With the project executed in the SESI Digital Museum of Campina Grande, the Brazilian integrator Seal Telecom won the AV Latino 2018 Contest, announced in the framework of TecnoMultimedia InfoComm México 2018.


With the aim of portraying the history of the city of Campina Grande, considered one of the main industrial centers of the Northeast region of Brazil and the main technological pole of Latin America, the National Council of SESI decided to invest in the development of a Digital Museum that gather all the tradition and modernity present in the municipality through various technological languages.

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For this, the institution had the support of the Brazilian integrator Seal Telecom, which was responsible for the production of technological environments that came to offer a surprising virtual experience to visitors.

To start the journey through the history of Campina Grande, at the entrance of the museum, a videowall system was installed with ultra-thin screen screens, which have an image management system that displays videos with portraits of the troperos - important figures of the history of the city. Continuing, in a panoramic projection room, a screen with two Full HD laser projectors in blending mode and VJ software with a 21.6m² viewing area, allows to reproduce videos with information about the main tourist spots, buildings, monuments and events such as the Greater Festival of San Juan del Mundo.

In order to highlight the information and curiosities, a short distance projection system and virtual tracking was assigned to give visitors the feeling of walking through the region. The contour of the map of the city is represented in a space on the ground indicating the main tourist points and historical buildings and, by means of a technology of sensors and movements, at each point that the visitor tramples on the digital map, a screen will show Animations with information about the places.

The project was also born with the purpose of being an important tool to take advantage of education in the state and for this it was necessary to implement solutions that transmit historical factors in an interactive and highly digital way. Thus, an interactive game space was developed as a way to test the knowledge of visitors. The environment is composed of a touchscreen screen with sound made by means of directional audio domes, in which various educational games are available.

And to make the visit even more attractive, an environment with Karaoke was projected with a touchscreen screen with interactive software that allows people to test their vocal skills by singing melodies that marked history through famous singers and composers.

The museum also sought to pay tribute to people who are not natives of Campina Grande, but they marked history, such as the president of Fiep, Francisco de Asís Benevides Gadelha and the restaurateur, Flávio Capitulino. To meet this objective, the "Campina Acolhedora" space was developed. In it, users can select the content they wish to visualize about these personalities through a touchscreen interface with sounding done in a directional audio dome. To end the experience, the "selfie space" has a system of professional cameras with personalized software, in which users can take a self-photo to register the visit and receive the image by e-mail, already with a thematic art of the digital Museum.

In this way, Seal Telecom managed to offer the most appropriate technologies so that, by going through all the environments of the Digital Museum, the user really has an experience in the history of the municipality, learning from the arrival of cotton in the region, to the facilities of the big industrialists - that today are fundamental for the city.

The museum was extremely important not only for Campina Grande, but also for the country, once it became a reference in Brazil for using pioneering digital technology for museums. The Sesi da Paraíba also had an important mission to highlight the trajectory of the city and achieved the production of a fully digital, interactive and connected museum, which has various transmission mechanisms, using technological languages, scenic resources and sensory experiences.

"When inaugurating the SESI Digital Museum, we rescue the history of the city through the use of technological resources and leave an important legacy for the city that has a bold history to tell for future generations," said the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Paíba, Francisco de Assis Benevides Gadelha.

Solutions and systems implemented
The great differential of Seal Telecom is in the great experience in audiovisual systems for digital transformation. Its wide portfolio of partners allows to meet projects of different needs, budgets and deadlines. In this integration they used the main audiovisual systems available, the most robust, and the most reliable, since the project demanded a high level of performance. For example, projectors that form a single image (blending mode) use laser technology.

Thus, the project was developed to attend spaces of the museum that needed technology to present the interactive content of high communication. The space still brings together in a single environment mechanisms of diffusion and varied experience, using different technological languages, scenographic and cinematographic resources, stage lighting, color, spot light, graphic solutions through various multimedia resources generating extraordinary sensory experiences.

Some implemented spaces are:
Videowall system

At the entrance of the museum a corridor with two videowalls with ultra-thin edges (between 3.5mm screens) in the 1x4 layout (1 line and 4 columns) with image management system, takes visitors on a journey that blends past and present of Campina Grande through video.

Panoramic projection room
In one of the rooms, a laser projection screen in blending mode and VJ software, started to allow the reproduction of videos with the 21.6m² viewing area, showing the main touristic points, buildings, monuments and events.

Digital map
Composed of a short distance projection system and virtual tracking, the environment promotes a real walk through Campina Grande. Through a technology of presence and movement sensors, each point that the visitor tramples on the digital map, which is projected on the floor of the museum, a screen will show a video with images and information about the places.

Interactive games
This is another interactive way to know and test the knowledge about the history of the municipality of Campina Grande. The space is composed of a touchscreen screen with sound made by means of directional audio domes, in which various games are available.

Karaoke atmosphere
For those who like music, a good opportunity to let the voice out is in the Digital Museum Karaoke, in which the user selects the songs on a touch screen with interactive software, which features melodies that portray Campina Grande and that marked History in the voice of the famous voice singers and composers.

Virtual Reality Campina 360º
One of the most stimulating experiences of the Digital Museum is the space "Campina 360º" composed by a VR system.

Cozy Campinas
The Digital Museum deals with the history of Campina Grande and also with the campsites that marked history. The user can select the content that he wants to visualize through a touchscreen interface with sound done in a directional audio dome.

Selfie space
To finish the walk and register the visit, the museum also offers the "selfie space", which with a professional camera system with personalized software, the visitor can make a self-check and receive the content by e-mail already with a thematic art of the Digital Museum.

All the systems installed in the aforementioned environments are controlled by an Automation Central that allows the independent operation of the rooms and a sound system by sectors with operation through touchscreen interface located in the technical booth and mobile tablet.

Winner AV Latino 2018 Contest
With a total historical vote that exceeded the 20 thousand votes, the project realized in the Digital Museum of Campina Grande made by Seal Telecom in Brazil, was chosen as the winner of the fifth version of the AV Latino 2018 Contest.

The award, announced last August's 16 in the framework of TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Mexico, was received by Daniel Skit, President of Seal Telecom and Alexandre Novakoski, VP of RTD solutions for digital transformation of Seal Telecom.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


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