms above the requirements they requested, with equipment of 8 thousand, 12 thousand and 25 thousand Epson laser lumens and Shure microphones.

They will also take over the digital signage of the convention center, both the creation of the content and the operation. The entire venue has an audio system installed to meet environmental sound and simple microphone requirements, and the lighting is controlled. Automation will be supported from two Crestron arrays of 56 x 56.

To attend the operation of the events that take place in the Ágora, RLASAV has a fixed team of 10 people, which may increase up to the 30 according to the event. In addition, they have two wineries inside the convention center to meet mobile requirements. In addition, the inhouse office has technical and commercial staff that helps design the projects and presents a rendering to the client of what the final outcome of your event will be like.

One of the advantages of the construction of this building is that the wiring for the audiovisual installation was contemplated from the design of the work and in all the rooms included anchor points to hang what you want for each event and connection boxes in different points.

Víctor Matamala assured that the operation of RLASAV officially began in January with the 2018 technology installation, although in the three months of operation at the end of 2017 they made close to 22 events. One of the advantages of their operation is that they offer a point of contact to the client to centralize all their requirements. They have partner companies that provide additional solutions

With international projection
RLASAV is the Chilean company that will serve as operator of the audiovisual services in the Ágora. Hernán Godoy, director for Latin America of the company, assured that in this convention center they will apply a model that has been successful in other countries where the venues operate.

This model seeks to offer the entire solution to customers in one place, with high quality, efficiency and competitive costs. In order to offer all the services, even those that are not related to the audiovisual area, such as registration, stand design, among others, they seek alliances with companies in the sector that respond to the needs of the RLASAV model and standards.

Part of the commercial strategy of your model is not to wait for the events to arrive. RLASAV goes to look for them together with the commercial staff of the convention center, the bureau and the chambers of commerce.

Hernán Godoy stressed that the company has had an important growth in recent years with a strong international expansion. In addition to Chile, where they have presence in a large part of the territory, they are in Peru, Panama, Colombia, Miami and will soon reach new markets. In total they have 33 warehouses / warehouses throughout Latin America, 57 hotels inhouse, 9 corporate offices and 10 thousand events held each month.

Finally, the director for Latin America of RLASAV stressed that this growth has been supported by providing an excellent service, applying the latest technology and the hand of its employees within the company, who, as a corporate policy, provide opportunities for training and growth.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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