Mexico. The eighth edition of TecnoMultimedia InfoComm México will host a program full of multidisciplinary activities oriented to the promotion of audiovisual technologies in different applications.

An example of this is the innovative Infinity Room, sponsored by the exhibitor Epson, an immersive installation created by visual artist Refik Anadol that seeks to immerse viewers in a convincing virtual environment, created with the help of projection, blending and mapping technologies

Besides being an amazing experience in itself, the installation of Infinity Room at TecnoMultimedia InfoComm México 2018 will be a sample of the capabilities, functions and uses offered by the different projection technologies available today, which range from cutting-edge artistic interventions , to be the main source of video in the attraction of an amusement park, or even as a communication tool in high impact advertising strategies.

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With extensive experience in the development of video-installations and multimedia art, Refik Anadol bases his work on the exploration of new realities and the different ways in which the viewer can interact with them. Fascinated by post-digital architecture and the growing integration of computer systems in every aspect of daily life, the proposal of this artist of Turkish origin is to move to a near future in which the physical space will be completely invaded by digital interfaces, ubiquitous technology and virtual reality systems.

"This trip started eight years ago. I was fortunate to discover the technology of video mapping as a tool for storytelling, and I quickly became one of the first artists to use projection as a material, and not just as a canvas, "said Refik Anadol.

Infinity Room is a public art installation, and part of the series "Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments", whose objective is to transgress the normal limits of a conventional visual experience and transform it into a three-dimensional kinetic visualization of the architectural space. The project consists of a cubic room, four meters per side, equipped with four high-brightness Epson projectors that display images, textures and patterns in a constant manner, to create an enveloping environment where the senses are deceived and the line between the physical world and virtual vanishes quickly.

Throughout the experience, the audience will be completely surrounded by a dynamic and changing artificial environment that will create a perception of presence in an unreal world. "This medium [the digital projection] has a lot of potential, it's where the magic is happening," adds Refik Anadol.

To carry out the project, Refik counted on the support of Epson and his family of projectors Laser Pro L as technological allies that allowed him to capture his artistic vision in the most faithful way - and with the best quality - possible. With only four 12,000 lumens projectors and a central Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that would send the appropriate content to each of the equipment, it was possible to transform an ordinary room into a sublime sensory experience.

"Our collaboration with artists worldwide has grown as we have been presenting innovative new products, and the Infinity Room is one of these fruits. So come and visit this experience and our Booth where we will have all our laser projectors, lamp and even the newest as LightScene "commented Leopoldo Parra, Regional Business Manager for Epson Latin America.

The sound also plays an important role in the experience of this space, so a high quality system is required, provided on this occasion courtesy of the Mexican company Representaciones de Audio, which is also one of the exhibitors of the fair .

In addition to the Infinity Room, TecnoMultimedia InfoComm will bring together the best and most outstanding of the audiovisual industry in a series of conferences, seminars and a broad exhibition where companies, suppliers, customers and consumers can update knowledge, generate contacts and close new business.

TecnoMultimedia InfoComm México will be carried out from the 15 to the 17 of August of 2018 in the WTC of Mexico City. For more information visit

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


Jose Arturo
# Jose Arturo 11-08-2018 16:50
Can you tell me how much the ticket costs and if it is addressed to children or adolescents.
You could send me more information about the event

Thank you.
Richard St.
# Richard St. 13-08-2018 12:12
Hello Jose,
The Infinity Room is an installation that will be held within the framework of TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Mexico, a trade fair specializing in audio and video solutions for the audiovisual industry. You can consult all the information of the fair in
In the event, children are not allowed.

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