Design Thinking (Design Thinking) uses elements from the designer's tool set such as empathy and experimentation to come up with innovative solutions.


Design Thinking was a topic addressed during the InfoComm 2018 fair, held in Las Vegas this year. To better understand this trend and why so many colleagues in the AV industry already adopt it in their day to day, we spoke with Lisa Perrine, Experience Designer and CEO of Cibola Systems.

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AVIXA: In a nutshell, what is the concept of Design Thinking?
Design Thinking is both a point of view and a way to approach a project or a problem. It helps you do something challenging and divide it into parts to create innovative and valuable solutions. There are five disciplines in Design Thinking - empathy, definition, idealization, prototype and proof. I think of this as an interactive process instead of a sequential process. For example, you can try something as your point of view is defined and you can use empathy while creating prototypes. Although it may be a bit new for the AV industry, Design Thinking has been used for a long time and is not a new concept; In fact, it is a process that many of us learn at the design school, but that has been renamed some years ago as Design Thinking.

AVIXA: Why should an AV professional implement Design Thinking?
In the AV industry we reapply the same solutions repeatedly. Design Thinking offers an opportunity to create something much more exciting and more valuable for all customers. Design Thinking does not occur in a bubble, so it is a cooperation process that includes all users. Customer participation is a critical part of the process. By the way, when customers participate in the process, they feel responsible for the final result.

If you are interested in the planning / creation design, you should know how to put it. Adding this rating is an opportunity to differentiate your company or create value for the brand. Thinking about your own work, giving yourself the opportunity to learn or think about design, is an opportunity to create or participate in something exciting and satisfying.

AVIXA: Why are creative and design skills so important in today's AV industry?
The change is happening faster than some people perceive. The "Amazon effect" is increasing commoditization in our sector. As products are commoditized, you can succeed by further differentiating services. You can take advantage of these skills and become an expert on the subject in a niche area. Creative skills will also be more important if programming and other technical tasks are automated in the future.

AVIXA: What is the most exciting AV project you have participated in?
It is difficult to choose among thousands of projects over the years. The headquarters of Condé Nast in New York is one of my favorites. We help you discover how all your magazines could collaborate in one place when they had never done business before. Another project that comes to mind is the Annenberg Space for Photography, in Los Angeles. The client was really involved and we made a huge amount of prototypes with a beautiful final result. We wrap photographers as part of the team, to discover how their photographs should be reproduced in different digital media.

AVIXA: What else do you like in the AV industry?
I am not a first technology person. I love it when we find an intuitive, fun and engaging technology that changes the way people work. The workplace and the client's experience fascinate me - I love helping people do their best work.

AVIXA: What advice do you have for those who are starting their careers in the AV industry?
Find an organization that allows you to experience several things, give them new opportunities and support your professional development. I think that is the starting point for people to stay in the industry. Some of the work is exciting for one person, but not for another, so what you need is to find what you like. At Cibola we like to work with interns. We had an AVIXA intern recently and we encourage you to perform in several different positions. Like many of our employees, he arrived thinking that he wanted to do something different than what he actually ended up doing and liking him. For a young man who is just beginning, this discovery is invaluable.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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