One of the emerging technological innovations is audience measurement, which allows the ability to know everything that happens on the sales floor, everyone wants to know what customers do inside their stores.

German Robles *

The point of sale (retail in English) is undergoing a technological transformation that goes hand in hand with the digital revolution and the adoption of new technologies that accompanies our lives at all times and practically everywhere. Inevitable for the development of our daily activities, whether work, play or at the time of deciding to buy products and / or services.

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The "Showrooming" is the definition for a new form of purchase, where the consumer prefers to go to the store to touch, examine and / or test the product, to then look for the best online offer and make the purchase, sometimes for better price than in the traditional store.

With this new way of buying, the point of sale has become a fundamental site to inform the consumer, generate positive differentiation and give value to the marketing strategies implemented, communicate more efficiently, special offers (not available online ), different payment options, loyalty points, everything that creates value for each client, as competition is increasing.

Therefore we can say that the basic premises facing the point of sale are not only the basic questions, how do I increase my average ticket ?, replacement volume and consequently, how to improve the efficiency of the square meter of exhibition? currently the point of sale must also focus on even more personal values, which requires knowing, attracting and increasing loyalty to customers.

The answer is not so simple, since to achieve some or all of these objectives you need to have a techno-system that allows you to identify the client, know their preferences, analyze behavior patterns and integrate inventories available in the warehouse and on the floor. of sale, this is possible through the convergence of different technologies. Integrating, among other things, screens in store, the products displayed, the inventory, the management of databases of products and users, as well as the measurement, analysis and interpretation of said behavior using Big Data as a fundamental tool.

Brands today sell experiences and emotions more than products. Consumers today expect memorable moments with brands. For this reason it is essential to identify the sales floor, converting spaces filled with furniture and merchandise, into intelligent and innovative facilities where people want to enter and explore, making their purchase a memorable experience.

If we mention some examples of innovation in the point of sale, we have the integration of mirror-like screens in the changing rooms, column screens, interactive video walls and digital spaces in boxes and shelves with messages that promote the sale at the moment, which facilitate the purchase and provide useful and timely information, all with a very similar approach, increase loyalty to brands and make the exhibition space more profitable.

Audience measurement
One of the emerging technological innovations is audience measurement, which allows the ability to know everything that happens on the sales floor, everyone wants to know what customers do inside their stores.

It shows how customers react to product offerings, launches, seasonal sales, marketing programs, digital experiences and more. Increasingly, the number of people who use this type of data analysis in the store to collect large volumes of information on the behavior of purchase at the point of sale.

Cross sales and self-generative content, is based, for example, on the readings that with this technology are obtained from the customer's profile or simply in what the user has selected during his visit to the store, to detonate suggestions for product purchases or services that go according to the uses and customs, based on algorithms and carrying out the crossing of the information of the stock.
Applicable technologies

  • Videowalls
  • Mirror Screens
  • Touch Screens
  • Projection
  • RFID
  • beacons
  • Touch screens
  • Kinects

The digital intervention in the point of sale is becoming increasingly a new way of approaching the customer of the traditional channel, people no longer want to hear those typical words "I can help you in something", currently looking to decide the purchase in a way more autonomous, fast and simple. The options are endless, there are millions of points of sale, which is why differentiation and efficiency are based mainly on making the sales experience unique.

The Digital Signage Latin America Association is made up of experts in the sector, and contributes to the correct application and regulation of these solutions and their technology.

* German Robles is COO and Managing Partner of the Mexican company Kolo DS.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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